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To “hail from” means to ___.
a. send from
b. come from
c. send to

To “pop up” means to ___.
a. volunteer
b. appear suddenly
c. raise your head

“Along in years” means ___.
a. getting old
b. getting tired
c. becoming successful

To “pair off” means to ___.
a. separate things
b. make large groups
c. put two things together

To drive off the road into a gasoline station is the same as to ___ into the gas station.

a. pull
b. get
c. let

She keeps ___ about him even though he has left.

a. away
b. back
c. on

I am so tired today because I ___ up early.
a. built
b. cheer
c. got

Oh no, not another pimple!
a. zillion
b. zoo
c. zit

To think about an idea, but not seriously is to ___.

a. toy with it
b. dream about it
c. work it out

To “lash out” means to ___.
a. shout at someone
b. relax
c. kick or punch someone

To pass things from father to son is the same as to ___ down from generation to generation.
a. calm
b. hand
c. climb

If it’s “under your nose”, it’s ___.
a. well hidden
b. your fault
c. within sight

To “iron out” means to ___.
a. complete small details
b. make problems
c. plan ahead

I’ll be there in just a few seconds.
a. tick
b. tale
c. tea

I hear he’s in trouble at the moment.
a. a jam
b. a jive
c. a jump

“You can say that again” shows ___.
a. condemnation
b. acceptance
c. agreement

As mad as a March hare means that someone is:
a. angry
b. crazy
c. frantic

To have egg on one’s face means:
a. To feel like a fool.
b. To visit a health spa.
c. To have a healthy glow.

To “eat your words” means ___.
a. to apologise
b. to shout loudly
c. to be quiet

Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs means:
a. Do not make things too easy for others by taking away challenges.
b. Do not ask a person to do something that is unsafe or dangerous to them.
c. Do not try to teach someone who is older and more experienced than you.

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