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If I ask a question about your past, … you answer it?

  1. would
  2. will

When you are putting gasoline in your gas tank, you ___ smoke! It is forbidden.

A. Must not
B. Must
C. Have to
D. Don’t have to

I’m a good swimmer. I…….swim a hundred lengths of the swimming pool.

A. Can
B. Must

___ you speak any foreign languages?
a. May
b. Can
c. Have

You … throw litter from your vehicle because it can pose a risk to the environment.

  1. mustn’t
  2. won’t

Which modal verb do we use when we are obliged or required to do something?

A. Can
B. Should
C. Could
D. Must

The whole kitchen was still dirty; she … forgotten to clean it.

A. should have
B. would have
C. might have
D. must be
E. could be

He can come (en forma negativa es)

A. He can come
B. Can he come?
C. He can´t come
D. He come cannot

She … do more than two tasks at one time yesterday.

  1. could
  2. can

Which modal verb do we use to express something is possible?

A. Need
B. May
C. Must
D. Should

You look tired. You ___ go to bed.

A. Should
B. Ought
C. Are to

‘Ted, are you going to Tia’s birthday party tomorrow evening?’ ‘I don’t think so, I … the dentist.”

A. am having to see
B. have seen
C. have to see
D. had to see
E. would have to see

__ we stay or leave?

A. Will
B. Would
C. Shall

In some states, it is illegal to talk on a cell phone in your car. Those drivers ___ use phones in their cars.

A. Don’t have to
B. Should
C. Must not
D. Must

Take an umbrella. It ___ rain later.

A. Has to
B. Need
C. Might

… you please check my paper for grammar errors?

  1. can
  2. may

‘Why don’t you ask your sister to come along with us to the movie?’ ‘I did, but she … stay at home.’

A. used to
B. might
C. can
D. could
E. would rather

Sorry I’m late. I ……..go to the doctor’s this morning.

A. Must
B. Had to

You look tired. You….. go to bed earlier.

A. Should
B. Must

Adi is usually punctual, but we have been waiting for him for an hour now; he … in the traffic jams.

A. had better not be trapped
B. should be trapped
C. must be trapped
D. may have been trapped
E. used to be trapped

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