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She’s a ____learner.

A. Quick
B. Quickly

What question does the adverb in the sentence below answer?

Did you return the call immediately?

A. In what manner?
B. Where?
C. What?
D. To what extent?
E. When?

What is the adverb in the following sentence? Stan sloppily painted the wooden fence in his yard.

A. Stan
B. Sloppily
C. Wooden

I know them quite ____.

A. Good
B. Well
C. Either could be used here.

On hearing the news, Ali left the party __________________.

A. slowly

B. cleverly

C. seriously

D. hurriedly

Don’t worry about Sophie, she’ll ______ be there

A. soon

B. finally

C. by chance

D. in fact

Which of these words is not an Adverb.

A. Quickly
B. Well
C. Bravely
D. Calmly
E. Lovely

Ben drives his car _____________ to Kuala Lumpur.

A. fastly

B. roughly

C. carefully

D. clumsily

Gusty is a proper adverb (true or false)

A. True
B. False

I was _______ awake when the baby started crying.

A. Too much
B. Very much
C. Much

The sun shone ____________ (bright) this morning.

A. brightness

B. brightly

C. super brightly

Mr. Lee waited ____ for his daughter to come out from the school.

A. soundly

B. confidently

C. patiently

D. correctly

If there’s a cafe ______, we could stop for a snack.

A. somewhere

B. soon

C. nearby

D. down

Match the sentence halves.

We’ll watch the film and afterward,

A. I had some money in my pocket.

B. she came to say she was sorry

C. we can maybe have a drink?

D. Heidi was there too

I won __________ prizes at the fair. 

A. two

B. too

C. to

Delightful is a proper adverb (true or false)

A. True
B. False

The teacher gave us _________ much candy.

A. two

B. too

C. to

Malaysians _________ eat rice for lunch.

A. never

B. usually

C. is

D. are

Adverbs usually end in what?

A. -y
B. -ey
C. -ly
D. -es

She was ________ interested in the subject.

A. Very much
B. Too much
C. Much

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