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‘When was this novel written?’ ‘It was written _________1913.’

A. At
B. To
C. In
D. On

English Grammar. Select the one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect.

Yvette and Rinaldo send e-mail messages to other often.
      A.     And
      B.     Send
      C.     Other
      D.     Often

English Grammar. Select the best answer.

Mr. Collins requests that someone _________ the data by fax immediately.

A. Sent
B. Sends
C. Send
D. To send

A : What time is it ? ( 06.45)B : It is …..

A. Seven o’clock
B. Quarter to seven
C. Quarter past seven
D. Six past seven

I ____________ drink milk because I am very allergic to it.

A. Should
B. Should not
C. May
D. Cannot

Which of these people ______ you met?

A. Have
B. Had
C. Do

The water wasn’t clean ___ we didn’t swim.
a. so
b. because

Choose the correct sentence.

A. Jane states “Why can’t I go to the store, Joe?”
B. We brung lots of accessories with us on the trip (toilet paper, money, ect.).
C. The eerie storm was on its way; however, the clouds sure looked dazzling.
D. The domino affect sure had us puzzled.

Libraries __________________ us good stories or novels for leisurely reading.

A. Offers
B. Offer
C. Offering
D. Is offered

How ____________ do you watch a film in English? – Every month.

A. often
B. much
C. many
D. every

I’ll ___ my homework later.
a. go
b. do

‘How much did you pay for that hat?’ ‘It _____________ ten dollars.’

A. Cost
B. Costed
C. Was costing
D. Would be costing

Which is spelled correctly?

A. Damige
B. Damage
C. Damaje
D. Darmage

Which is the correct sentence?

A. I have always liked basket
B. I always have liked basket
C. I have liked basket always

Which is correct?

A. Volunteers share they’re skills and experiences so their able to make the best impact where it counts most.
B. Volunteers share their skills and experiences so they’re able to make the best impact where it counts most.

The new supermarket ___ everything.
a. have
b. has

Many ………………. have vanished in Bermuda Triangle without a trace.

A. Aircraft
B. Aircrafts

Carla Bruni is really pretty. I’m in love with …

A. She
B. Hers
C. Her

If you want to hang out,

A. Call me
B. Shrink your shirt
C. Call me and shrink your shirt

The student could not answer the question, so he….

A. Gave off
B. Gave into
C. Gave up
D. Gave away

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