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David _ at the club tonight. We should go and see him. He’s a great sax player.

A. will play

B. will be playing

C. shall be play

D. shall playing

It is a very long flight. I guess she ________ (sleep) all the way to Malaysia.

A. will be slept

B. will sleep

C. will be sleeping

D. will sleeping

Deepa and I will not be ___________________________ to the talk at 8 p.m. tonight.

A. going

B. goes

C. went

D. go

Will you be ___________________________ the computer when your brother comes home?

A. use

B. uses

C. using

D. used

This time tomorrow night, my sister___________________________ in a concert

A. will be performs

B. will be performed

C. will be perfom

D. will be performing

The judge _______the names of the winners any time now.

A. announced

B. will announce

C. will be announcing

D. announces

They _______ (move) to Germany soon.

A. will moved

B. will have moved

C. will moving

D. will be moving

My uncle will be ___________________________ us to the recycling centre at this time next Sunday.

A. drive

B. drove

C. driving

D. drives

At nine o’clock next Tuesday, Roy will be ___________________________ the fence.

A. paint

B. painting

C. painted

D. paints

This time next week Susy _________ at the beach.

A. will be sitting

B. will sitting

C. will be sit

I shall be continuing my study in the university ……. .

A. yesterday

B. two days ago

C. in 2019

D. next year

Nigel _____ be coming to the picnic.

A. won’t

B. won’t not

C. willn’t

D. willing

Where ________ sleeping?

A. you be

B. will you

C. will you be

D. will you being

Will our teachers be ___________________________ us to the eco park tomorrow morning?

A. accompany

B. accompanies

C. accompanied

D. accompanying

They will be___________________________ down the posters when the seminar ends.

A. took

B. take

C. takes

D. taking

Don’t forget your snowpants.
It ________ by the time you get to school.

A. will snowing

B. is snowing

C. will be snowing

D. will be snow

Will she ………… dinner at 5 o’clock tomorrow?

A. is cooking

B. be cooking

C. was cooking

D. cooking

There is a serious problem. I _ at around 4. pm to discuss it.

A. will call

B. will be calling

C. shall be call

D. should call

… (you, wake up) at the middle of night?

  1. Will you be waking up
  2. Will you be wakeing up

Sorry, I can’t. I ________ my daughter to work at that time.

A. will be taking

B. ‘ll take

C. won’t be take

D. will be taking

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