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There are so many different type of _____ in the world

A. People
B. Peoples



……. some sugar in the glass

A. There is
B. There are
C. Is there
D. Are there

Americans don’t eat much whole grain food, fish and fruit, which contain important vitamins, protain and fiber.

A. True
B. False


A. Count
B. Noncount

OK, let’s do it! But hurry up I don’t have _____ time.

A. Much
B. Many

There’s ___________ coffee in the pot

A. Any
B. Some
C. A few

For lunch, I had a salad and a ___________ of pizza today

A. Some
B. Slice
C. Piece

I have to buy _____ furniture for my new apartment.

A. Some
B. A

He has one of the most expensive _____ on the market

A. Computer
B. Computers

How _________ cars are we taking?

A. A lot
B. Many
C. A few

Is there __________ cheese left?

A. Any
B. The
C. Some

Your _____ are due on September 15th.

A. Essay
B. Essays

The plants need __________ more water

A. Any
B. A little
C. a few

I would like _____ hamburger.

A. Some
B. A

There are _____ things that I want to say to you.

A. So many
B. So much

Is there _________ time left?

A. Many
B. Much
C. Some

Have you ever been to the … ?

  1. island
  2. islands
  3. island/islands

There are a couple of … with antlers.

  1. deers
  2. deer

…. a poster on the wall

A. There are
B. There is
C. There aren`t
D. There isn`t

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