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A ___ is a narrow passage of water.
a. straight
b. strait

Mother’s ashes are kept in this ___.
a. earn
b. urn

The student __ meets every Wednesday.
a. counsel
b. council
c. consul

The President ___ the opening pitch.
a. threw
b. through

To remove the seeds from an apple one needs to cut out the ___.
a. core
b. corps

Would you like some ___ or have you had enough?
a. moor
b. more

She ___ kisses to her lover.
a. blew
b. blue

Please ___ for me outside the cinema.
a. wait
b. weight

Trans-Pacific flights usually carry two different flight ___.
a. crews
b. cruise

Exercise builds ___ and reduces fat.
a. muscle
b. mussel

I can’t believe that I ___ the whole thing!
a. ate
b. eight

He ate the ___ cake.
a. whole
b. hole

Clothes will dry faster if you ___ them out well.
a. ring
b. wring

The line of stitching that joins two pieces of cloth together is called a ___.
a. seam
b. seem

The howls of the wolves pierced the ___ air and sent chills up her spine.
a. knight
b. night

He had no food, the poor ___.
a. retch
b. wretch

If you oil the hinges of that door they won’t ___.
a. creak
b. creek

Did you ___ the report yet?
a. write
b. right

I can’t believe that I ___ the whole thing!
a. ate
b. eight

The outcome of the peace talks has put the President’s reputation at ___.
a. stake
b. steak

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