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The weather was terrible. ___, we decided to delay our trip.
a. Furthermore
b. Besides
c. Therefore

You shouldn’t go out … it’s raining heavily

A. For

B. Already

C. Because

D. But

Did you stay ___ friends?
a. at
b. by
c. with

Mike failed the final examination,____he had to sit for it again in June.

A. although

B. so

C. while

Your sister and I went out to lunch, ________ we both ordered fish.

A. Your sister and I went out to lunch,or we both ordered fish.
B. Your sister and I went out to lunch, yet we both ordered fish.
C. Your sister and I went out to lunch, so we both ordered fish.
D. Your sister and I went out to lunch, and we both ordered fish.

We are _____ going to Thai food ____ Italian cuisine.

A. either … or

B. neither … nor

He is tired now __________ he couldn’t sleep well last night.

A. because

B. so

C. although

D. but

You look ______ you’ve seen a ghost.

A. As long as
B. So that
C. Until
D. As if
E. While

Today is so cold, … she is wearing jacket all day.

A. then

B. to

C. because

D. so that

We can go jogging _________ we can stay her.

A. or

B. but

C. and

Pat looked at the antique rocker, ________ she couldn’t afford to buy it.

A. And
B. But
C. Or

____ she’s very nice, she doesn’t have many friends.

A. So

B. Although

C. Because

D. But

I’m going to America ___ April.
a. at
b. on
c. in

She’s extremely rich; ___, she’s not snobbish.
a. hence
b. however
c. otherwise

We stayed inside ……………. it was raining.

A. because

B. because of

C. owing to

D. so

_____________ I had seen that movie three times, I watched it again.

A. Although
B. Whereas
C. Unless

Cable TV revolutionized communications;
, the very existence of that service is now threatened by satelites

A. consequently

B. nevertheless

C. moreover

D. for example

………………. bad weather, we cancelled the trip.

A. due to

B. therefore

C. because

D. so

Your niece and I went out to lunch, ________ we both ordered fish.

A. And
B. Or
C. Yet

I have a lot of homework to do now __________ I can’t go to the cinema with you.

A. And
B. But
C. Or
D. So

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