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When he spread the news, panic broke ___ in the city.
a. in
b. away
c. out

If you don’t know the word, look it ___ in the dictionary.
a. up
b. for
c. at

People looked ___ him as a great leader.
a. on
b. forward
c. in

To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be ___ down.
a. cooled
b. marked
c. knocked

Put the milk in the fridge or it will go ___.

a. out
b. off
c. down

To heat food again that has already been cooked is to ___.

a. ruffle it up
b. warm it up
c. pick it up

To suddenly stop talking in the middle of a speech because you have forgotten what to say it to ___.

a. wipe out
b. dry up
c. go over.

If you are a “yes man” you always ___.
a. argue
b. agree
c. question

The sun is so bright. Do you mind if I pull ___ the blinds.

a. in
b. over
c. down

In this “neck of the woods” is ___.
a. the way we do something
b. around here
c. the way things were

The farmer himself came ___ the intruders.
a. before
b. along
c. after

If you speak for a long time, you ___.

a. get on
b. go on
c. edge on

To “think up” is to ___ something.
a. aim for
b. improve
c. invent

To go on holiday especially because you need a rest is to ___.

a. get over
b. go off
c. get away

It took 20 years for them to make ___ after their fight.

a. up
b. over
c. out

“Shut your trap” is an impolite way of saying “please ___
a. leave”.
b. go away”.
c. be quiet”.

I was so angry that I ___ in protest.
a. gave up
b. walked out
c. ran over

To “ride out” something is ___.
a. finish successfully
b. to survive safely
c. give up

If you’re in trouble, get ___ to a lawyer.
a. by
b. on
c. in

To eat a lot of food is to ___.

a. pig out
b. roll out
c. wear out

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