Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

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I don’t have the key , so I cannot get into the house.

A. I had the key, I couldn’t get into the house

B. If I had the key, I can get into the house.

C. If I had the key, I could get into the house.

D. If I have the key , I can get into the house.

We arrived home late yesterday. It started ______________ in the afternoon.

A. to rain

B. raining

C. Both are correct

Salomah has _______ cat, three birds and ______ eagle as pets.

A. the …… an

B. a …… the

C. a …… a

D. a …… an

That tall lady sitting at the table wasn’t an actress once, _______ she?

A. did she

B. didn’t she

C. was she

D. wasn’t she

Her hair ___________________ long.

A. is not

B. are not

C. am not

It _____ Peter who helped us.

A. have been

B. was

C. had been

D. were

____________ are you late? Because of the traffic.

A. which

B. whose

C. Why

He stayed up late last night and ____________ got out of bed at 11:00 this morning. 

A. only

B. but

C. or

D. until

Shh! The baby (sleep) …….

A. is sleeping

B. Sleeps

C. Sleeping

Suddenly there arose a …………………. storm.

A. violent

B. magnificent

C. huge

Where do you live?

Tell me ….

A. where you live

B. where you live do

____ was programmed to play last night was taken off the air.

A. The movie that it

B. The movie that

C. The movie

D. The movie has been

Sorry, I listening. What did you say?

A. weren’t

B. was

C. were

D. wasn’t

The teacher asked his pupils… the poem by heart.

A. Learn

B. Learned

C. To learn

Which of the following is a sentence?

A. A loud noise.

B. Hundreds of elephants.

C. Some delicious chocolate.

D. I heard a loud noise.

He ……. The pan

A. Get

B. Gets

I don’t think it … rain tomorrow.

A. won’t

B. will

C. must

You shouldn’t eat … you do exercise.

A. before

B. while

C. as soon as

D. until

When I asked the waiter to speak more slowly, he just repeated the specials _____ louder.

A. slightly

B. a little


I bought a _____ camera yesterday.

A. black, Japanese

B. small, cute

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