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Adjective: fair

My complexion is ________________ than my brothers.

A. Fairer
B. Fairest

Adjective: fair

My sister has the ____________________ complexion among us.

A. Fairest
B. Fairer

Adjective: pretty

People say that I am ______________ than my sister.

A. Prettiest
B. Prettier

People need to make ________ decisions when it comes to planning their meals.

A. Good
B. Well

Adjective: pretty

I personally believe that my sister is the ____________________ girl in the neighborhood.

A. Prettier
B. Prettiest

Few diets are _______than those fi lled with junk food.

A. Worst
B. Worse

We couldn’t be … (thrilled) to work with him.

  1. more thrilled
  2. thrilleder

In the group of boys, Tom was the …………………..boy.

A. Big
B. Bigger
C. Biggest

Many food companies use soynuts because they are … (crunchy) than peanuts.

  1. crunchier
  2. more crunchy

I´m going to visit the _______________ museum in the world.

A. The interestingst
B. More interesting
C. The most interesting
D. Most interesting
E. Interestinger

Do women need … (much) support after breaking bones?

  1. more
  2. much

This is the ………………book in his study.

A. Good
B. Better
C. Best

Which is the Comparative form of Good?

A. The best
B. Goodest
C. Better

The sailfish is the _______________ fish in the ocean.

A. Faster
B. Fastest

Jupiter is among the _______________ planets in our solar system.

A. interestingest
B. most interesting

The Indian Ocean is _______________ than the Atlantic Ocean.

A. Small
B. Smaller

There are ____________ bus tickets in Argentina than in Spain.

A. Cheaper
B. Cheapest
C. More cheap
D. Cheapper
E. Most cheap

It is often …………… look for solutions instead of running away from your problems.

A. Easy
B. Easier
C. Easiest

Which is the supperlative of Long?

A. Longest
B. Longer
C. The longest

It has a(n) _______________ red spot in its clouds.

A. Enormous
B. Most enormous

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