Adverb Quiz

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What questions do Adverbs answer in a sentence?

A. How?, where?, what?, and description?
B. Who?, how?, and about?
C. When?, time?, and distance?
D. How?, when?, in what way?, where?, and to what extent?

The TV’s far too ____.

A. Loud
B. Loudly
C. Either could be used here.

What question does the adverb in the sentence below answer?

The boy’s parents partly understood about his D.

A. What?
B. When?
C. To what extent?
D. In what manner?
E. Where?

Which of the following isn’t a adverb?

A. Quickly
B. Always
C. Coyly
D. Fast

Which of the questions below does an adverb NOT answer?

A. When?
B. To what extent?
C. Where?
D. What?
E. In what manner?

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