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My grandfather is __________ (funny) my father.

A. More funny than
B. Funniest than
C. Funnier than
D. The funnier than

My father is 45 years old. My mother is 46 years old. So, My mother is _________ than my father.

A. Older
B. Younger
C. Stronger
D. Taller

This job is so much ……………….. than my last one.

A. Hard
B. As hard as
C. Harder
D. The hardest

My History teacher is __________ (strict) and __________ (unfriendly) the Science teacher. She never laughs and she makes us do a lot of more work.

A. The strictest … the unfriendliest
B. More strict … more unfriendly
C. More strict than … more unfriendly than
D. Stricter … unfriendlier than

I hope tomorrow will be … than today.

  1. best
  2. better
  3. good

Jane is ………………. Snow.

A. As white
B. More white than
C. Whiter
D. As white as

The modern wind turbine works the …

  1. more efficiently
  2. most efficiently
  3. efficiently

The British weather is __________ (bad) the Portuguese weather.

A. Worse than
B. The worst
C. Better than
D. The best

Who is ………………….. man in your country ?

A. the most famous
B. As famous as
C. The famousest
D. More famous than

Most students think that Mathematics is ________ than other subjects.

A. More expensive
B. More beautiful
C. More diligent
D. More difficult

I have no idea why he spoke … than before.

  1. more gently
  2. gently
  3. gentlier

Jack is my ………………….. friend in the class.

A. Best
B. Gooder
C. Better
D. The best

This room is __________ (comfortable) one in the hotel.

A. The most comfortable
B. More comfortable
C. More comfortable than
D. Most comfortable

Sarah is my new neighbor. She is as ………………… me.

A. Older
B. More older than
C. The oldest
D. Old

If only I could find the … path from node x to node y.

  1. easiest
  2. more easy
  3. easier

Mr. Smith looks ………………….. than his two elder brothers.

A. As old as
B. More old
C. So older
D. Older

A horse runs ________ than a buffalo.

A. Cleaner
B. Bigger
C. Faster
D. Slower

Which sentence has no mistakes?

A. Yesterday was more hotter than today.
B. I am more intelligent then my brother.
C. Ankara is more crowded than Amasya.
D. My mother isn’t as taller as my father.

Kathy is probably __________ (intelligent) student in our class.

A. The most intelligent
B. More intelligent
C. The intelligentest
D. More intelligent than

The weather in the beach is _________ than in the mountain.

A. Thicker
B. Thinner
C. Hotter
D. Cooler

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