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Let there be ___ on Earth and let it begin with me.
a. peace
b. piece

The national anthem of the gold ___ winner is played during the awards ceremony.
a. medal
b. meddle

When it ___, it pours.
a. rains
b. reigns
b. reins

There is a rich ___ of comedy in Mike Nichol’s movies.
a. vane
b. vain
c. vein

I want to ___ you for your delicious meal.
a. complement
b. compliment

She brushed out the hair of her horse’s ___.
a. main
b. mane
c. mein

People usually play golf in groups of ___.
a. for
b. fore
c. four

The children told ___ mother a lie.
a. their
b. there
c. they’re

___ you like coffee or tea?
a. Would
b. Wood

He was not ___ to stay up later than 9:00 at night.
a. allowed
b. aloud

He showed his ___ by continuing despite an injury.
a. metal
b. mettle

The fog rolled across the ___.
a. moor
b. more

The artist made a ___ of a party scene.
a. freeze
b. frieze

He ___ deeply as he remembered their summer in Paris.
a. sighed
b. side

The boat was ___ and began to sink.
a. hold
b. holed

People stop and ___ but I don’t care.
a. stair
b. stare

The flowers gave off a beautiful ___.
a. scent
b. sent
c. cent

She heaved a great ___ as she climbed the stairs.
a. psi
b. sigh

The businessman ___ his flight so he had to call his office.
a. missed
b. mist

The drunkard walked along the street with an unsteady ___.
a. gait
b. gate

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