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Many … significantly damaged after a fire broke out.

  1. was
  2. were

Some … lychees before buying them.

  1. taste
  2. tastes

In the first day confusion, neither of the teachers could find (his/her, their) classroom.

A. His/her
B. Their

Each of the girls made (her, their) own dress.

A. Her
B. Their

Many of the seagulls were hungry so (it,they) searched for food.

A. It
B. They

Neither … been selected to be included in the publication.

  1. have
  2. has

When someone is hospitalized, (he/she, they) may go into debt for life.

A. He/she
B. They

One of the victims volunteered to tell (his/her, their) story.

A. His/her
B. Their

I will search and find you _________ you go. You cannot escape from me.

A. Nowhere
B. Somewhere
C. Anywhere

None of the material is suitable for (its,their) purpose

A. Its
B. Their

Why are you looking at me so angrily? I didn’t do ________wrong.

A. Anything
B. Nothing
C. Everything

The police found the murder weapon __________ near the hut.

A. Nowhere
B. Everywhere
C. Somewhere

Somebody left … socks in the washing machine.

  1. their
  2. his or her

Please tell the salesman at the door that we don’t want to buy ___________.

A. Nothing
B. Something
C. Anything

Bob, __________ is here to see you.

A. No one
B. Someone
C. Anyone
D. Anybody
E. Nobody

Few of the reporters have (his/her, their) credentials.

A. His/her
B. Their

He didn’t say _________useful. All nonsense.

A. Everything
B. Nothing
C. Anything

Is it true that someone in this classroom has had (his/her, their) speech read over the loudspeaker?

A. His/her
B. Their

If the phone call is for me, I’m not here. I’m not talking to __________ this weekend.

A. Nobody
B. Somebody
C. Anybody
D. Everybody

Everyone n this class is late handing in (his/her, their) work.

A. His/her
B. Their

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