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… good quality cookware, we mightn’t have needed to get rid of burnt taste in this food.

  1. We had used
  2. Had we used

I …… very happy if I …… Japanese.

A. Would be, spoke
B. Would be, would speak
C. Were, would speak

If Carol …… a cat, she …… it Monty.

A. Would have, called
B. Had, would call
C. Would have, would call

If I … you, I would look for my passion to find a new career.

  1. am
  2. were

If the student had got enough sleep, she … difficulties in reading the material.

  1. wouldn’t have faced
  2. wouldn’t has faced

If I …… stronger, I …… you to carry the piano.

A. Am, ‘d help
B. Were, ‘d help
C. ‘d be, ‘d help

If you got a bunch of money, … it on stupid things?

  1. would you spend
  2. would you have spent

If you (mix) water and electricity, you (get) a shock.

A. mix / get

B. mixed / will get

C. mix / would get

When he … to sleep, he never counts sheep leaping over fences.

  1. goes
  2. will go

It would be fun if the button to lower volume on my PC … properly.

  1. could worked
  2. could work

… I tall, I would consider joining the army.

  1. If were
  2. Were

If you (get) back late, I (be) angry.

A. had got / will be

B. got / will be

C. get / will be

Your calls … if you had replied her text message fast.

  1. wouldn’t have ignored
  2. wouldn’t have been ignored

If Bill …… a bike, he …… it every day.

A. Had, would ride
B. Had, rode
C. Would have, would ride

If children (not/eat) well, they (not/be) healthy.

A. doesn’t eat / weren’t

B. don’t eat / are not

C. didn’t eat / will not be

If I (have) enough money, I (buy) a big house.

A. had / will buy

B. had / would buy

C. have / would buy

If I …… a car, I …… to work.

A. Had, drove
B. Would have, would drive
C. Had, would drive

Joe and Sally …… Zoe if they …… her number.

A. Phoned, would know
B. Phoned, knew
C. Would phone, knew

They …… stupid if they …… him about their secret.

A. ‘d be, told
B. Were, told
C. ‘d be, ‘d tell

If he (come) , I (be) surprised.

A. come / will be

B. comes / will be

C. doesn’t come / won’t be

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