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A. Stand
B. Slow
C. Same


A. Recuperate
B. Resurrect
C. Renovate
D. Gather
E. Strengthen

Orderliness, tidiness, neatness

A. Muddle
B. Perennial
C. Cumbersome


A. Near
B. Neighbouring
C. Parallel
D. Abundant
E. Distant

    Choose the antonym for the underlined word.
    Aiman was sick. He did not go to school.
A.     healthy
B.     smart
C.     sleepy
D.     tired


A. Intensify
B. Excuse
C. Express joy
D. Feel sure
E. Rush forward

Continuous, steady, chronic

A. Salvage
B. Admonish
C. Breach

What is an antonym for tiny?

A. Huge
B. Tall
C. Small
D. Cool

Silent* evening

A. Quiet
B. Patient
C. Noisy
D. Perfect


A. Full
B. Negative
C. Drop

Antonym of After

A. in the wake of

B. next

C. before

D. later

What is an antonym for boy?

A. Small
B. Girl
C. Cool
D. Man

Valuable* earings

A. Worthless
B. Expensive
C. Diamond
D. Pendant


A. Calm
B. Fear
C. Drop


A. Process of congealing
B. Process of distilling
C. Process of eroding
D. Process of evolving
E. Process of condensing

To abandon; to scap, junk

A. Efface
B. Salvage
C. Deadlock

What is the antonym for honest?

A. liar

B. appear

C. dishonest

D. truth


A. Negative
B. Often
C. Certainly


A. Certainly
B. Calm
C. Fear


A. Stay
B. Sell
C. Short

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