Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

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When she _________________ the floor Mat threw the rubbish.

A. sweep

B. is sweeping

C. swept

D. was sweeping

last week, Sara __________ in the pool.

A. swam

B. have swum

C. has swum

D. hasn’t swum

Dictionary (plural)

A. dictionari

B. dictionaries

C. dictionaryies

D. dictionaryes

I … for five years

A. Have been living

B. Am living

C. Live

D. Lives

Saif couldn’t fall asleep last night because…

A. he had already left the office

B. he had watched a scary movie.

C. I had gone shopping the day before.

D. she had left her purse at home.

What is a problem or disadvantage?

A. Access

B. Analysis

C. Drawbacks

D. Cite

I didn’t get home until after midnight last night. Otherwise, I ________ your call.

A. returned

B. had returned

C. would return

D. would have returned

Identify the mistake of punctuation in the sentence.

malaysia is a beautiful country.

A. malaysia

B. is

C. a

D. country

Which of these is correct?
A. They’m happy.
B. They’s happy.
C. They’b happy.
D. They’re happy.

We _______________ to the beach last weekend.

A. goed

B. god

C. wen

D. went

The _____________ I live, the _____________ I know

A. longer; more

B. more; happier

C. happier; less

Which is the correct contraction for SHE WOULD?

A. she’d

B. she’ould

C. sh’ed

Change the word in brackets to plural.

Many of the (father-in-law) helped with the kids.
A. fathers -in-law

B. father-in-laws

    Thomas wants to travel to Europe next summer. He________his money.
A.     should save
B.     shouldn’t save
C.     should saves

Bonkers, our ninety pound golden retriever, chews on furniture, __________, and snots up the car windows—inconveniences we didn’t anticipate when we adopted him.

A. would drag us around the neighborhood during walks

B. he drags us around the neighborhood during walks

C. drags us around the neighborhood during walks

People might be ___________ your new product.

A. ignore

B. ignores

C. ignoring

D. ignored

______ (you / come) to London often?

A. Are you coming

B. Do you come

which type of sentence is the following: I saw Daniel, and I talk to him.

A. compound sentence

B. simple sentence

C. compound complex

________he didn’t understand everything, he was interested in the conversation.

A. However

B. Even though

C. Because

D. While

Its was not that the driver _______ to deliver the package.

A. Didn’t tried
B. Doesn’t try
C. Didn’t try
D. Don’t try

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