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February is the time of the year that many people get colds and ___.
a. flew
b. flue
c. flu

South Korea and North Korea ___ by a boundary line near the 38th Parallel.
a. are divided
b. is divided
c. divided

The hysterical patients’ arms and legs were strapped down so that they would not ___ during the examination.
a. flail
b. frail

Frost happens when it’s ___.
a. windy
b. cold
c. hot

America’s first gold rush ___ place in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828; Dahlonega means “precious yellow metal” in the Cherokee language.
a. has taken
b. takes
c. took

What _______ when I called ?

A. Was you doing
B. Was you do
C. Were you doing
D. You were doing

Who ___ better than you do.
a. knows
b. nose

The ___ is the largest mammal found in the ocean.
a. wail
b. whale

In most cases, the spouse and dependents get everything that is left, including _____ items after taxes are paid. If there is no family or relatives, the government gets it.
a. personal
b. personnel

Christmas vertep ___ the traditional folk puppet theatre.
a. is
b. are

A samurai’s most valued possession was his ___
a. soared
b. sword

The University of St Andrew ________ is the oldest university in Scotland.

A. Which was found in 1413
B. , which was found in 1413 ,
C. , that was found in 1413 ,

     Issac and Felix always talk and make faces during class.

The underlined words are a:
      A.     Compound verb
      B.     Compound subject

You can insult me but how dare you ___ my wife!
a. sleight
b. slight

My uncle is an amateur beer maker who enjoys sampling his own ___.
a. blew
b. brew

If you ever need help, you ___________________ me. I’m available for you at any time.

A. should have told

B. should tell

C. could have told

Avenida Paulista, the financial heart of the city, ___ as the symbol of São Paulo.
a. has chosen
b. chosen
c. chooses
d. was chosen

New Zealand has lots of beautiful� ___ , about 3 million people and about 70 million sheep in an area about the size of California.
a. looks
b. scenery
c. scenes

Anna is from Leningrad. Her nationality is ___.
a. France
b. French
c. Russian

I will ___ the fruit so that you can share.
a. halve
b. have

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