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Unless he worked more slowly, he_____________so many mistakes.

A. would make

B. will make

C. wouldn’t make

D. won’t make

If you had a sister, … clothes with her?

  1. would you share
  2. you would share

Unless Reny got enough sleep, she … productive.

  1. wouldn’t
  2. wouldn’t be

Joe and Sally …… Zoe if they …… her number.

A. Phoned, would know
B. Phoned, knew
C. Would phone, knew

… I rich, I would send my son to study overseas.

  1. Were if
  2. Were

If he _____________ harder, the results would be better.

A. has worked

B. works

C. will work

D. worked

They …… stupid if they …… him about their secret.

A. ‘d be, told
B. Were, told
C. ‘d be, ‘d tell

What would you do if he_____________ tomorrow?

A. resigned

B. will resign

C. resigns

D. to resign

She would be happy if we ____________her a bunch of flowers.

A. had sent

B. sent

C. would send

D. send

If Carol …… a cat, she …… it Monty.

A. Would have, called
B. Had, would call
C. Would have, would call

If Bill …… a bike, he …… it every day.

A. Had, would ride
B. Had, rode
C. Would have, would ride

If I …… a car, I …… to work.

A. Had, drove
B. Would have, would drive
C. Had, would drive

If he were here, I … him not to enter the room without permission.

  1. would advise
  2. would advice

If you drove more carefully, you_____________so many accidents.

A. would not have

B. will not have

C. wouldn’t have had

D. has

What would you do if you _____________ a million dollars?

A. win

B. won

C. had won

D. will win

If I won a gold medal at the international physics olympiad, I … admision in some universities without test.

  1. could get
  2. can get

If I were you, I _____________ that shirt. It’s much too expensive.

A. won’t buy

B. don’t buy

C. am not going to buy

D. wouldn’t buy

If it snowed this summer, we_____________skiing.

A. goes

B. will go

C. would go

D. go

I shouldn’t go there at night if I ____________ you.

A. am

B. was

C. be

D. were

If you had the chance, ____________ you go fishing?

A. did

B. may

C. would

D. do

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