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To “talk back” is to ___.
a. ask a question
b. shout
c. answer rudely

She had to bring ___ the children by herself.

a. on
b. up
c. out

It was cheap.
a. peanuts
b. papaw
c. parallel

To not be able to speak or move because of fright or worry is the same as to ___ up.
a. keep
b. freeze
c. hang

You should listen to the other side of the argument before you decide.
a. flip
b. fox
c. five

If it’s “on the QT”, it’s ___.
a. quick
b. on credit
c. secret

Who might use salty language?

A. The one who walks on eggs.

B. The one who is crusty.

C. The one who simmers down.

D. The one who takes the cake.

To be “neck and neck” means to be ___.
a. angry with each other
b. like someone a lot
c. exactly even

If you are a “know-it-all”, you are ___.
a. over confident
b. shy
c. a little strange

Time goes ___ quickly, my dear.
a. by
b. for
c. in

I am so tired today because I ___ up early.
a. built
b. cheer
c. got

To be “on edge” is to be ___.
a. ignorant
b. nervous
c. knowlegable

That man runs ___ his monthly salary in less than a week.
a. at
b. through
c. in

My back is really painful, since I put it ___.

a. out
b. on
c. down

Oh no, not another pimple!
a. zillion
b. zoo
c. zit

Plead the ……….

A. fifth.

B. sixth.

C. fourth.

To start on a journey is to ___.

a. set in
b. set by
c. set off

I can’t believe he ___ up the bill and paid for our dinner.
a. set
b. put
c. picked

To think about something that has happened is to ___.

a. run over
b. go over
c. go with

Wow, that is a great car!
a. awesome
b. able
c. action

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