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If we _______ an office in Tokyo, we’d both ___________.

A. Open – benefited
B. Open – benefit
C. Opened – benefited
D. Opened – benefit

If it (be)…. sunny next week, we (plant) …. the vegetables

A. is; will plant

B. am; will plant

C. are; will plant

D. is; won’t plant

You ______ tired tomorrow if you don’t go to bed soon.

A. Would be
B. Were
C. Will be
D. Are going

If your computer starts working at a slow pace,

A. It will have a virus in it.
B. It has a virus in it.
C. It has virus in it.

If I … much money, I will … a new smartphone.

A. Has – buy
B. Have – buy
C. Have – buys

If we _______ you 10%, we ______ have any money on it.

A. Are giving – will
B. Gives – won’t
C. Gave – wouldn’t
D. Give – would

The hotel front desk clerk … you special price room rates if you don’t ask.

  1. wouldn’t offer
  2. won’t offer

If Risa … on time, I will be happy.

A. Come
B. Comes
C. Came

If we (recycle)….. more, we (help)…. our Earth

A. recycle; won’t help

B. recycle; will help

C. don’t recycle; will help

D. don’t recycle; will help

if it …, we will cancel the match.

A. rain

B. raining

C. was rain

D. rains

I (go)______ swimming if it is not rainy

A. will go

B. go

C. went

D. goes

If Risa … on time, I will happy

A. come

B. comes

C. came

D. coming

If he … the book, I will borrow it in my university library.

  1. hasn’t
  2. doesn’t have

We _______ thousands of trees if we _______ so much paper.

A. save – won’t waste

B. will save – don’t waste

If you can’t join my birthday party, I _______ very upset.

A. will be

B. am

When you want to add a graphic from a different program,

A. You have to import the graphic first.
B. You will have to import the graphic first.
C. You will have import the graphic first.

We will go swimming if the weather _______ nice.

A. is

B. will be

f you _____ to the park, you _______John there.

A. go, will see

B. go, would see

C. went, will see

D. went, would see

Databases are useful,

A. Unless you have a lot of information to store.
B. If you have a lot of information to store.
C. Unless you don’t have a lot of information to store.

If you help me with my homework, I _______ you with your housework.

A. help

B. will help

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