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A. Calm
B. Emaciated
C. Generous
D. Gaunt
E. Mean

What is an antonym for dark?

A. Light
B. Tall
C. Black
D. Night


A. Approached
B. Departed
C. Left
D. Begin
E. Increased


A. Sad
B. Same
C. Send


A. Sent
B. Silent
C. Sell


A. Request
B. Drop
C. Land

To keep, hold on to, retain, cling to

A. Admonish
B. Muddle
C. Diffuse

Worthless* calculator

A. Plastic
B. Blinking
C. Valuable
D. Cart


A. Casual
B. Public
C. Satisfactory
D. Trustworthy
E. Sophisticated


A. Limited
B. Small
C. Little
D. Lots
E. Big

Antique* chest

A. Brown
B. Old
C. Case
D. New


A. Full
B. Negative
C. Drop

Which two words are not antonyms?

A. Dark and light
B. Tall and short
C. Small and tiny
D. Night and day

To praise, pat onthe back

A. Admonish
B. Breach
C. Salvage


A. Submerge
B. Supersede
C. Overhaul
D. Undergird
E. Intersperse

What is an antonym for in?

A. Dark
B. Black
C. Tall
D. Out


A. Energetic
B. Compulsory
C. Windy
D. Kind
E. Subjective


A. Sad
B. Sell
C. Sour

Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided?Exhibit

A. Conceal
B. Publicly display
C. Manifest clearly
D. Reveal

Open-minded, reasonable

A. Diffuse
B. Opinionated
C. Breach

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