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Knives, forks and spoons ___ are called silverware. The largest manufacturer of silverware in the world is in Providence, Rhode Island. The plant started in the early 1800’s.

a. collectively
b. collection
c. collect

The ___ was a soloist and an orchestral member.
a. flautist
b. flaunt

What is the meaning of laceration?
      A.     The best way to learn a new thing
      B.     A deep, ragged tear
      C.     Getting caught cheating
      D.     Punishment

I told ___ not to go but he would not listen.
a. him
b. hymn

For a long time, corn ___ been an important crop in Ohio.
a. was
b. is
c. have
d. has
e. ever

New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia each _____ its students to miss school.
a. allow
b. allows
c. allowing

My boss never gives me any freedom. She’s always ___ my neck.
a. broke the news
b. brief
c. breathing down
d. back to the drawing board
e. bullish

The dog was ___ to the post outside the store.
a. tied
b. tide

The Spanish conquistador, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, was in the Kansas area ___ the Pilgrims came to America from England.
a. 80 years before
b. before 80 years
c. before the eightieth year

It is natural to want to ___ from a dangerous situation.
a. flee
b. free

Drinking alcohol can damage your ___.
a. river
b. liver

Utah ___ a border with Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.
a. be shared
b. sharing
c. shares

Did they ___ tennis last Saturday?
a. played
b. plays
c. play
d. playing

A person who acts is an act___.
a. er
b. or
c. ar

Select the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.

Her flushed appearance was noted by the nurse during the examination.
      A.     Pale
      B.     Excited
      C.     Ruddy
      D.     Indifferent

Manitoba has _____ open door marriage policy.
a. these
b. the
c. this

‘Ta’ is synonymous of ___.
a. take it easy
b. thank you
c. tra-la-la

The only royal palace ___ the United States is on the island of Oahu.
a. in
b. on
c. at

The famous red London buses are called “double deckers” because ___ have two floors.
a. they
b. it

That question is ___ important to be neglected.
a. so
b. too
c. very

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