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What is an antonym for full?

A. empty

B. fuller

C. the fullest

D. half full

Valuable* earings

A. Worthless
B. Expensive
C. Diamond
D. Pendant


A. Derision
B. Blame
C. Avoidance
D. Ostracism
E. Defiance


A. Process of congealing
B. Process of distilling
C. Process of eroding
D. Process of evolving
E. Process of condensing

    Bob is the shortest boy in our class.
A.     tallest
B.    biggest
C.     widest
D.     brightest


A. Sent
B. Silent
C. Sell

What is an antonym for dark?

A. Light
B. Tall
C. Black
D. Night

Which two words are antonyms?

A. Cold and frigid
B. Cold and hot
C. Hot and steamy
D. Cold and cold


A. Stay
B. Sell
C. Short


A. Extort
B. Underwrite
C. Underbid
D. Stipulate
E. Patronize


A. Scared
B. Ignore
C. Calm
D. Sad
E. Gratitude

    Choose the antonym for the underlined word.
    Carlos was happy when he got his new bike.
A.     glad
B.     excited
C.     sad
D.     joyful

Antonym of weak

A. heavy

B. strong

C. srong

D. wild

    Choose the antonym for the underlined word.
    I can’t believe how selfish some people can be.
A.     stingy
B.     generous
C.     mean
D.     noisy

    He bought a new car this weekend.
A.     got
B.    sold
C.     buy
D.     thought

What is the antonym for beauty?

A. pretty

B. cute

C. beautiful

D. ugliness

Antonym of After

A. in the wake of

B. next

C. before

D. later

Afternoon stroll*

A. Walk
B. Pond
C. Sun
D. Run

What does an antonym mean?

A. Same
B. Opposite
C. Colors
D. Awesome

Easy to handle, manageable

A. Brigand
B. Debris
C. Cumbersome

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