Homophones Quiz

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Pat is going to stop _____ after work.

A. Buy
B. By

When the aeroplane crashed, not a ______ was found alive

A. Soul
B. Sole

Tell them _____ bring _____ more chairs _____.

A. To, too, two
B. Too, two, to
C. To, two, too
D. Two, to, too

The words “course” and “curse” are homophones.

A. True
B. False

I would like a slice of pizza ______.

A. Too
B. To
C. Two

We couldn’t finish reading the _________ article in time.

A. Hole
B. Whole

I don’t know ________ in charge of us today.

A. Who’s
B. Whose

What did you do ______, while you waited?

A. Then
B. Than

If you do not allow students to chew gum, _____ they will _____ to break the rules.

A. Than, choose
B. Then, chose
C. Than, choose
D. Then, choose

The car sped _____ the house.

A. Passed
B. Past

You will have one ________ to complete the test.

A. Our
B. Hour

The ______ of not getting enough sleep is that your participation in class will be __________.

A. Effect, effected
B. Affect, effected
C. Effect, affected

The dog dug ____ claws into the rabbit that he chased down.

A. Its
B. It’s

Unfortunately, _____________ going to regret the decision to drop out of high school.

A. They’re
B. There
C. Their

I bought ______ cakes for our party.

A. Two
B. To
C. Too

Eventually I put my anger in the passed / past and began to forgive my sister.

A. Passed
B. Past

Because I practiced so hard, it only took me _______ minutes to finish my timed drill!

A. To
B. Too
C. Two

Do you see that dog over __________ ? It tried to bite me last week.

A. There
B. Their
C. They’re

________ going to buy lunch at the chalet?

A. Whose
B. Who’s

Can you _______ me?

A. Hear
B. Here

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