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The window ___ was cracked.
a. pain
b. pane

He threw the __ to the second base man.
a. ball
b. bawl

Love made my heart ___ like an eagle.
a. soar
b. sore

All was ___ at the farm on the night before the storm.
a. quiet
b. quite

The puppy had mud all over its ___.
a. pause
b. paws

A tiger in its ___ is more dangerous than three tigers in the open.
a. lair
b. layer

The ___ base was in the Red Sea.
a. naval
b. navel

Looking directly into the ___ could hurt your eyes.
a. sun
b. son

The carpenter used a ___ to make the plank flat.
a. plain
b. plane

It is not unusual to see a wild ___ in the hills near my house.
a. boar
b. bore
c. boor

As ___ falls the stars start to appear in the sky.
a. night
b. knight

Cars and insurance are hard to ___.
a. cell
b. sell

Scuba diving near a ___ reef is exciting and colorful.
a. choral
b. coral

Have a ___. Give me another chance.
a. hart
b. heart

A versatile spice for meat and salad dressings is ___.
a. time
b. thyme

The letter was made secure with ___ wax that had the company imprint on it.
a. ceiling
b. sealing

The telephone seems to ___ differently when my mother-in-law calls.
a. ring
b. wring

Mothers like to ___ to their babies when they are crying.
a. coo
b. coup

It was so cold that ___ frost formed on the window.
a. hoar
b. whore

The metal pipe in a chimney through which the smoke and heat passes is called a ___.
a. flew
b. flue
c. flu

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