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The teacher asked me …

  1. who Niels Bohr was
  2. who was Niels Bohr

I predict …

  1. that will she be able to make decisions in an emergency situation
  2. that she will be able to make decisions in an emergency situation

Mrs Uci and Mrs Nana forgot ………….

A. Where did Mrs Luvina come from?
B. From where did Mrs Luvina come from.
C. Where Mrs Luvina came from.
D. From which he came.
E. From where was he coming.

Sarjana hoped …….. this year.

A. Would he get married
B. Why he get married
C. Where did he get married
D. That he would get married
E. That would he get married

The secretary of Mr Hasnul asks me …….. with her boss.

A. Why is my appointment
B. What is my appointment
C. Whether I have an appointment
D. When is my appoinment
E. Why is my appointment

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