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A. Became
B. Becomed
C. Become

Sodalin _______ tickets to Timbuktu, but Coronavirus kept her here in Cambodia.

A. buy

B. bought

C. buyed

D. buying

Shelley can’t go skiing any more. She has ______ her leg.

A. Broke
B. Broken
C. Breaken

Beat (Past tense)

A. Bet
B. Beaten
C. Beat


A. Rodden
B. Rode

Lose (Past tense)

A. Loose
B. Losen
C. Lost

Porhong has _______ every letter his girlfriend has ever written him.

A. keeped

B. kept

C. keepen

D. kepd

Pichlyza says she has ______ up her partying shoes and now it’s time to work.

A. hang

B. hung

C. hanged

D. hing

Check the correct form of the irregular verb.


A. Infinitive
B. Simple past

I don’t know what Bunnyta has _____ but her answers are always correct!

A. do

B. doed

C. done

D. doned


A. Build
B. Builded
C. Built


A. Falled
B. Fallen


A. Driven
B. Drived


A. Song
B. Sung

When Kinhuoy listened to Teacher Tom singing, her ears ______.

A. bleed

B. bleeded

C. bled

D. bleeding

Check the correct form of the irregular verb.


A. Infinitive
B. Simple past
C. Past participle

Virakyuth has worked hard all lockdown and he has finally _________ his best self.

A. became

B. become

C. becomed

D. becoming


A. Beed
B. Was / beed
C. Was / were

Sethvorleak has ________ across the country, but she still cannot escape T Tom’s emails.

A. drive

B. drove

C. driven

D. drived

Come (Past participle)

A. Come
B. Came
C. Comes

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