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I received a text message from Takeshi yesterday, and it mentioned that they had the equipment_____ yesterday

A. Shipped
B. Was being shipped
C. Ship
D. Was shipped

She … her daughter put the cherries on the cake.

  1. got
  2. let

Most of the patient visits —- to physician assistants in the recent years all around he world.

A. Have been made
B. Was made
C. Will have been made
D. Have made

Choose the correct sentence

A. She left Albany, New York on January 18, of that year.
B. She left Albany New York, on January 18, of that year.
C. She left Albany, New York, on January 18 of that year.
D. She left Albany New York, on January 18 of that year.

I don’t let my kids …. violent movies.

A. To watch.
B. Watch.
C. Watches.

I got my car … last sunday.

  1. wash
  2. washed

—- its creation in 1903, the High Court of Australia has been responsible for interpreting the constitution.

A. Because
B. Since
C. Unlike
D. While

We can very confidently predict that if more of the forests —-, there —- erosion

A. Cut / is
B. Are cut / will be
C. Will cut / was
D. Have been cut / used to be

I have my brother …. my car right now.

A. To repair.
B. Repairs.
C. Repair.

He asked me ___ my phone was receiving cell service.

A. Whether
B. If
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

What does your brother … someone do after lunch?

  1. had
  2. have

—- the emphasis on the technical study of language and literature, Roman education was remote from the real world and the interests of the schoolboys.

A. Now that
B. Otherwise
C. Because of
D. Thus

The government —- that the tasks —- with great success.

A. Is confirming / maintained
B. Confirms / have been maintained
C. Was confirmed / have maintained
D. Will confirm / had been maintained

Let’s get mother … a cake on Sunday.

A. To bake
B. Bakes.
C. Bake.

The severe weather conditions in the alpine regions forced the airlines_____ all outgoing flights and divert incoming planes.

A. Canceled
B. To cancel
C. Cancel
D. Canceling

She …. me … English.

A. Help – learns.
B. Helps – learns.
C. Helps – Learn.

What company besides ours would make its employees_____ overtime on a national holiday?

A. Be working
B. Worked
C. Will be working
D. Work

In the future, the company will not let its part-time and temporary employees_____ overtime.

A. Working
B. To work
C. Worked
D. Work

Before Annie ran out for a meeting yesterday, she had Ms. Brunelli_____ the new clerk around the premises.

A. Show
B. Showing
C. Was showed
D. Showed

Tiara … her brother get rid of a mouse in her bedroom.

  1. got
  2. had

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