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She is a few inches … (tall) than her brother.

  1. more tall
  2. taller

The radio project was _____________ project of all.

A. The most great
B. The greater
C. The greatest
D. The great
E. The most greatest

What is … (important) than money?

  1. importanter
  2. more important

Of the two chairs, the leather one was …………………….. than the wooden chair.

A. Comfortable
B. More comfortable
C. Most comfortable

Adjective: old

He looks ______________.

A. Oldest
B. Older

Damian is ______________ than me.

A. Tallest
B. Taller
C. More tall
D. Most tallest
E. More taller

Christmas sales are when the stores are at their …………..

A. Busy
B. Busier
C. Busiest

Jasmine is _________ than her sister.

A. Prettier
B. Prettyer
C. More pretty
D. The most pretty

The USA is ____________ country in the world.

A. The most powerful
B. Most powerful
C. The powerfulest

Do women need … (much) support after breaking bones?

  1. more
  2. much

Adjective: big

He has the _________________ feet among us.

A. Bigger
B. Biggest

The sailfish is the _______________ fish in the ocean.

A. Faster
B. Fastest

A _______________ part of the Arctic Ocean is ice-covered year-round.

A. Great
B. Largest

Our wiki page is ________________ than yours!

A. More colorful
B. Most colorful
C. Colorfuller
D. Colorest
E. More colorfulest

The …………………moment in my life was on the day that I got married.

A. Happy
B. Happier
C. Happiest

Adjective: lovely

she has the __________________ voice among us.

A. Lovelier
B. Loveliest

In the group of boys, Tom was the …………………..boy.

A. Big
B. Bigger
C. Biggest

The English test was ________________ than the math one.

A. Easiest
B. More easy
C. More easier
D. Easier
E. Most easy

Many food companies use soynuts because they are … (crunchy) than peanuts.

  1. crunchier
  2. more crunchy

Which is the Comparative form of Good?

A. The best
B. Goodest
C. Better

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