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Whenever my mother calls and says “____ time to leave,” I get upset.

A. It’s
B. Its

Jane is self-________; she is always checking her hair to make sure ____ perfect

A. Conscious, its
B. Conscience, it’s
C. Conscience, its
D. Conscious, it’s

Two of the same things are a

A. Pare
B. Pear
C. Pair

I use a surf when i go surfing

A. Bored
B. Board

The words “gorilla” and “guerrilla” are homophones.

A. True
B. False

Pat is going to stop _____ after work.

A. Buy
B. By

It take a full tank of gas if were / we’re / wear / where going to take Sam all the way to Pasadena.

A. Were
B. We’re
C. Wear
D. Where

The use of vibrant colors gave the _________ that we were spinning.

A. Illusion
B. Allusion

I haven’t seen you for an entire _______!

A. Week
B. Weak

If you do not allow students to chew gum, _____ they will _____ to break the rules.

A. Than, choose
B. Then, chose
C. Than, choose
D. Then, choose

I ________ I had the right answer!

A. New
B. Knew

Bass – Base

A. True
B. False

A milkshake (compliments/complements) a good meal.

A. Compliments
B. Complements

Emily forgot to add the _____ flour to her cake.

A. Flower
B. Flour
C. Flouwer
D. Flowuer

I didn’t get to see what the _________ will be like today.

A. Weather
B. Whether

When the aeroplane crashed, not a ______ was found alive

A. Soul
B. Sole

Do you know _____ everyone is?

A. Where
B. Wear

You should never take (your/you’re) friends for granted.

A. Your
B. You’re

Skipping class will _____ your grades.

A. Affect
B. Effect

Did you _________ that spring break is the first week in April?

A. No
B. Know

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