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The concert tonight _____________ (cancel) because the guitarist is sick.

A. The concert tonight is canceled because the guitarist is sick.
B. The concert tonight was canceled because the guitarist is sick.
C. The concert tonight has been canceled because the guitarist is sick.

Potatoes, black beans and chesnuts … raw.

  1. were rarely consumed
  2. are rarely consumed

Now farmers make the conclusion that their plants …….. to grow better by the use of fertilizers.

A. Was helped
B. Had been helping
C. Have helped
D. Are helped
E. Is helped

That hotel is suffering from a great loss because only some of its rooms ……..

A. Are occupied
B. Was occupied
C. Has been occupying
D. Is occupied
E. Were occupying

Phinta : …….. about the earthquake in Padang, West Sumatera? Ika : Not yet.

A. Have you informed
B. Has you informed
C. Have you be informed
D. Have you been informed
E. Have you being informed

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