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He was __________________ dressed for the occasion.

A. carefully

B. smartly

C. prettily

Shawn sleeps ________ in the night. He sleeps well.

A. softly

B. strongly

C. soundly

D. broadly

What is the adverb in the following sentence? Yesterday, Biff was all alone.

A. Yesterday
B. Biff
C. Was

My little brother is _____ young to go to school.

A. Too
B. Very
C. Much

Gusty is a proper adverb (true or false)

A. True
B. False

Which of the questions below does an adverb NOT answer?

A. When?
B. To what extent?
C. Where?
D. What?
E. In what manner?

Mr. Lee waited ____ for his daughter to come out from the school.

A. soundly

B. confidently

C. patiently

D. correctly

I like people who always look __________.

A. happily

B. happy

C. the happiest

D. happier

Which of these words is not an Adverb.

A. Quickly
B. Well
C. Bravely
D. Calmly
E. Lovely

What question does the adverb in the sentence below answer?

The patient has fully recovered surgery.

A. What?
B. To what extent?
C. When?
D. Where?
E. In what manner?

Professor Peyton is _______________ known in scientific circles.

A. widely

B. wide

C. wider

D. widest

I know them quite ____.

A. Good
B. Well
C. Either could be used here.

Identify the adverbs in the following sentence…

Ralph receives the magazine monthly.

A. Receives
B. The
C. Magazine
D. Monthly

My aunt is a busy lady. She ________ cooks at home.

A. usually

B. never

C. seldom

D. always

I’m happy that my diligent students ____ join my online quiz.

A. never

B. always

C. rarely

D. sometimes

Identify the adverbs in the sentence…
Recently Congress voted unanimously for the bill.

A. Recently
B. Voted
C. For
D. Congress

The picture of the sky is _____________ (beautiful) drawn on the canvas.

A. beautifully

B. beautiful

C. very very beautifully

How many adverbs can you have in a sentence?

A. Four or more
B. two for every noun
C. One for ever adjective
D. One for each verb

Which sentence uses the proper adverb?

A. The dog ran fast.
B. The car drove away from Joe.
C. The boy waited Anxiously for his kittens.
D. None

Which is a proper adverb?

A. Fast
B. Quick
C. Deftly
D. All of the above

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