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I (go)______ swimming if it is not rainy

A. will go

B. go

C. went

D. goes

If he … the book. I will borrow it in my school library

A. hasn’t

B. doesn’t have

C. have

D. haven’t

If you call Tessa, I … others.

  1. will call
  2. would call

If you want to save a file,

A. Press the key shortcut G and Ctrl.
B. Press to the key shortcut G and Ctrl.
C. Press to the key shortcut S and Ctrl.

If you come to her house, she … something delicious for you.

  1. will be cooked
  2. will cook

Lydia : Manda, will you join the English club ?
Manda : I will join the English club if I ….. more time free.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. having

Unless it snows, the pavements … slippery.

  1. will not
  2. will not be

If he … the book, I will borrow it in my university library.

  1. hasn’t
  2. doesn’t have

The hotel front desk clerk … you special price room rates if you don’t ask.

  1. wouldn’t offer
  2. won’t offer

If you help me with my homework, I _______ you with your housework.

A. help

B. will help

If she …. , I won’t be angry.

A. Don’t come
B. Don’t comes
C. Doesn’t come
D. Doesn’t comes

If you _______ the floor wet, students _______.

A. leave – will slip

B. will leave – slip

If you spoke less and listened more,you____________more aware of what people really felt.

A. Will be
B. Are being
C. Would be
D. Be

I’ll only ______ you if I ________ there is a problem.

A. Calls – thought
B. Called – think
C. Call – think
D. Called – thinking

If it (be)…. sunny next week, we (plant) …. the vegetables

A. is; will plant

B. am; will plant

C. are; will plant

D. is; won’t plant

If you … me money, I will help you

A. given

B. gave

C. giving

D. give

You will make your parents sad if you … responsible for your life.

  1. don’t
  2. aren’t

We will go swimming if the weather _______ nice.

A. is

B. will be

If a customer … chocolate ice cream from the restaurant, he or she will get extra toppings.

  1. orders
  2. order

If you can’t join my birthday party, I _______ very upset.

A. will be

B. am

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