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Quitting is not my ___.
a. stile
b. style

The ___ bear is a very dangerous animal.
a. grisly
b. grizzly

The dog will ___ all night if you leave him outside.
a. whine
b. wine

In the old days, a doctor might use a ___ to suck bad blood from a patient.
a. leach
b. leech

The fisherman ___ to shore as soon as the storm clouds appeared on the horizon.
a. road
b. rode
c. rowed

They ___ to be happy but appearances can be deceiving.
a. seam
b. seem

I do not mind if you ___ the fruit as long as you can still eat dinner.
a. halve
b. have

Plug the ___ into the electrical outlet.
a. chord
b. cord

A female sheep is called a ___.
a. ewe
b. you
c. yew

A ___ is a type of shellfish.
a. muscle
b. mussel

A carrot is a ___ vegetable.
a. root
b. route

It is hard to ___ an honest living.
a. earn
b. urn

The pitcher ___ the ball to the catcher.
a. threw
b. through

What gives you the ___ to tell me what to do?
a. right
b. wright

The bull ___ the Toreador with his horns.
a. gored
b. gourd

I would like ___ tea, please.
a. week
b. weak

We were going to ___ at 7:00, but he didn’t come.
a. meet
b. meat

I am shopping for a ___ hat to wear to the garden party.
a. knew
b. new

They traveled for ___ with very little money.
a. days
b. daze

Clothes will dry faster if you ___ them out well.
a. ring
b. wring

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