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The days are ______ in winter than summer.

A. Shorter
B. The shortest

Kate is the ________ of the three children.

A. older

B. oldest

Andi is 165 cm tall. Donna is 167 cm tall. So, Donna is _________ than Andi.

A. Taller
B. Bigger
C. Shorter
D. Smaller

Jupiter is the _______ planet in the solar system.

A. Larger
B. Largest

If I am 10 years old and my brother is 12 years old, my brother is older than me.

A. True
B. False

Honesty is the _______ policy of all.

A. Better
B. Best

That was the ______ day of my life.

A. Worse
B. Worst

The Empire State Building is one of __________ (tall) buildings in the USA.

A. Most tall
B. Taller than
C. The tallest
D. The most tall

I have got __________ (nice) family I know.

A. The nicest than
B. Nicer than
C. The most nice
D. The nicest

Town is __________ than village.

A. Better
B. Worse
C. More crowded
D. More quiet

The living room is the _______ room in our house.

A. Bigger
B. Biggest

The man treated his stepchildren … than animals.

  1. badly
  2. worst
  3. worse

The British weather is __________ (bad) the Portuguese weather.

A. Worse than
B. The worst
C. Better than
D. The best

Today is the ________ day of winter.

A. colder

B. coldest

My room is _________ than Bill’s room because I clean it more often than him.

A. Bigger
B. Smaller
C. Cleaner
D. Dirtier

My sister Elaine is ___________ than my brother Fred.

A. Young
B. More young
C. Younger
D. More younger

He is _________ than his brother.

A. Less athletic
B. The least athletic

This film is awful. In fact, it’s __________ (bad) film I`ve ever seen.

A. The baddest
B. The worst
C. The worse
D. Worse than

New York is ____________________ than Woodstock.

A. Exciting
B. Excitinger
C. Excitingest
D. More exciting
E. Most exciting

I am not as ________ as my father.

A. Stronger
B. More strong
C. Strong
D. Stronger than

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