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Someone tried to steal her phone while she … for a railway ticket.

  1. queued
  2. was queuing

Where … you meeting your client at 10 o’clock yesterday?

  1. were
  2. was

Who … the car when it …?

  1. was driving, crashed
  2. drove, was crashing

My sister and I … walking on the beach at 5 pm last week.

  1. was
  2. were

Choose the correct sentence.

A. Was my daughter playing the piano last night?
B. My daughter was playing the piano last night?
C. Playing was my daughter the piano last night?
D. Last night was my daughter playing the piano?


A. Mary doing her homework when I phoned?
B. John and Philip watching TV?

When I came home

A. The baby was cried
B. The baby was crying

We … trying to help the Geography teacher.

A. Were
B. Was
C. Been
D. Is

At 7 this morning he … breakfast with his kids.

  1. was eating
  2. is eating

The old lady was watching TV while the cat

A. Slept on her lap
B. Was sleeping on her lap

I … for my History test when Hugh … home.

A. Was studying – come
B. Were studying – came
C. Was studying – came
D. Studied – was coming

I … the fence while dad … in the garden.

A. Fixed – digged
B. Fixing – digging
C. Was fixing – dug
D. Was fixing – was digging

The moment I got off the train

A. It was starting snow
B. It started to snow

She was walking down the street when she…

A. Tripped
B. She was tripping

My sister was … in the sea while I was calling her.

A. Swimming
B. Swim
C. Swims
D. Swam

Was she … kind to her friends?

  1. be
  2. being

My father, together with mother, … in the garden all day yesterday.

  1. was working
  2. were working

The football players were playing while

A. The crowd was cheering
B. The policeman arrived


A. Weren’t very young when they married
B. Wasn’t old enough to drive

Were the students … the video during class?

  1. watching
  2. watch

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