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Choose the correct sentence

A. What are your childrens names?
B. What are your childrens’ names?
C. What are your children’s names?

The severe weather conditions in the alpine regions forced the airlines_____ all outgoing flights and divert incoming planes.

A. Canceled
B. To cancel
C. Cancel
D. Canceling

He —- his first collection of poems in the early eighties and since that time he —- by critics and public.

A. Publishes / praised
B. Publishes / has praised
C. Will publish / will be praised
D. Published / has been praised

The water ___ I drank last night contained a lot of sodium.

A. That
B. , which
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

No clinical studies —- in this child disease research so far.

A. Had completed
B. Will be completed
C. Have completed
D. Have been completed

Abundance of prey can vary locally within a region. —-, whales must be prepared to move constantly in search of the highest food densities.

A. Since
B. Both
C. As
D. Thus

I don’t let my kids …. violent movies.

A. To watch.
B. Watch.
C. Watches.

These differences between two photographs —- with the help of Photoshop.

A. Should remove
B. Must have removed
C. Could have been removed
D. Have to remove

He asked me ___ my phone was receiving cell service.

A. Whether
B. If
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

Let’s get mother … a cake on Sunday.

A. To bake
B. Bakes.
C. Bake.

In the future, the company will not let its part-time and temporary employees_____ overtime.

A. Working
B. To work
C. Worked
D. Work

I got my car … last sunday.

  1. wash
  2. washed

Choose the correct option

A. The order was requested six weeks ago, therefore. I expected the shipment to arrive by now.
B. The order was requested: six weeks ago, therefore, I expected the shipment to arrive by now.
C. The order was requested six weeks ago; therefore, I expected the shipment to arrive by now.
D. The order was requested six weeks ago: therefore, I expected the shipment, to arrive by now.

The government —- that the tasks —- with great success.

A. Is confirming / maintained
B. Confirms / have been maintained
C. Was confirmed / have maintained
D. Will confirm / had been maintained

What company besides ours would make its employees_____ overtime on a national holiday?

A. Be working
B. Worked
C. Will be working
D. Work

—- its creation in 1903, the High Court of Australia has been responsible for interpreting the constitution.

A. Because
B. Since
C. Unlike
D. While

The student makes the music ….

A. To play.
B. Played.
C. Plays.

—- T.S. Eliot published few poems, they have had a tremendous influence on modern poetic technique.

A. Although
B. Since
C. Thus
D. While

I received a text message from Takeshi yesterday, and it mentioned that they had the equipment_____ yesterday

A. Shipped
B. Was being shipped
C. Ship
D. Was shipped

They have their trash … today.

  1. taken out
  2. take out

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