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If you want a document to be able to be opened in any OS,

A. Save it in a cross-platfrom format.
B. You will save it in a cross-platform format.
C. Do not save it in a cross-platform format.

If your computer starts working at a slow pace,

A. It will have a virus in it.
B. It has a virus in it.
C. It has virus in it.

You______ better English if you did more homework.

A. Will speak
B. Would speak
C. Speaking
D. Spoke

If you come to her house, she … something delicious for you.

  1. will be cooked
  2. will cook

If you want to work faster,

A. You’ll create and save a template.
B. Create and save a template.
C. You will create and save template.

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