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When ________________________________ ( paint- the Mona Lisa ) ?

A. When is the Mona Lisa painted?
B. When was the Mona Lisa painted?
C. When has the Mona Lisa been painted?

The employees brought up this issue during the meeting.

This issue ________________ by the employees during the meeting.

A. has been brought up

B. is brought up

C. was brought up

A negative anonymous letter … on my car this morning.

  1. was left
  2. is left

Jill ___ if I don’t come to her birthday party.

A. will be offended

B. are being offended

C. were offended

It would have been fixed on the weekend.

A. Active
B. Passive

We need extra pillows.

Change this sentence into passive voice!

A. Extra pillows are needed by us.

B. Extra pillows are need by us.

C. Extra pillows is needed by us.

People ______________ (grow) much rice in Mekong Delta.

A. grows

B. grow

C. growing

Jin said the room ___.

A. had already been cleaned

B. will have already been cleaned

C. will be cleaned

Does Mr. Brown suggest that Peter …………to school on his own

A. goes

B. go

Every day more than million items ___________________ (search) by people in

A. Every day more than million items are searched by people in
B. Every day more than million items were searched by people in
C. Every day more than million items have been searched by people in

The car has been repaired.

A. Active Voice

B. Passive Voice

The teacher gave us two very difficult exercises.

A. We were given two very difficult exercises.

B. Two very difficult exercises were given to the teacher.

C. Two very difficult exercises were given to us.

D. Both (A) and (C) are correct.

That girl will write an application. 

A. An application will be wrote by that girl.

B. An application would be written by that girl.

C. An application will be written by that girl.

D. An application is written by that girl.

The girls eat the cakes.

The cakes _______ by the girls.

A. are eaten

B. are ate

C. are being eaten

D. are eating

There’s no need to leave a tip. Service … in tje total charge.

A. include

B. included

C. is included

D. was included

The garbage is picked up early in the morning.

A. Active
B. Passive

Active : This surprises me.

Passive : I…………………by this.

A. was surprised

B. am surprised

C. would have been surprised

D. will be surprised

The boy plays soccer.

A. Active voice

B. Passive voice

The game ____________ by the other team.

A. was won

B. won

C. is going to won

D. will win

A turtle has a strong shell. It … to protect its body.

A. are needed

B. needs

C. is needed

D. need

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