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Adjective: pretty

People say that I am ______________ than my sister.

A. Prettiest
B. Prettier

Adjective: young

Although he is _________________ than my sister.

A. Younger
B. Youngest

A negative number is … (little) than zero.

  1. less
  2. more little

It has a(n) _______________ red spot in its clouds.

A. Enormous
B. Most enormous

Naga Viper peppers are … (spicy) than Red Savina peppers.

  1. more spicy
  2. spicier

In the group of boys, Tom was the …………………..boy.

A. Big
B. Bigger
C. Biggest

Adjective: sweet

My mom says I wear the ____________________ smile whenever I’m happy.

A. Sweeter
B. Sweetest

Do you have a … (sharp) blade than this?

  1. more sharp
  2. sharper

She is a few inches … (tall) than her brother.

  1. more tall
  2. taller

Adjective: old

He looks ______________.

A. Oldest
B. Older

The Indian Ocean is _______________ than the Atlantic Ocean.

A. Small
B. Smaller

Adjective: fair

My sister has the ____________________ complexion among us.

A. Fairest
B. Fairer

Whales, which are mammals, are among the _______________ animals on Earth.

A. Largest
B. Large

Complete the sentence: Which country is________, France or El Salvador? (small)

A. Smaller
B. The samallest
C. Small

Living in San Francisco is … (expensive) than Boston.

  1. expensiver
  2. more expensive

Christmas sales are when the stores are at their …………..

A. Busy
B. Busier
C. Busiest

Adjective: tall My young brother is ___________________ than my elder sister.

A. Taller
B. Tallest

There are ____________ bus tickets in Argentina than in Spain.

A. Cheaper
B. Cheapest
C. More cheap
D. Cheapper
E. Most cheap

Which is the adjective of worse?

A. Good
B. Bad
C. Beautyful

A _______________ part of the Arctic Ocean is ice-covered year-round.

A. Great
B. Largest

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