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The British weather is __________ (bad) the Portuguese weather.

A. Worse than
B. The worst
C. Better than
D. The best

Honey is just about as ……………………sugar.

A. Sweet so
B. Sweeter than
C. Sweet as
D. The sweetest

My History teacher is __________ (strict) and __________ (unfriendly) the Science teacher. She never laughs and she makes us do a lot of more work.

A. The strictest … the unfriendliest
B. More strict … more unfriendly
C. More strict than … more unfriendly than
D. Stricter … unfriendlier than

I have no idea why he spoke … than before.

  1. more gently
  2. gently
  3. gentlier

My room is _________ than Bill’s room because I clean it more often than him.

A. Bigger
B. Smaller
C. Cleaner
D. Dirtier

Our neighbourhood is __________ (peaceful) Los Angeles.

A. The most peaceful
B. More peaceful than
C. Peacefuler than
D. More peacefuler

This room is __________ (comfortable) one in the hotel.

A. The most comfortable
B. More comfortable
C. More comfortable than
D. Most comfortable

The modern wind turbine works the …

  1. more efficiently
  2. most efficiently
  3. efficiently

Jane is ………………. Snow.

A. As white
B. More white than
C. Whiter
D. As white as

The Empire State Building is one of __________ (tall) buildings in the USA.

A. Most tall
B. Taller than
C. The tallest
D. The most tall

Tom looks ………………… than last week.

A. Unhappier
B. The unhappiest
C. More unhappy
D. More unhappier

I am not as ________ as my father.

A. Stronger
B. More strong
C. Strong
D. Stronger than

Which sentence has no mistakes?

A. Yesterday was more hotter than today.
B. I am more intelligent then my brother.
C. Ankara is more crowded than Amasya.
D. My mother isn’t as taller as my father.

This film is awful. In fact, it’s __________ (bad) film I`ve ever seen.

A. The baddest
B. The worst
C. The worse
D. Worse than

Andi is 165 cm tall. Donna is 167 cm tall. So, Donna is _________ than Andi.

A. Taller
B. Bigger
C. Shorter
D. Smaller

England is much __________ (big) Wales and has more inhabitants too.

A. Biger than
B. More big than
C. The biggest
D. Bigger than

Your spicy ramen noodle is … than mine.

  1. hot
  2. hotter
  3. hottest

I think English is __________ (easy) and __________ (interesting) subject in the world!

A. The easier …the more interesting
B. The easiest … the most interesting
C. Easier than … more interesting than
D. The most easy … the most interesting

I hope tomorrow will be … than today.

  1. best
  2. better
  3. good

The weather in the beach is _________ than in the mountain.

A. Thicker
B. Thinner
C. Hotter
D. Cooler

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