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There is still some remnants of a ___ system in India.
a. cast
b. caste

The little girl smiled happy at her family.

The words “smiled happy” should be changed to

(a) smiled happily.

(b) smiled happiness.

(c) happy smiled.

(d) no change

In the museum a lot of people were looking ___ the beautiful painting.
a. at
b. for
c. after

Which of the following is an example of purpose

A. to persuade

B. phatic

C. to raise awareness on a social issue and create change

D. to use a variety of standard and non-standard language features

The Rocky Mountains form most of the border ________ Alberta and B.C.
a. in
b. inside
c. between

What word is a synonym for spit?
      A.     Expectorate
      B.     Exfoliate
      C.     Sputum
      D.     Saliva

To the south ___ the state of Louisiana.
a. lies
b. lays
c. is lying
d. lied

Pennsylvania ___ as the Keystone State.
a. is known
b. is knowing
c. has known

Did you know that swimming during the day was illegal in New South Wales ___ 1833 until 1903?
a. from
b. for
c. at

The ___ around my house is turning green.
a. glass
b. grass

If you want to make a phone call to Salt Lake City, you need to ___ that the area code is (801).
a. remember
b. remembered
c. remembering
d. remembers

There was no room at the ___ so we went to a motel.
a. in
b. inn

Bruce is from Sydney. His nationality is ___.
a. British
b. Australian
c. Austrian

Avenida Paulista, about 2,8 km long, is an elegant avenue where the coffee barons ___ in magnificent mansions.
a. used to living
b. used to live
c. used living
d. are used to live

When he dropped the mirror it developed a ___ but it did not break.
a. clack
b. crack

Select the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.

The doctor’s verbal prescription was implemented immediately.
      A.     Narcotic
      B.     Oral
      C.     Written
      D.     Current

People who flock down to Arizona for the winter to ___ the cold winters are called snow birds.
a. enjoys
b. hate
c. escape
d. dislike
e. abstain

There is usually more ___ in big cities.
a. climb
b. crime

Many birds ___ by my house in the spring.
a. fry
b. fly

Instead of fighting, let’s just ___.
a. rap
b. wrap

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