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She … her daughter put the cherries on the cake.

A. Got

B. Made

C. Had

D. Let

With a comprehensive international report, the country’s position In the regional and global arena —- with measurable criteria.

A. Will be identified
B. Is to identify
C. Identified
D. Is going to identify

—- the emphasis on the technical study of language and literature, Roman education was remote from the real world and the interests of the schoolboys.

A. Now that
B. Otherwise
C. Because of
D. Thus

I want to have someone __________ my cat for me. She doesn’t like baths.

A. washing

B. wash

C. to wash

Tiara … her brother get rid of a mouse in her bedroom.

  1. got
  2. had

The increase in layoffs over the past two fiscal periods has caused everyone_____ less secure.

A. Was felt
B. Feels
C. Felt
D. To feel

—- its creation in 1903, the High Court of Australia has been responsible for interpreting the constitution.

A. Because
B. Since
C. Unlike
D. While

He —- his first collection of poems in the early eighties and since that time he —- by critics and public.

A. Publishes / praised
B. Publishes / has praised
C. Will publish / will be praised
D. Published / has been praised

We can very confidently predict that if more of the forests —-, there —- erosion

A. Cut / is
B. Are cut / will be
C. Will cut / was
D. Have been cut / used to be

No clinical studies —- in this child disease research so far.

A. Had completed
B. Will be completed
C. Have completed
D. Have been completed

What does your brother … someone do after lunch?

  1. had
  2. have

My father …. me wash the car yesterday.

A. Have.
B. Has.
C. Had.

The water ___ I drank last night contained a lot of sodium.

A. That
B. , which
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

Suman ………….his clothes washed

A. have

B. makes

C. will get

D. lets

The teacher … the students work quietly in the class.

  1. got
  2. made

I will have my nails _____________ by the manicurist.

A. do

B. doing

C. done

D. did

Why don’t you get a handyman to ______ the walls for you?

A. painted

B. paint

C. painting

—- T.S. Eliot published few poems, they have had a tremendous influence on modern poetic technique.

A. Although
B. Since
C. Thus
D. While

Choose the correct option

A. The order was requested six weeks ago, therefore. I expected the shipment to arrive by now.
B. The order was requested: six weeks ago, therefore, I expected the shipment to arrive by now.
C. The order was requested six weeks ago; therefore, I expected the shipment to arrive by now.
D. The order was requested six weeks ago: therefore, I expected the shipment, to arrive by now.

What company besides ours would make its employees_____ overtime on a national holiday?

A. Be working
B. Worked
C. Will be working
D. Work

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