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The doctor treats his ___________ gently.

A. Client
B. Tenant
C. Patient
D. Passenger

When is the dog barking? (is this correctly asked?)

A. True
B. False

Which one is correct?

A. Go to a country
B. Go in a country

Choose the sentence that is written correctly.

A. The baby are crying because he is hungry.
B. The babies are cry because they are hungry.
C. They baby is crying because he is hungry.

Look at the yard! You’ll have to ___ it soon.
a. do
b. make

Listen! Mary ____________

A. Sing
B. Sings
C. Is singing

Can I borrow your jacket? __________ cold outside.

A. It’s
B. Its

You aren’t going to the gym, _________ you?

A. Are
B. Aren’t

If I _____ 1000 Ice teas in the break, I _____ feel very sick.

A. Drink / will feel
B. Drank / would feel
C. Drink / would feel
D. Drank / will feel

___ is yours?
a. What
b. Which
c. How

If we _____ cricket tomorrow, I _____ bored.

A. Didn’t play / would be
B. Didn’t play / will be
C. Don’t play / would be
D. Don’t play / will be

Ali comes _ _ _ _ _ _ Saudi Arabia.

A. Of
B. Away
C. From
D. At

You’ll have __________________ time for questions later.

A. Cramped
B. Spacious
C. Ample
D. Swollen

Have you called your grandmother lately?

A. True
B. False

John___________ in the library this morning.

A. Is study
B. Studying
C. Is studying
D. Are studying

If I were you, I ……….. an extra sweater.

A. Will wear
B. Would wear

When did you go to that restaurant?
a. Spaghetti.
b. With Jane.
c. Last night.
d. About 30 minutes.

.. is this? That’s my electronic dictionary.

A. Who
B. What
C. Where

Where’s Lucy?

A. She is home.
B. She are at home.
C. She is at home.
D. She be at home.

I have to have this report finished _____.

A. By Friday
B. Until Friday
C. Friday before
D. Since Friday

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