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For the next ten years, many people will have bought fuel-efficient cars.

Is the sentence true?

A. Yes

B. No

You can’t meet him at my office at 11. He … to the bank at 10.

  1. will have gone
  2. will have been gone

At this time tomorrow, I … to pay off my debts.

A. will have had money
B. will have money

The baseball player …… six homeruns if he hits another one tonight.

A. will have hit

B. has hit

C. had hit

D. have hit

By 2050 scientists ______ a cure for cancer.

A. Will be found

B. Will be founding

C. Will have found

D. Will have founding

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“_____ by the time you’re 65?”

A. Will you have retired
B. Will you have been retired
C. Will you retire

They will have stopped serving meals by the time we ______ to the restaurant.

A. have gotten

B. will have gotten

C. get

D. got

You … your GMAT score online next week.

A. Will have seen
B. will have saw

Nastia …… ten cakes if she makes two more.

A. will have made

B. had made

C. has made

D. have made

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“Do you think that Dad ___ my bike for tomorrow?”

A. Will fixed
B. Will have fixed
C. Will have been fixing
D. Will have fixing

She …… to Japan four times if she goes there again.

A. will have gone

B. have gone

C. has gone

D. had gone

By this time next year

A. I will have moved to London

B. I have moved to London

C. I move to London

By next year, she ——– her promotion.

A. Will have received
B. Will recieved
C. Have received
D. Will be receiving

I …… ten sentences if I am able to complete this one.

A. will have completed

B. have completed

C. has completed

D. had completed

In which tense is the sentence below written in?
By this time next year, James will have visited more countries.

A. Past Perfect Tense

B. Present Perfect Tense

C. Future Perfect Tense

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“Thomas and Jeremy ___ by lunch time.”

A. Will have arrived
B. Will arrive
C. Will be arriving

Complete the sentence with the future perfect form:

“J.K.Rowling ___ her new book by the end of the year.”

A. Will write
B. Will be writing
C. Will have written

… you have finished by the time I come back.

A. What

B. Will

C. When

D. Were

The movie will have finished by the time I get home.
What does it mean?

A. I won’t watch the film.

B. The film is good.

C. I can watch the film at home.

D. I don’t get home until the film finishes.

We———————— our project to the Human Resource Manager by that date.

A. We will have submitted

B. We will submitted

C. We will submit

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