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The boy ___ playing while his mother ___ cooking.

A. was, were

B. were, were

C. was, was

D. were, was

______ was reading a book but Sammy wanted to play with.

A. You

B. She

C. Jane and I

D. Alli and Andrew

At 7 this morning he … breakfast with his kids.

  1. was eating
  2. is eating

I … Hepling them 3 hours ago

A. Were

B. Is

C. Was

D. Were

Maitha said she ____ sleeping, she was awake.

A. wasn’t

B. was

C. were

D. weren’t

When I came home

A. The baby was cried
B. The baby was crying

Jay-Jay and Peppa ________ TV all day long.

A. were watching

B. were watch

C. was watching

You were … My launch last lesson

A. Ate

B. Eated

C. Eaten

D. Eating

My sister was … in the sea while I was calling her.

A. Swimming
B. Swim
C. Swims
D. Swam

cooking / She / pasta / was /.

A. Was She cooking pasta.

B. She was cooking pasta.

C. She cooking was pasta.

D. She wasn’t cooking pasta.

Mike: Hi Clara, what were you doing last night ?
Clara: I ______ music

A. was listening

B. listened

C. am listening

D. am listen

When I saw you in the shop last night, you …………… your new hat.

A. don’t wear

B. weren’t wearing

C. haven’t been wearing

D. haven’t worn

What _________ Add and Helen __________ when you broke the glass?

A. are / doing

B. was / doing

C. were / doing

D. did / did

You _____ _______ on the door but I was not at home.

A. were knocking

B. was knocking

C. knock ing

The baby was _____ while the mother was _____ a video.

A. laugh, record

B. laughing, recording

C. laughed, recorded

D. laughing, recorded

Everyone was ____ not to look shocked when the bride fell down.

A. trying

B. try

C. tried

D. tries

He __________ while she was sitting.

A. were standing

B. was standing

C. was stand

D. standing

My best friend _____ me yesterday.

A. not calling

B. was not calling

C. were not calling

D. didn’t calling

They were … a football last weekend

A. Player

B. Playing

C. Played

D. Playlist

The boys __________ in the badminton court yesterday afternoon.

A. is playing

B. was playing

C. were playing

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