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These flowers are _______ than those flowers.

A. Prettier
B. The prettiest

England is much __________ (big) Wales and has more inhabitants too.

A. Biger than
B. More big than
C. The biggest
D. Bigger than

Sydney is the ___________________ city in Australia.

A. Noisy
B. Noisier
C. Noisiest
D. More noisy
E. Most noisy

This year the weather is not …………………it was last year.

A. As cold
B. So cold as
C. Colder than
D. The coldest

This film is awful. In fact, it’s __________ (bad) film I`ve ever seen.

A. The baddest
B. The worst
C. The worse
D. Worse than

This city is ______ than in your city.

A. Foggier
B. The foggiest

Krystal is as … as her sister.

  1. more beautiful
  2. most beautiful
  3. beautiful

If only I could find the … path from node x to node y.

  1. easiest
  2. more easy
  3. easier

I am not as ________ as my father.

A. Stronger
B. More strong
C. Strong
D. Stronger than

I’m sorry, but that’s ____ expensive that I thought.
A. more
B. most
C. the more
D. the most
E. more than

The man treated his stepchildren … than animals.

  1. badly
  2. worst
  3. worse

An elephant is ______ than a cow.

A. Smaller
B. Bigger
C. Longer
D. Shorter

Town is __________ than village.

A. Better
B. Worse
C. More crowded
D. More quiet

This job is so much ……………….. than my last one.

A. Hard
B. As hard as
C. Harder
D. The hardest

My History teacher is __________ (strict) and __________ (unfriendly) the Science teacher. She never laughs and she makes us do a lot of more work.

A. The strictest … the unfriendliest
B. More strict … more unfriendly
C. More strict than … more unfriendly than
D. Stricter … unfriendlier than

You really should try ____.
A. harder
B. hardest
C. the harder
D. the hardest
E. harder than

A horse runs ________ than a buffalo.

A. Cleaner
B. Bigger
C. Faster
D. Slower

That was the ______ day of my life.

A. Worse
B. Worst

I love living here. It’s ____ convenient than where I lived before.
A. more
B. most
C. the more
D. the most
E. more than

The comparative form of the short adjectives ends in

A. -est
B. -er
C. -erest
D. -s

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