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Whats are the three verbal forms?

A. Gerund, Independant, Participle
B. Noun, Verb, Adjective
C. Gerunds, Infinitives, Participles



 I am afraid of flying.
      A.     Verb
      B.     Participle
      C.     Gerund

The shopping trip lasted all day.
      A.     Verb
      B.     Participle
      C.     Gerund

Hector wants to be an acrobat when he grows up.
      A.     Wants
      B.     To be
      C.     Grows
      D.     Up

Your mother was surprised seeing you come home early after the party

A. True
B. False

We promise … in touch with our clients.

  1. to stay
  2. staying

_____________ someone can take time.

A. To love
B. Loving
C. Either is fine and the meaning is the same
D. The meaning is different but either is fine

He kept ……….. even though his shift had ended.

A. To work
B. Working
C. Work


The moving van was late.
      A.     Verb
      B.     Participle
      C.     Gerund

Does he like __________ funny stories?

A. to tell
B. Telling

It might …… tomorrow. You should take an umbrella.

A. Raining
B. To rain
C. Rain

My mother taught me not … about my academic work.

  1. lying
  2. to lie

     In the following sentence, identify the verbal:

One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures.
      A.     One
      B.     Of
      C.     Taking
      D.     Pictures

How dare my parents question my right (of partying/to party) all night long!

A. Of partying
B. To party

Swimming is good exercise.

A. Participle
B. Gerund
C. Infinitive

     After spending all day studying in the library, the buzzing fluorescent light was driving me crazy.
      A.     Gerund
      B.     Participle
      C.     Infininitive
      D.     None of the Above

I may …… hiking tomorrow if the weather is good.

A. Going
B. Go
C. To go

I was stirring the stew.
      A.     Verb
      B.     Participle
      C.     Gerund

     In the following sentence, identify the underlined word or words as a gerund, participle, infinitive, or verb:

Feeling sick from eating 2 cheeseburgers, the little girl took some Pepto-Bismol.
      A.     Gerund
      B.     Participle
      C.     Infinitive
      D.     Verb

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