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     My teacher is a kind person.
      A.     Cruel
      B.     Harsh
      C.     Loving
      D.     Hard

Have a crush, be in love

A. Smitten
B. Mesmerize
C. Manifest
D. Audacious

Hypnotize, entrance

A. Ponder
B. Perambulate
C. Distain
D. Mesmerize

     I am in a bad mood today.
      A.     Good
      B.     Sad
      C.     Great
      D.     Happy

Terrible, horrible

A. Inept
B. Appalling
C. Audacious
D. Hapless

People of the same age or social status

A. Sycophants
B. Pachyderms
C. Ponders
D. Peers

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Comply with
B. Breach
C. Ascertain


A. Nice
B. Wild
C. Funny
D. Best


A. Concerning office
B. Legal
C. Interfering
D. Permissible


A. Holiday
B. Occupation
C. Break-up
D. Virtue

     My friend Sara have a nice voice, her performance on the stage was  perfect.
      A.     Corrupt
      B.     Flawed
      C.     excellent
      D.     Unskilled

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Disprove
B. Comply with
C. Satisfy


A. Cringe
B. Volition
C. Inept
D. Hapless

Chubby, fat

A. Corpulent
B. Pulchritudinous
C. Gnarl
D. Audacious

     This question is almost difficult.
      A.     Ambitious
      B.     Easy
      C.     Nice
      D.     Helpful


A. Incriminating
B. Disparaging
C. Cynical
D. Exacting

To push something forward with quick movements

A. Jab
B. Ponder
C. Disdain
D. Volition

Something one believes is there, almost ghostly

A. Manifest
B. Apparition
C. Perambulate
D. Corpulent

Choose the best synonym for:

A. Preserve
B. Concede


A. Inept
B. Ponder
C. Porky
D. Hapless

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