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Anyone … the latest version of the phone software for free before August 2013.

  1. had been able to update
  2. had be able to update

Budi had lived in Bali.

A. Had Budi Live in Bali?
B. Had Budi lived in Bali?
C. Is Budi living in Bali?

I _______ any money on the weekend because I _______ my wallet on Friday.

A. Didn’t have, had lost
B. Hadn’t had, lost
C. Didn’t lose, hadn’t had
D. Hadn’t lost, didn’t have

When he arrived at the station, the train …

  1. had left
  2. had leaved

How many times … the clothes before the fault occured?

  1. you had worn
  2. had you worn

The student … her disposable lunch box in the garbage can by the time the bell rang.

A. had been dropped
B. had dropped

Never … such delicious pies before visiting the bakery.

A. Had I tested
B. I had tasted

… before the participants came?

  1. Had the room been brighter
  2. Had the room brighter

When Airi _______ at school, she realized she _______ her textbook.

A. Had arrived, forgot
B. Arrived, had forgotten
C. Forgot, had arrived
D. Had forgotten, arrived

The mechanic _______________________ me a discount when I told him that I am unemployed.

A. Gave
B. Had given
C. Is giving
D. Is going to give

I did not have any money because I _________ my wallet. (lose)

A. Have lost
B. Had lost
C. Had losed
D. Had been lost

The mechanic had been repairing my car.

A. The mechanic had repaired my car.
B. The mechanic had repair my car.
C. The mechanic has been repairing my car.

How many times … the clothes before the fault occured?

A. had you worn
B. you had worn

It was a very difficult movie, but I _______ it because I _______ the book.

A. Had understood, read
B. Read, had understood
C. Had read, understood
D. Understood, had read

When I _______ the new teacher, I was so surprised. I _______ his class before!

A. Met, had taken
B. Had met, took
C. Had taken, met
D. Took, had met

Reza … about her before they met.

A. had already heard
B. had already been heard

… before the participants came?

A. Had the room been brighter
B. Had the room brighter

Never … such delicious pies before visiting the bakery.

  1. I had tasted
  2. had I tasted

She ______________________ for two days. She was very hungry!

A. Ate
B. Had not eaten
C. Is not eating
D. Will not eaten

My father had eaten before I worked.

A. Hadn’t my father eaten before I worked?
B. Hadn’t my father ate before I worked?
C. Had my father not eat before I worked?

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