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     I always enjoy watching a meteor shower.
      A.     Participle
      B.     Gerund
      C.     Infinitive

In an attempt (at attracting/to attract) more customers, my mom made a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Tumblr for her home canning business.

A. At attracting
B. To attract

A participle is a verb used as a(n) ______.

A. Verb
B. Gerund
C. Adjective
D. Noun

We arranged __________ at the airport.

A. To meet
B. Meeting

 Swimming is good exercise.
      A.     Participle
      B.     Gerund
      C.     Infinitive

Does he like __________ funny stories?

A. to tell
B. Telling

Don’t stop ________. It’s not the time for lunch yet.

A. Working
B. To work

I try __________ my inlaws as much as possible.

A. To avoid
B. Avoiding
C. Either is fine and the meaning is the same
D. The meaning is different but either is fine

Identify the participial phrase in the following sentence: Feeling sick from the Tilt-a-Whirl, Samantha staggered to the park bench.

A. Samantha staggered
B. To the park bench
C. Feeling sick from the Tilt-a-Whirl
D. To the

I started __________ the violin when I was 10.

A. To play
B. Playing

Special effects in movies have improved so rapidly that The Matrix, once thought of as an amazing example of computer graphics, now looks antiquated and unrealistic.
      A.     Gerund
      B.     Participle
      C.     Infinitive
      D.     None of the Above

My five hour flight was ruined by the crying infant who sat in the seat behind me.
      A.     Gerund
      B.     Participle
      C.     Infinitive
      D.     None of the above

     In the play “Billy Elliot,” the main character’s dancing confuses and worries his traditional father.
      A.     Gerund
      B.     Participle
      C.     Infinitive
      D.     None of the above

Would you mind … this questionnaire?

  1. to fill out
  2. filling out

Identify the verbal in the following sentence: You can save some time by removing the shells first.

A. First
B. Can save
C. Time
D. Removing

I don’t feel like ………… out.

A. Go
B. To go
C. Going

A Verbal is a ___ form.

A. Noun
B. Verb
C. Adjective
D. Adverb

     The workers have closed the street to repair the damaged concrete.
      A.     Participle 
      B.     Gerund
      C.     Infinitive



     The clapping seal entertained all of the the kindergarteners who went to the zoo.
      A.     Gerund
      B.     Participle
      C.     Infinitive
      D.     None of the above

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