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February is ________ than June.

A. shorter

B. shortest

Kathy is probably __________ (intelligent) student in our class.

A. The most intelligent
B. More intelligent
C. The intelligentest
D. More intelligent than

Jupiter is the _______ planet in the solar system.

A. Larger
B. Largest

Antalya is _____________________ than Ankara.

A. Expensive
B. Expensiver
C. Expensivest
D. More expensive
E. Most expensive

A car’s price is usually ________ than a bike’s price.

A. Cheaper
B. Bigger
C. More expensive
D. More complex

I have no idea why he spoke … than before.

  1. more gently
  2. gently
  3. gentlier

I am not as ________ as my father.

A. Stronger
B. More strong
C. Strong
D. Stronger than

Jack is my ………………….. friend in the class.

A. Best
B. Gooder
C. Better
D. The best

Vancouver is ________________ than London.

A. Cold
B. Colder
C. Coldest
D. More cold
E. Most cold

The British weather is __________ (bad) the Portuguese weather.

A. Worse than
B. The worst
C. Better than
D. The best

The living room is the _______ room in our house.

A. Bigger
B. Biggest

Which sentence has no mistakes?

A. Yesterday was more hotter than today.
B. I am more intelligent then my brother.
C. Ankara is more crowded than Amasya.
D. My mother isn’t as taller as my father.

If I am 10 years old and my brother is 12 years old, my brother is older than me.

A. True
B. False

This city is ______ than in your city.

A. Foggier
B. The foggiest

The days are ______ in winter than summer.

A. Shorter
B. The shortest

Town is __________ than village.

A. Better
B. Worse
C. More crowded
D. More quiet

This room is __________ (comfortable) one in the hotel.

A. The most comfortable
B. More comfortable
C. More comfortable than
D. Most comfortable

This is the ____ concert that I’ve ever been to.
A. noisiest
B. noisier
C. the noisier
D. the noisiest
E. noisier than

Jane is ………………. Snow.

A. As white
B. More white than
C. Whiter
D. As white as

This film is awful. In fact, it’s __________ (bad) film I`ve ever seen.

A. The baddest
B. The worst
C. The worse
D. Worse than

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