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Can you (here, hear) the music?

A. Here
B. Hear

After being sick, he felt _________.

A. Weak
B. Week

I decided to ________ the house for protection in the event of a flood.

A. Insure
B. Ensure

You should never take (your/you’re) friends for granted.

A. Your
B. You’re

She got to school late and _________ she had to hurry to her first class.

A. Knew
B. New

I didn’t know _________ sections to choose for my spelling homework.

A. Which
B. Witch

There is a giant ___________ in Guatemala that killed 15 people!

A. Hole
B. Whole

It was turn to bring the lollies

A. They’re
B. Their
C. There

John volunteers at a senior center reading the residents’ mail (allowed, aloud) for them.

A. Allowed
B. Aloud

Time passed / past slowly.

A. Passed
B. Past

Let’s take a ____________. I am getting tired and need 15 minutes to relax before we continue working.

A. Brake
B. Break

When Josie reads her writing (allowed, aloud) she hears the mistakes she needs to fix.

A. Allowed
B. Aloud

I bought ______ cakes for our party.

A. Two
B. To
C. Too

I feel bad for my fictional sisters, Jessie and Julie. ___ having really bad luck.

A. there

B. their

C. they’re

I had to _________ new folders.

A. Buy
B. Bye
C. By

When I saw a ________ on our back porch, I frantically ran inside.

A. Bear
B. Bare

I would like a slice of pizza ______.

A. Too
B. To
C. Two

Over the summer, I went ____ see the Grand Canyon.

A. To
B. Too
C. Two

Italian food can have a bad (affect, effect) on him.

A. Affect
B. Effect

The students did ____________ homework thoughtfully.

A. There
B. Their
C. They’re

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