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I felt so angry that I wanted to hit him so hard that he would fall over.
a. dig him
b. dust him
c. deck him

My complaint goes ___ you, too.
a. on
b. for
c. in

Beat ………. the bush.

A. around

B. into

C. across

The farmer himself came ___ the intruders.
a. before
b. along
c. after

To “pop up” means to ___.
a. volunteer
b. appear suddenly
c. raise your head

If you are “fed up” you have ___.
a. had enough
b. eaten enough
c. drunk too much

If you “eat humble pie” you ___.
a. accept shame
b. are defensive

Could you tell me what the amount of the bill is?
a. what’s the dirt
b. what’s the doc
c. what’s the damage

The children were full of beans today, looking forward to their field trip.
A.     eating a lot
B.     hyperactive
C.     melancholy
D.     lively and in high spirits

“You tell them” ___ someone.
a. encourages
b. disciplines
c. corrects

To “jump through hoops” means ___.
a. be in charge
b. obey any order
c. be naughty

His breath is totally repellant.
a. a turnoff
b. a takeoff
c. a tangle.

We ran ___ of beer when the party was half over.
a. away
b. out
c. off

To “mark time” means to ___.
a. be idle
b. be busy
c. rush around

She couldn’t keep ___ the payments so she lost the house.

a. on
b. off
c. up

I tried to talk to her, but she was as high as a ……………..

A. kite

B. house

C. sky

D. wall

The “cream of the crop” means it is ___.
a. the worst
b. the best

When the telephone salesman told me I could buy some concert tickets for only $10.00 if I gave him my credit card number, it seemed a little fishy to me, so I hung up the phone.
a. I thought the telephone salesman smelled like a fish and I didn’t like that.
b. I thought the phone salesman was a dangerous fish and he scared me.
c. I thought the phone salesman was dishonest and I felt suspicious of him.

Don’t let yourself be taken ___ by anyone.
a. into
b. in
c. on

This jazz is really great.
a. faded
b. far-out
c. foggy

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