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My father, together with mother, … in the garden all day yesterday.

  1. was working
  2. were working

I … for my History test when Hugh … home.

A. Was studying – come
B. Were studying – came
C. Was studying – came
D. Studied – was coming

My sister and I … walking on the beach at 5 pm last week.

  1. was
  2. were

The moment I got off the train

A. It was starting snow
B. It started to snow

The football players were playing while

A. The crowd was cheering
B. The policeman arrived

He … taking a bath when you knocked on the door.

  1. is
  2. was


A. Wern’t home
B. Weren’t working when the fire broke out

Were the students … the video during class?

  1. watching
  2. watch

Where … you meeting your client at 10 o’clock yesterday?

  1. were
  2. was

When I came home

A. The baby was cried
B. The baby was crying

At 7 this morning he … breakfast with his kids.

  1. was eating
  2. is eating

We … trying to help the Geography teacher.

A. Were
B. Was
C. Been
D. Is

The fire alarm rang … the boarding school students were sleeping.

  1. while
  2. when

Robert and Tara … when Peter … .

A. Were preparing dinner – was arriving
B. Were preparing dinner – arrived
C. Prepared dinner – was arriving
D. Prepared dinner – arrive

Was she … kind to her friends?

  1. be
  2. being

What was this woman doing at 9 o’clock last night?
      A.     She was reading a book.
      B.     She were reading a book.
      C.     She was having a shower.
      D.     She were having a shower.

Luis was playing on the computer when

A. He was hearing a noise
B. He heard the explosion

She was walking down the street when she…

A. Tripped
B. She was tripping

Who … the car when it …?

  1. was driving, crashed
  2. drove, was crashing

I … the fence while dad … in the garden.

A. Fixed – digged
B. Fixing – digging
C. Was fixing – dug
D. Was fixing – was digging

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