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You _____ _______ on the door but I was not at home.

A. were knocking

B. was knocking

C. knock ing

As I ___________ a shower, my parents came home.

A. was taking

B. had been taking

C. took

D. had taken

Choose the correct sentence.

A. Was my daughter playing the piano last night?
B. My daughter was playing the piano last night?
C. Playing was my daughter the piano last night?
D. Last night was my daughter playing the piano?

The people on the plane ____ ____ when it almost crashed.

A. was sleep

B. was sleeping

C. were sleep

D. were sleeping

Nam … …………….. a game in Roblox when his mom asked him to eat.

A. was play

B. were play

C. was playing

D. were playing

He … taking a bath when you knocked on the door.

  1. is
  2. was

I … Hepling them 3 hours ago

A. Were

B. Is

C. Was

D. Were

cooking / She / pasta / was /.

A. Was She cooking pasta.

B. She was cooking pasta.

C. She cooking was pasta.

D. She wasn’t cooking pasta.

When you called, I __________ the newspaper.

A. had been reading

B. was reading

C. had read

D. read

The football players were playing while

A. The crowd was cheering
B. The policeman arrived

Robert and Tara … when Peter … .

A. Were preparing dinner – was arriving
B. Were preparing dinner – arrived
C. Prepared dinner – was arriving
D. Prepared dinner – arrive

When my cousins came, I _______ still ____________ my teeth.

A. was, brushing

B. were, brushing

C. had, brushed

D. had, brushing

I ____ my work at six o’clock yesterday.

A. finish

B. finished

C. finishes

D. was finishing

While I ……… bath,the phone ………

A. were having/rang

B. had/was ringing

C. had/rang

D. was having/was ringing

_____ you _____ football at 2 PM ?

A. Were, playing

B. Was, playing

C. Are, playing

D. Do, playing

Everyone was ____ not to look shocked when the bride fell down.

A. trying

B. try

C. tried

D. tries

She ____ to music when I called.

A. were listening

B. was listen

C. was listening

D. wasn’t listening

Why ________ he _________________ the same sentence?

A. was, repeating

B. were, repeating

C. was, repeat

D. were, repeat

My mother ________________ when the program started.

A. was cooking

B. were cooking

C. was cook

D. did cook

The old lady was watching TV while the cat

A. Slept on her lap
B. Was sleeping on her lap

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