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A person who makes clothes for a living is called a ___.
a. plumber
b. tailor
c. doctor

Vietnam’s main industries ___ rice growing, fishing and petroleum production.
a. is
b. are
c. were
d. was

She lives in Argentina. She speaks
a. Argentinian
b. Spanish
c. Portuguese

    Choose the word that has the opposite meaning to the underlined word.
    This restaurant is very popular.
A.     famous
B.     unknown
C.     dirty
D.     clean

During the autumn it is necessary to ___ the leaves from the lawn daily
a. lake
b. rake

The soccer player kicked the ball into the ___.
a. wicket
b. basket
c. net

There is a notable toy company in Providence, RI. Two brothers, Henry and Helal Hassenfeld, founded Hassenfeld Brothers in 1923. The name was too long, so they ___ it to Hasbro. A. shorted

a. shorted
b. shortening
c. shortened

São Paulo, the capital of the State of São Paulo, ___ in the southeast of Brazil and ___ an area of 1,493 square kilometers.
a. locates/occupies
b. is located/occupies
c. is located/occupied
d. is located/is occupied

A luau is a big beach dinner where the main ___ is a pig cooked on rocks in the ground.
a. courses
b. course

The ___ in the Olympic torch went out several times during the relay.
a. flame
b. frame

Coal mining is an ___ industry in West Virginia.
a. importance
b. importing
c. important

……. patient, please ! He will be here in a few seconds.

a. Do

b. Please !

c. Be

d. Not

e. Does

My father is the ___ to the company.
a. air
b. heir

The Beehive House was ___ in 1854 and was the official residence of Brigham Young.
a. building
b. built
c. builds

The director was dissatisfied with the stage set so he made the crew ___ it to the ground and rebuild.
a. raise
b. rays
c. raze

He is … tall that he could touch the ceiling with his hands.

A. Just

B. Far

C. So

D. Much

In the south, many people ___ gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup.
a. drink
b. drinks
c. eat
d. eats
e. likes

I am ___ to take chemistry this term.
a. hoping
b. hopping

Therefore, it is a good idea to ___ your traveller cheque numbers, passport number and your credit card numbers in a safe place.
a. keep
b. keeps
c. kept

When he dropped the mirror it developed a ___ but it did not break.
a. clack
b. crack

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