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The secretary of Mr Hasnul asks me …….. with her boss.

A. Why is my appointment
B. What is my appointment
C. Whether I have an appointment
D. When is my appoinment
E. Why is my appointment

… is awesome.

  1. That the girl can speak English fluently
  2. That can the girl speak English fluently

Mrs Luz : What did the speaker say in that seminar? Mr Ismail : …….. while watching TV.

A. That we should accompanyour children
B. We should accompany our children
C. Accompany our children
D. Accompanying our children
E. That accompanying our children

The teacher explains … the earth evolved.

A. what

B. why

C. where

D. when

The doctors in Indonesia agree …….. Dengue Fever is dangerous.

A. Whether
B. How
C. When
D. That
E. What

……. ingests the heart-shaped herb receives the superhuman power of vibranium.

A. That

B. Whoever

C. Whatever

D. However

… the Ministry of Education demands the teachers to use the online platforms to teach the students during the covid-19 pandemic.

A. That

B. That is

C. It

D. It is

No one from the outside world knew ….. Wakanda was so technologically advanced.

A. where

B. that

C. what

D. that is

Mrs Uci and Mrs Nana forgot ………….

A. Where did Mrs Luvina come from?
B. From where did Mrs Luvina come from.
C. Where Mrs Luvina came from.
D. From which he came.
E. From where was he coming.

Iman : What do the American journalists ask to our president? Ihsan : …….. Indonesia can overcome its domestic problem.

A. What
B. Which
C. Whether
D. Where
E. Who

Has the committee told you ……..

A. When will the Indonesian Idol take place?
B. Whether Indonesian Idol take place?
C. Why does Indonesian Idol take place?
D. When Indonesian Idol will take place?
E. Where does Indonesian Idol take place?

…….. a good singer is known by all of us.

A. If Titi DJ is
B. That Titi DJ is
C. Is that Titi DJ
D. Why is Titi DJ
E. Titi DJ is

Some people sometimes ask me ……..

A. Where did Ihsan Idol come from.
B. Where does Ikhsan Idol come from.
C. Where Ikhsan Idol comes from.
D. Where Ikhsan Idol comes from.
E. When Ikhsan Idol comes from.

..… we have now in our curriculum is a syllabus and policy that are so rigid. 

A. where

B. which

C. that

D. what

I am looking for my book. I don’t know …….. it.

A. Why I putting
B. Where I have put
C. Who I have put
D. Whose I put
E. When did I put

Kilmonger demanded to know ….. T’Challa refused to protect threatened people of African descent.

A. that

B. what

C. why

D. that is

Some schools report … students are being given reading assignments and homework.

A. it

B. it is

C. that is

D. that

…….. is not known by us.

A. My mother likes cooking or not
B. Why does my mother like cooking
C. Of my mother like cooking
D. Does my mother like cooking
E. Whether my mother likes cooking

.… the work from home system can be applied during the COVID-19 outbreaks is helping to reduce the spread of the virus.

A. what that

B. that

C. which

D. which is

The reality is …

  1. that does everybody need somebody sometimes
  2. that everybody needs somebody sometimes

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