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Giving someone the “cold shoulder” means that…

A. taking away their sweater

B. throwing ice or snow on someone’s shoulder

C. to go out in the snow without proper snow gear

D. to ignore or be unfriendly

People often put ___ her opinions.

a. down
b. in
c. out

To start behaving in a violent or strange way is to ___.

a. liven up
b. freak out
c. throw out

The manager failed to get his ideas ___ to the employees.
a. across
b. down
c. in

He put ___ for a transfer, but it was refused.

a. on
b. in
c. by

To “hang your head” means to ___.
a. feel shameful
b. be brave
c. be over-confident

A famous man like him always pulls ___ the crowds.

a. out
b. over
c. in

Students usually look ___ the counselor to help them choose a career.
a. at
b. to
c. into

To “jump through hoops” means ___.
a. be in charge
b. obey any order
c. be naughty

Do you have any marijuana?
a. grass
b. gravy
c. grease

At this moment, it’s nonsense to look ___ results.
a. about
b. for
c. in

If it’s “under your nose”, it’s ___.
a. well hidden
b. your fault
c. within sight

once in a blue moon = ?

A. rarely

B. usually

C. often

D. never

To “make off with” means to ___.
a. leave behind
b. kiss
c. steal

To “beat around the bush” means ___.
a. to not know
b. to avoid a question
c. to go on a hike

To “cheer up” means ___.
a. to become happy
b. to become sad
c. to become lost

To go on holiday especially because you need a rest is to ___.

a. get over
b. go off
c. get away

He lost control of himself suddenly when he heard the news.
a. filled up
b. flopped
c. flipped-out

Who might use salty language?

A. The one who walks on eggs.

B. The one who is crusty.

C. The one who simmers down.

D. The one who takes the cake.

They ran ___ against several problems when they tried to build the bridge in that area.
a. off
b. on
c. up

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