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Terrible, horrible

A. Inept
B. Appalling
C. Audacious
D. Hapless


A. Inept
B. Ponder
C. Porky
D. Hapless

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Breach
B. Set
C. Waive

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Weigh
B. Contend


A. Fit
B. Messy
C. Not readable
D. Unreadable

Appear, show itself

A. Apparition
B. Cohort
C. Manifest
D. Ponder

     My teacher is a kind person.
      A.     Cruel
      B.     Harsh
      C.     Loving
      D.     Hard


A. Holiday
B. Occupation
C. Break-up
D. Virtue


A. Emplor
B. Elicit
C. Appeal
D. Amplify


A. Cringe
B. Volition
C. Inept
D. Hapless

     This question is almost difficult.
      A.     Ambitious
      B.     Easy
      C.     Nice
      D.     Helpful

My grandmother makes a really sweet jam.
      A.     Sour
      B.     Sugary
      C.     Delicious
      D.     Bitter


A. Illegal
B. Draw
C. Differ
D. Postpone

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Engage
B. Comply with
C. Disprove

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Disprove
B. Comply with
C. Satisfy

     A roses’s scent
      A.     Red
      B.     Smell
      C.     Stem
      D.     Color


A. Nice
B. Wild
C. Funny
D. Best

     Damage the building
      A.     Hurt
      B.     Deck
      C.     Anger
      D.     Command


A. Piety
B. Provoke
C. Scarcity
D. Insularity

Porky, slightly fat

A. Chubby
B. Inept
C. Hapless
D. Audacious

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