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The secretary of Mr Hasnul asks me …….. with her boss.

A. Why is my appointment
B. What is my appointment
C. Whether I have an appointment
D. When is my appoinment
E. Why is my appointment

I don’t know …

  1. how much does he make a month
  2. how much he makes a month

She wanted to know …

  1. if I had applied for the scholarship
  2. if had I applied for the scholarship

I predict …

  1. that will she be able to make decisions in an emergency situation
  2. that she will be able to make decisions in an emergency situation

Astri talks about her early life experiences with …

  1. whoever will listen
  2. will whoever listen

Mr Zulfiar : What did Mr Mahdi say to you? Mrs Sofniza : …….. he would come at 7 PM.

A. Why
B. Who
C. When
D. That
E. Where

The hardest time I experienced in my life …….. my mother suddenly passed away being burned alive in 2001.

A. That was
B. Was why
C. Was when
D. That was when
E. When was

I am looking for my book. I don’t know …….. it.

A. Why I putting
B. Where I have put
C. Who I have put
D. Whose I put
E. When did I put

Mrs Luz : What did the speaker say in that seminar? Mr Ismail : …….. while watching TV.

A. That we should accompanyour children
B. We should accompany our children
C. Accompany our children
D. Accompanying our children
E. That accompanying our children

The worker is afraid …

  1. that will he get fired
  2. that he will get fired

The doctors in Indonesia agree …….. Dengue Fever is dangerous.

A. Whether
B. How
C. When
D. That
E. What

It is already known …….. Indonesia has been suffering from the economic crisis since 1997.

A. What
B. That
C. In case
D. Whether
E. In fact

The reality is …

  1. that does everybody need somebody sometimes
  2. that everybody needs somebody sometimes

We wonder …

  1. if does he work at Philadelphia General Hospital
  2. if he works at Philadelphia General Hospital

Some people sometimes ask me ……..

A. Where did Ihsan Idol come from.
B. Where does Ikhsan Idol come from.
C. Where Ikhsan Idol comes from.
D. Where Ikhsan Idol comes from.
E. When Ikhsan Idol comes from.

…….. is not known by us.

A. My mother likes cooking or not
B. Why does my mother like cooking
C. Of my mother like cooking
D. Does my mother like cooking
E. Whether my mother likes cooking

… is unacceptable.

  1. What do they always do in the classroom or lab
  2. What they always do in the classroom or lab

…….. is gathering with my family.

A. I need
B. Why I need
C. What I need
D. Whether I need
E. I will need

Mrs Uci and Mrs Nana forgot ………….

A. Where did Mrs Luvina come from?
B. From where did Mrs Luvina come from.
C. Where Mrs Luvina came from.
D. From which he came.
E. From where was he coming.

Sarjana hoped …….. this year.

A. Would he get married
B. Why he get married
C. Where did he get married
D. That he would get married
E. That would he get married

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