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She … her daughter put the cherries on the cake.

  1. got
  2. let

The severe weather conditions in the alpine regions forced the airlines_____ all outgoing flights and divert incoming planes.

A. Canceled
B. To cancel
C. Cancel
D. Canceling

I don’t let my kids …. violent movies.

A. To watch.
B. Watch.
C. Watches.

Ferdi … a competent mechanic to repair his SUV car this morning.

  1. got
  2. had

Before Annie ran out for a meeting yesterday, she had Ms. Brunelli_____ the new clerk around the premises.

A. Show
B. Showing
C. Was showed
D. Showed

The water ___ I drank last night contained a lot of sodium.

A. That
B. , which
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

Epilepsy —- to be caused by poor air, which —- to be carried by the veins to the brain.

A. Is believed / thought
B. Believes / is thought
C. Was believed / was thought
D. Is believing / is thinking

He —- his first collection of poems in the early eighties and since that time he —- by critics and public.

A. Publishes / praised
B. Publishes / has praised
C. Will publish / will be praised
D. Published / has been praised

The government —- that the tasks —- with great success.

A. Is confirming / maintained
B. Confirms / have been maintained
C. Was confirmed / have maintained
D. Will confirm / had been maintained

Tiara … her brother get rid of a mouse in her bedroom.

  1. got
  2. had

The increase in layoffs over the past two fiscal periods has caused everyone_____ less secure.

A. Was felt
B. Feels
C. Felt
D. To feel

A wise consumer gets his or her phone order_____ in writing before submitting payment.

A. Confirms
B. Confirm
C. Confirmed
D. Confirming

What did the woman … cleaned yesterday?

  1. get
  2. got

What does your brother … someone do after lunch?

  1. had
  2. have

Despite 20 years of success, the financial stress and burden of the sudden recession made the partnership_____.

A. Fail
B. To be failed
C. To fail
D. Failed

Stephen Crane’s schooling was not continuous; —- he read all of the 19th-century English writers and the Greek and Latin classics.

A. Although
B. Nonetheless
C. Because of
D. Therefor

The student makes the music ….

A. To play.
B. Played.
C. Plays.

We can very confidently predict that if more of the forests —-, there —- erosion

A. Cut / is
B. Are cut / will be
C. Will cut / was
D. Have been cut / used to be

I got my car … last sunday.

  1. wash
  2. washed

The poor bird —- and all its efforts to escape from the trap —- in vain.

A. Had been captured / were
B. Had been captured / was
C. Has been captured / had been
D. Captures / were

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