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The student needs to write more quickly.

  1. adjective
  2. adverb

She shouted ___ at him.
a. angry
b. angrily

She’s a fast learner.

A. Fast is adverb.
B. Fast is adjective.

He ran AROUND the track twice.


Those chocolates look ___. Can I have one?
a. nice
b. nicely

Be Quiet! I can’t think ___ if you are talking.
a. clear
b. clearly

Isn’t that the FLUFFIEST cat you’ve ever seen?


He’s a ___ driver.
a. dangerous
b. dangerously

She’s a ___ driver, I think.

A. Careful
B. Carefully

Mr. Garcia speaks ___.
a. loud
b. loudly

___ the wind changed directions.

A. Sudden
B. Suddenly

There was a ___ noise last night. Did you hear it?
a. loud
b. loudly

Ovarian cancer in early stages is hard to detect.

  1. adjective, adjective
  2. adjective, adverb
  3. adverb, adjective
  4. adverb, adverb

     The store with the neon sign is open
      A.     Adjective
      B.     Adverb

He is a __ worker.
a. careless
b. carelessly

I wonder if I could speak English as well as you.

  1. adjective
  2. adverb

They could reach the far side of the mountain.

  1. adjective
  2. adverb

     Ice reduces swelling of an injured area.
      A.     Adjective
      B.     Adverb

I heard the FUNNIEST story last week.


The TV’s far too ____.

A. Loudly
B. Loud
C. Both loudly and loud can be used

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