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Dogs like to ___ bones to save them for later.
a. berry
b. bury

It is a serious offence to ___ the army.
a. desert
b. dessert

She worked on weekends at a ___ store.
a. stationary
b. stationery

Harold ___ his thanks before he eats every meal.
a. praise
b. prays
c. preys

He walked for days in the ___ without seeing another living thing, only sand.
a. desert
b. dessert

She bought twelve, consumed ___ and had four donuts leftover.
a. ate
b. eight

Which is the best ___ for baking bread?
a. flour
b. flower

The red cross is a ___ of emergency health care.
a. cymbal
b. symbol

It is a shame to ___ water.
a. waist
b. waste

A ___ of water buffalo were resting beside the river when the lions attacked.
a. heard
b. herd

If you sleep with ___ hair you will catch a cold.
a. wet
b. whet

The children were brown as ___ after playing outside all summer.
a. buries
b. berries

He was ___ unprepared for the warm reception that her family gave him.
a. holy
b. wholly

He had a ___ complexion so he had to avoid too much sun.
a. fair
b. fare

The ___ of France is Paris.
a. capital
b. capitol

He is the ___ owner of the company.
a. sole
b. soul

Do you ___ which is right?
a. know
b. no

The national anthem of the gold ___ winner is played during the awards ceremony.
a. medal
b. meddle

I hope you ___ drop in to see us soon.
a. dew
b. do
c. due

Jerry ___ so much syrup over his pancakes that you can hardly see the plate.
a. pores
b. pours

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