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I … (wait) on the train station by this time tomorrow morning.

  1. will be waitting
  2. will be waiting

They … (not, watch) the match this evening.

  1. will be not watching
  2. will not be watching

… (you, wake up) at the middle of night?

  1. Will you be waking up
  2. Will you be wakeing up

… (you, read) the book tonight?

  1. Will you be reading
  2. Will be you reading

The people … (stay) at home during hurricane season.

  1. will be stayying
  2. will be staying

Bobby … (not, work) on Saturday at 2 p.m.

a. will be not working
b. will not be working

They … (snorkel) around the small island tomorrow.

  1. will be snorkelling
  2. will be snorkeling

At 8 o’clock tomorrow, we … (sit) here to talk about the issues.

  1. will be sitting
  2. will be siting

She … (sleep) when her husband comes home.

  1. will be sleepping
  2. will be sleeping

… (you, work out) at the gym this afternoon?

  1. Will you be working out
  2. Will be you working out

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