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___ nearly half of the continent of South America, Brazil is the largest of the Latin American countries.
a. Covering
b. Covered
c. Cover

The hysterical patients’ arms and legs were strapped down so that they would not ___ during the examination.
a. flail
b. frail

The novel is ___ exciting that I can’t put it down.
a. so
b. so a
c. such
d. such a

The Utah Jazz is the ___ basketball team in Salt Lake City.
a. professional
b. professionals
c. profession

A delicious fruit is the French ___.
a. peer
b. pier
c. pear

Golfers ___ in the sunshine.
a. play
b. pray

Where does a headmaster work?
a. school
b. office
c. butchers

Her novels regularly ___ the depths of human despair.
a. plum
b. plumb

A legal voter is at _____18 years old.
a. least
b. loss
c. less

Which ___ is the meeting in?
a. room
b. loom

A person who robs is called a robb___.
a. er
b. or
c. ar

The sailor was a expert at tying every kind of ___.
a. knot
b. not

The capital city of Canada, Ottawa, ___ in Ontario.
a. was
b. are
c. to be
d. is

The forecast is for stormy ___.
a. weather
b. whether

___ the weekend, many Oregonians like to go fishing.
a. On
b. In
c. To
d. Of

The players went to the local bar to ___in their victory.
a. level
b. revel

I will see you ___, after I finish work.
a. later
b. rater

My life was rather dull ___ I decided to move to the city.
a. unless
b. until

A : How do you do? It’s nice to meet you.

B : ……………………

a. Me too

b. I should be nice

c. Do you?

d. Am I nice

e. How do you do? Nice to meet you too.

Even though the Arizona summers are very hot, people who ___ in Arizona stay very comfortable because of air-conditioning.
a. were lived
b. live
c. alive
d. living
e. live for

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