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When you want to add a graphic from a different program,

A. You have to import the graphic first.
B. You will have to import the graphic first.
C. You will have import the graphic first.

If you call Tessa, I … others.

  1. will call
  2. would call

If it rains heavily, … under water?

  1. will your home end up
  2. will your home be ended up

You ______ work hard if you want to pass your English exam.

A. Would like
B. Will have to
C. Will come
D. Would get

You will make your parents sad if you … responsible for your life.

  1. don’t
  2. aren’t

The manager … your current income if you can stay focused when working from home.

  1. will double
  2. doubles

The hotel front desk clerk … you special price room rates if you don’t ask.

  1. wouldn’t offer
  2. won’t offer

If the game … good, I will … it.

A. Are – play
B. Is – plays
C. Is – play

If you spoke less and listened more,you____________more aware of what people really felt.

A. Will be
B. Are being
C. Would be
D. Be

You won’t be successful,

A. Unless you make an effort.
B. If you dont’ make an effort.
C. If you don’t make a effort.

If we _______ an office in Tokyo, we’d both ___________.

A. Open – benefited
B. Open – benefit
C. Opened – benefited
D. Opened – benefit

You______ better English if you did more homework.

A. Will speak
B. Would speak
C. Speaking
D. Spoke

If you want a document to be able to be opened in any OS,

A. Save it in a cross-platfrom format.
B. You will save it in a cross-platform format.
C. Do not save it in a cross-platform format.

If we _______ you 10%, we ______ have any money on it.

A. Are giving – will
B. Gives – won’t
C. Gave – wouldn’t
D. Give – would

If she …. , I won’t be angry.

A. Don’t come
B. Don’t comes
C. Doesn’t come
D. Doesn’t comes

If you use the first conditional,

A. You talk about a situtation in the future with many possibilities of becoming true.
B. You will talk about a situtation in the future with many possibilities of becoming true.
C. You talk about something that always happens.

I’ll only ______ you if I ________ there is a problem.

A. Calls – thought
B. Called – think
C. Call – think
D. Called – thinking

If you want to work faster,

A. You’ll create and save a template.
B. Create and save a template.
C. You will create and save template.

Unless it snows, the pavements … slippery.

  1. will not
  2. will not be

If I tell the truth, … hurt?

  1. will he gets
  2. will he get

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