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… I rich, I would send my son to study overseas.

  1. Were if
  2. Were

If you had the chance, ____________ you go fishing?

A. did

B. may

C. would

D. do

If you_____________ for the car, we’d be able to sell it.

A. look

B. looks

C. looked

D. had looked

What would you do if he_____________ tomorrow?

A. resigned

B. will resign

C. resigns

D. to resign

What would you do if you ______ a million pounds?

A. won

B. win

C. will win

D. had won

If he studied harder, he … the best score in his class.

  1. would got
  2. would get

I’m not tired enough to go to bed yet. I wouldn’t sleep if I _____________ to bed now.

A. go

B. went

C. had gone

D. would go

If I … his mind, I wouldn’t let him touch my PC.

  1. could read
  2. would read

She would be happy if we ____________her a bunch of flowers.

A. had sent

B. sent

C. would send

D. send

Unless he worked more slowly, he_____________so many mistakes.

A. would make

B. will make

C. wouldn’t make

D. won’t make

Would you mind if I _____________ in the room?

A. smoke

B. smoked

C. would smoke

D. had smoked

If Bill …… a bike, he …… it every day.

A. Had, would ride
B. Had, rode
C. Would have, would ride

If I were you, I _____________ that shirt. It’s much too expensive.

A. won’t buy

B. don’t buy

C. am not going to buy

D. wouldn’t buy

If I were in your place, I____________ a trip to England.

A. will make

B. had made

C. would make

D. made

If he _____________ harder, the results would be better.

A. has worked

B. works

C. will work

D. worked

If I …… a car, I …… to work.

A. Had, drove
B. Would have, would drive
C. Had, would drive

If I … him, I would quit my job and start a business.

  1. was
  2. were

I …… very happy if I …… Japanese.

A. Would be, spoke
B. Would be, would speak
C. Were, would speak

If I …… her some money, she …… it all at once.

A. Would give, would spend
B. Gave, would spend
C. Would give, spent

If you drove more carefully, you_____________so many accidents.

A. would not have

B. will not have

C. wouldn’t have had

D. has

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