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Grammar Quiz

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Everyone applauded __ when they finished dancing.

A. quietly

B. softly

C. lazily

D. loudly

Write the plural forms of these nouns.

A. sheeps

B. sheep

Do you usually drink very….. coffee in the morning?

A. many

B. much

The class __________ their retreat three weeks from now.

A. is having

B. are having

C. were having

D. will be having

She …… play the piano. She is a musician.

A. cannot

B. can

C. mustn’t

D. can’t

I … Some delicious foods in this restaurant

A. Eating

B. Eat

C. Ate

D. Eaten

Pushpa ______ and _____ chocolate cakes for a living.

A. bake , sell

B. baked , sold

C. baking , selling

D. bakes , sells

I enjoy eating potato salad on a cold winter day.

A. Simple

B. Compound

C. Complex

D. Compound-Complex

He says he’s lucky to have a great wife and kids and that he’s very ____ with his life. What a great man!

A. happy

B. confused

They will _____ with us in the car. Any objections?

A. come

B. comes

C. came

_______ chairs are in the classroom?

A. How much

B. How many

The movie producer said that Aunt Mia’s script was the (good) one he had read all year.

A. gooder

B. goodest

C. better

D. best

Choose the correct plural noun that best completes the following sentence. The chef bought two _________ of apples from the grocery shop.

A. kelos

B. klos

C. kilose

D. kilos

E. kiloes

Jane Austen ………….. many novels between 1787 and 1811.

A. Write
B. Wrote
C. Writes
D. Can write

Choose the correct connector to complete the sentence.

We didn’t win the game ___________________ all all our hard work.
A. moreover

B. due to

C. despite

We were good students

A. True
B. False

He was caught by the teacher for cheating ________ the exam.
A. During
B. After
C. Near
D. Outside

Chọn cấu trúc đúng khi người nói:

PHỎNG ĐOÁN thấp nhất về một việc trong hiện tại

A. must / can’t / couldn’t + have PII

B. should/ought to + have PII

C. can/ may/ might + V

We are allowed to join two sports classes. We ………………………… join two sports classes.

A. must

B. can

C. should

D. ought to

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