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Whales, which are mammals, are among the _______________ animals on Earth.

A. Largest
B. Large

It has a(n) _______________ red spot in its clouds.

A. Enormous
B. Most enormous

The black pig was …………..than the pink pig.

A. Fat
B. Fatter
C. Fattest

I find that addition is …………. than division.

A. Simple
B. Simpler
C. Simplest

I´m going to visit the _______________ museum in the world.

A. The interestingst
B. More interesting
C. The most interesting
D. Most interesting
E. Interestinger

Do women need … (much) support after breaking bones?

  1. more
  2. much

The …………………moment in my life was on the day that I got married.

A. Happy
B. Happier
C. Happiest

Jupiter is among the _______________ planets in our solar system.

A. interestingest
B. most interesting

A negative number is … (little) than zero.

  1. less
  2. more little

Of the two chairs, the leather one was …………………….. than the wooden chair.

A. Comfortable
B. More comfortable
C. Most comfortable

In the group of boys, Tom was the …………………..boy.

A. Big
B. Bigger
C. Biggest

The cafeteria at Casilda was ___________ of all the school in Santa Fe.

A. Clean
B. Cleaner
C. More clean
D. The most clean
E. The cleanest

A _______________ part of the Arctic Ocean is ice-covered year-round.

A. Great
B. Largest

The English test was ________________ than the math one.

A. Easiest
B. More easy
C. More easier
D. Easier
E. Most easy

We couldn’t be … (thrilled) to work with him.

  1. more thrilled
  2. thrilleder

She is a few inches … (tall) than her brother.

  1. more tall
  2. taller

Which is the Comparative form of Good?

A. The best
B. Goodest
C. Better

Which is the comparative of Large?

A. Large
B. The largest
C. Larger

Which is the adjective of worse?

A. Good
B. Bad
C. Beautyful

The sailfish is the _______________ fish in the ocean.

A. Faster
B. Fastest

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