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Robbie is a bit upset. Perhaps you …….. speak to him.

A. Must
B. Ought to

I heard Mario speak English, French, Dutch and even Japanese to tourists, he … the best tourist guide in town.

A. should
B. must be
C. had better be
D. ought to be
E. would rather be

Take an umbrella. It ___ rain later.

A. Has to
B. Need
C. Might

Jane was so tired. She ___ have worked days and nights.

A. Should
B. Must
C. Need

Which modal verb do we use to express a moral obligation?

A. Need
B. May
C. Might
D. Should

You look tired. You ………………………….. have some sleep.

A. Should
B. May
C. Might

It’s not a good idea to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time. Drivers ___ do that.

A. Should
B. Shouldn’t
C. Have to
D. Must

‘Rita has just missed the pane to Medan.’ ‘She … at the airport at least two hours before departure.’

A. was
B. should be
C. should have been
D. has to be
E. must have been

Have you seen Anna? I…….speak to her.

A. Need to
B. Should

‘Adi has a very had cold.’ ‘I know, he … out until late last night.’

A. couldn’t have gone
B. had better not
C. shouldn’t have gone
D. could not go
E. would have gone out

__ we stay or leave?

A. Will
B. Would
C. Shall

___ we stay or leave?
a. Will
b. Would
c. Shall

Liz ___ get tired of her job. It is so boring.

A. Has to
B. Must
C. Should

___ it be true?
a. Must
b. May
c. Can

Jane was so tired. She ___ have worked days and nights.
a. should
b. must
c. need

If you plan to take a long trip in the car, you ___ get a full tank of gas or you might run out of gas!

A. Should
B. Don’t have to
C. Must not
D. Don’t have to

You look tired. You ___ go to bed.

A. Should
B. Ought
C. Are to

Which modal verb do we use to describe a past ability to do something?

A. Can
B. Should
C. Could
D. Must

You ___ do it. I’ve already done it.

A. Must not
B. Need not
C. Ought not

You ……………………behave well in front of guests. Stop being silly

A. Should
B. Shouldn’t
C. Can

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