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________ day is our permission slip due?

A. Which
B. Witch

I bet ___ a responsible person.

A. your

B. you’re

Her piano teacher told her to hold the _____.

A. Cord
B. Chord

We said good – _________ to our relatives.

A. Buy
B. Bye
C. By

In the forest, you might see a grizzly __________.

A. Bear
B. Bare

When the boy was bullied by his classmate, the comments didn’t even (faze/phase) him.

A. Faze
B. Phase

Can you______the teacher?

A. here

B. hear

After cutting my hair, my head felt _______.

A. Bare
B. Bear

The recipe calls for one cup of _________.

A. Flour
B. Flower

________ car is blocking the carpool lane?

A. Whose
B. Who’s

Always follow your heart, and try not to worry about the opinions of your (piers/peers).

A. Piers
B. Peers

Harry went to Hogwarts, than / then he meet Snape.

A. Than
B. Then

Matt’s little brother is not (aloud, allowed) to cross the street by himself.

A. Aloud
B. Allowed

When I wore my favorite shirt, I received a _____________ from my sister.

A. Compliment
B. Complement

I would rather stay home ______ go out.

A. Then
B. Than

(Where, wear) do you live?

A. Where
B. Wear

They _________ going to eat pizza for lunch.

A. We’re
B. Were
C. Where

Use use your ears to do this

A. Hear
B. Here

Megan’s ______ in her sandwich had gone all moldy in her lunchbox.

A. Bred
B. Breed
C. Beard
D. Bread

Time passed / past slowly.

A. Passed
B. Past

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