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When we came home last night we saw a man ____ to get on our roof.

A. Try
B. Trying
C. Tried
D. Tries

Betta saw the boat …….

A. Sunk
B. Sinking
C. Sank
D. Sinken

The people ____ during the war were mostly young soldiers.

A. Killing
B. Kill
C. Were killed
D. Killed

_____ her mistakes, the stewardess immediately apologized to the passenger.

A. In realizing
B. She realized
C. Realizing
D. Realized

…………… by mountains, the city has a cool climate.

A. Surrounded
B. It was surrounded
C. Surrounding
D. Having surrounded

The young man ____ by this Institute are all good university graduates.

A. Employed
B. To employee
C. Employing
D. Employ

     Talking excitedly to each other, they forgot to finish the exercises.
The underlined word means ____ , they forgot to finish the exercises.
      A.     Although they talked excitedly 
      B.     Because they were talking excitedly
      C.     If they talked excitedly
      D.     When they had talked excitedly

A few days after the interview, Ditha received a letter ____ me a job

A. Has offered
B. Being offered
C. Offered
D. Offering

Fakhriana found the question…….

A. That confuses
B. Had confused
C. Confused
D. Confusing

………….. with the consequence of her attitude, Ambarwati signed her resign letter.

A. Embarassing
B. Embarassed
C. Embarass
D. Who embarasses

Nias, ……… covering an area o 5.121,3 km2, is the largest of the island of Sumatera.

A. Is that an island
B. Is an island
C. An island
D. That is an island

I thought the show was …

A. Boring
B. Bored
C. Boredom
D. Bore

 The first school day is a frightening experience for many children. The underlined phrase means ; an experience ____ many children.
      A.     That frightens
      B.     Who frighten
      C.     Frightened
      D.     Which will frighten

The accident ____ a bus and two cars took the lives of four people and injured numerous others.

A. involving
B. To involve
C. To be involved
D. Involved

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