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This car … by Johnson in the race

A. will drive
B. Will be driven
C. Is driven
D. Has driven

Phinta : …….. about the earthquake in Padang, West Sumatera? Ika : Not yet.

A. Have you informed
B. Has you informed
C. Have you be informed
D. Have you been informed
E. Have you being informed

The theory of relativity ____ by Einstein, who was a famous physicist.

A. was developed

B. developed

C. is developed

D. develops

This shirt ………. from New York.

A. buys

B. bought

C. was bought

D. were bought

The black bike ______________ by Tom at the moment

A. has been repaired

B. will be repaired

C. is repaired

D. is being repaired

The house ______________________ yesterday.

A. was cleaned

B. was cleaninng

C. is cleaning

D. is cleaned

I ……… to the party.

A. Were invite
B. Didn’t invited
C. Wasn’t invite
D. Haven’t been invited

Somebody prefers chocolate.

Passive voice:

A. Chocolate are preferen

B. Chocolate is preferred

C. Chocolate is prefer

Police ___________________ two men following a robbery in Mong Kok this afternoon.

A. are questioning

B. are being questioned

The ball ______ (chase) by every one in the team but my son. It was so funny!

A. was been chased

B. was being chased

C. was been chase

The 2016 Olympic Games ……….…… (hold) in Brazil.

A. are held

B. have been held

C. had held

D. were held

All of our employees ______ English.

A. are spoken

B. speak

The boy plays soccer.

A. Active voice

B. Passive voice

Jack said the letter ___ the next day.

A. would be sent

B. is being sent

C. will be sent

My brother suggested ……….cards while waiting for our mother

A. playing

B. to play

Corona virus __________ the first in Wuhan China at 2019.

A. Is found

B. are found

C. found

D. was found

This museum ……….. in 1989.

A. was opened

B. is opened

C. are opened

Now farmers make the conclusion that their plants …….. to grow better by the use of fertilizers.

A. Was helped
B. Had been helping
C. Have helped
D. Are helped
E. Is helped

English ………….. (speak) all over the world.

A. was spoken

B. is spoken

C. had spoken

D. is being spoken

Bingo is played in Britain

A. Active Voice

B. Passive Voice

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