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Will she ………… dinner at 5 o’clock tomorrow?

A. is cooking

B. be cooking

C. was cooking

D. cooking

Don’t forget your snowpants.
It ________ by the time you get to school.

A. will snowing

B. is snowing

C. will be snowing

D. will be snow

… (you, wake up) at the middle of night?

  1. Will you be waking up
  2. Will you be wakeing up

Will our teachers be ___________________________ us to the eco park tomorrow morning?

A. accompany

B. accompanies

C. accompanied

D. accompanying

The government will be ___________________________ out with a plan to reduce the use of public transport this time next month.

A. comes

B. coming

C. came

D. come

Nigel _____ be coming to the picnic.

A. won’t

B. won’t not

C. willn’t

D. willing

They ________ the cottage that weekend.

A. using

B. ‘ll be using

C. ‘re be using

D. ‘s be using

The people … (stay) at home during hurricane season.

  1. will be stayying
  2. will be staying

Sanjit and his classmates ___________________________ seashells when they clean up the beach.

A. will not collecting

B. will not collected

C. will not be collects

D. will not be collecting

Deepa and I will not be ___________________________ to the talk at 8p.m. tonight.

A. going

B. goes

C. went

D. go

Tomorrow at this time, I …………. my English language exam.

A. am taking

B. am take

C. will be taken

D. will be taking

… (you, work out) at the gym this afternoon?

  1. Will you be working out
  2. Will be you working out

The teacher ……. English two hours later. She have to attend the meeting.

A. will teach

B. will be teaching

C. will not be teaching

D. will be not teaching

They will be___________________________ down the posters when the seminar ends.

A. took

B. take

C. takes

D. taking

At nine I …………. the news.

A. watching

B. be watching

C. will be watching

D. am going to

What ……. the man …….tonight?

A. will, be doing

B. is, doing

C. will, doing

D. was, doing

Sara will not be ___________________________ her room when you arrive home.

A. tidy

B. tidies

C. tidied

D. tidying

Sara will not be ___________________________ her room when you arrive home.

A. tidy

B. tidies

C. tidied

D. tidying

At midnight we __________________ .

A. will be sleep

B. be sleeping

C. will be sleeping

We’ll be ________ the news at 10pm.

A. watch

B. watching

C. to watch

D. watches

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