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The new building will greatly ________ my company’s productivity.

A. Affect
B. Effect

Did copy these words down in ___ notes?

A. your

B. you’re

That app costs 99 _______.

A. Cents
B. Sense

Please be careful on that ________.

A. Stare
B. Stair

Once I realized the newspaper was ____________, I put it back and didn’t try to take it again.

A. Theirs
B. There’s
C. They’re

Can I go with you ______?

A. To
B. Too
C. Two

I took my sister out for dinner; _______, we got ice cream.

A. Then
B. Than

If you do not allow students to chew gum, _____ they will _____ to break the rules.

A. Than, choose
B. Then, chose
C. Than, choose
D. Then, choose

Jaime works for an organization that defends human _____.

A. Writes
B. Rights

Ram went to the _______ where new buildings were being built.

A. Sight
B. Site
C. Cite

I don’t know ________ in charge of us today.

A. Who’s
B. Whose

I’m not sure ______ I want to go to the park, or to the museum.

A. Weather
B. Whether

The car passed / past the semi on the right; that was a dangerous move.

A. Passed
B. Past

I need to know_______ we are going or not?

A. Whether
B. Wheather
C. Weather
D. Wehter

She ______an apple and an orange.

A. eight

B. ate

I wish I could rewrite it, but ___ is not much time left.

A. there

B. their

C. they’re

I was so tired I decided to lie / lay right after lunch.

A. Lie
B. Lay

When I saw a ________ on our back porch, I frantically ran inside.

A. Bear
B. Bare

You will have one ________ to complete the test.

A. Our
B. Hour

The use of vibrant colors gave the _________ that we were spinning.

A. Illusion
B. Allusion

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