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A. Thought
B. Thot
C. Thoughten

Those suspected in the string of robberies were arrested by the police.

A. True
B. False

The money was offered by the client was not accepted.

A. True
B. False

A. eaten
B. aten
C. eten


A. Drank
B. Dranked
C. Drunk


A. Forgotten
B. Forgot
C. Forgoted


A. Was
B. Being
C. Been

What is the past participle form of write?

A. writen

B. written

C. wrote

D. wroten


A. Goed
B. Went
C. Gone

It’s ___ how popular American music is around the world.
a. surprised
b. surprising

That three hour lecture yesterday was really ___ !
a. tired
b. tiring


A. Came
B. Comen
C. Come


A. Write
B. Writed
C. Written
D. Writing

The price of tomatoes in the country has … by 50%.

  1. rised
  2. risen
  3. rose


A. Visited
B. Visit
C. Visits
D. Visiting

The pizza is served in this restaurant is the tastiest in the county.

A. True
B. False

I think flying in an airplane is a ___ experience.
a. terrifying
b. terrified
c. terrify


A. Maked

B. Makes

C. Making

D. Made

He had … smoking before his stroke.

  1. quit
  2. quited
  3. quitted


A. Took
B. Tooken
C. Taken

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