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—- T.S. Eliot published few poems, they have had a tremendous influence on modern poetic technique.

A. Although
B. Since
C. Thus
D. While

The poor bird —- and all its efforts to escape from the trap —- in vain.

A. Had been captured / were
B. Had been captured / was
C. Has been captured / had been
D. Captures / were

They have their trash … today.

  1. taken out
  2. take out

Despite 20 years of success, the financial stress and burden of the sudden recession made the partnership_____.

A. Fail
B. To be failed
C. To fail
D. Failed

No clinical studies —- in this child disease research so far.

A. Had completed
B. Will be completed
C. Have completed
D. Have been completed

The increase in layoffs over the past two fiscal periods has caused everyone_____ less secure.

A. Was felt
B. Feels
C. Felt
D. To feel

I received a text message from Takeshi yesterday, and it mentioned that they had the equipment_____ yesterday

A. Shipped
B. Was being shipped
C. Ship
D. Was shipped

Choose the correct sentence

A. What are your childrens names?
B. What are your childrens’ names?
C. What are your children’s names?

—- the emphasis on the technical study of language and literature, Roman education was remote from the real world and the interests of the schoolboys.

A. Now that
B. Otherwise
C. Because of
D. Thus

hoose the correct option below when it comes to commas before conjunctions:

A. I would go for a walk, but for the rain.
B. I would go for a walk, and for the rain.
C. I would go for a walk, but it’s raining outside.
D. I would go for a walk, and outside it’s raining

The severe weather conditions in the alpine regions forced the airlines_____ all outgoing flights and divert incoming planes.

A. Canceled
B. To cancel
C. Cancel
D. Canceling

He —- his first collection of poems in the early eighties and since that time he —- by critics and public.

A. Publishes / praised
B. Publishes / has praised
C. Will publish / will be praised
D. Published / has been praised

Most of the patient visits —- to physician assistants in the recent years all around he world.

A. Have been made
B. Was made
C. Will have been made
D. Have made

—- its creation in 1903, the High Court of Australia has been responsible for interpreting the constitution.

A. Because
B. Since
C. Unlike
D. While

My father …. me wash the car yesterday.

A. Have.
B. Has.
C. Had.

All employees were able to get their paychecks_____ before the power outage closed the banks.

A. Be deposited
B. Deposited
C. Deposits
D. Depositing

Ferdi … a competent mechanic to repair his SUV car this morning.

  1. got
  2. had

She … her daughter put the cherries on the cake.

  1. got
  2. let

I let the food …. By Budi.

A. Be eaten.
B. Eaten.
C. Ate.

The firm wants its product_____ safely and in a timely manner, otherwise it will seek an alternative shipper.

A. Be packaged
B. Packaging
C. Packaged
D. Package

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