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You can’t meet him at my office at 11. He … to the bank at 10.

  1. will have gone
  2. will have been gone

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“J.K.Rowling ___ her new book by the end of the year.”

A. Will write
B. Will be writing
C. Will have written

By this afternoon, I … the lawn with a push mower.

  1. will have been mowed
  2. will have mowed

That best-selling author ___________________ on the top 10 list for one year this December. That’s quite an achievement!

A. Will
B. Have been
C. Were being
D. Will have been

By the time you finish studying , I ———- dinner

A. Will have cooked
B. Will be cooking
C. Am cooking
D. Was cooked

Before you arrive at the station, a hotel room … for you.

A. will have been booked
B. will have booked

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“Do you think that Dad ___ my bike for tomorrow?”

A. Will fixed
B. Will have fixed
C. Will have been fixing
D. Will have fixing

Before Saturday, I will have ——— all my homework.

A. Did
B. Do
C. Does
D. Done

The person … probation by January.

A. will has finished
B. will have finished

You … your GMAT score online next week.

A. Will have seen
B. will have saw

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“Thomas and Jeremy ___ by lunch time.”

A. Will have arrived
B. Will arrive
C. Will be arriving

By next year, she ——– her promotion.

A. Will have received
B. Will recieved
C. Have received
D. Will be receiving

All the campers … in their tent before midnight.

  1. will have sleep
  2. will have slept

You … your GMAT score online next week.

  1. will have saw
  2. will have seen

Your best friend … help by the time you … her to take part in your wedding.

A. ask, will have offered
B. will have offered, ask

By this time next month, my father and I … our family business for a year.

  1. will have ran
  2. will have run

The person … probation by January.

  1. will has finished
  2. will have finished

Select the best verb to complete the idea.

Next month, she will become vice president of the company. After 10 years of hard work, she _________________ her dream.

A. Will have achieved
B. Will achieve
C. Will be having
D. Achieves

The manager … the meeting room by twelve.

A. will have been left
B. will have left

_________________________ me?

A. Will you marry
B. Will you have married
C. Will you be marrying
D. You marry

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