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When Yuka _______ washing the dishes, she _______ the TV on.

A. Finished, had turned
B. Turned, had finished
C. Had finished, turned
D. Had turned, finished

When he arrived at the station, the train …

  1. had left
  2. had leaved

… before the participants came?

  1. Had the room been brighter
  2. Had the room brighter

I went to bed after I ___________ off the television.

A. switched

B. has switched

C. had switched

When I arrived at the cinema, the film _________.

A. started

B. has started

C. had start

D. had started

We ___________________ the car for five years when we sold it.

A. had have

B. had

C. have had

D. had had

I _____ (never see) such majestic mountain before I went to Malaysia.

A. never seen

B. had never seen

C. had never saw

D. never saw

Dad explained ________ his job due to stress.

A. why he quitted

B. that he had quit

C. that he’d quite

D. why he quote

Fraser _______ sushi before he _______ to Japan.

A. Never ate, had come
B. Came, had never eaten
C. Had come, never ate
D. Had never eaten, came

We ________ (phone) mom, but she wasn’t home. She ________ (go) out.

A. phoned / had gone

B. phone / goes

C. phoned / had went

D. phone / had go

She _______________ TV for hours, and she was tired of it.

A. Watched
B. Had watched
C. Have watched
D. Had watch

My father had eaten before I worked.

A. Hadn’t my father eaten before I worked?
B. Hadn’t my father ate before I worked?
C. Had my father not eat before I worked?

How many times … the clothes before the fault occured?

A. had you worn
B. you had worn

I was sure that I ___________ the place before

A. had saw

B. seen

C. have seen

D. had seen

Reza … about her before they met.

  1. had already heard
  2. had already been heard

What is the correct past perfect form of “I do the laundry”?

A. I have done the laundry.

B. I did the laundry.

C. I had did the laundry.

D. I had done the laundry.

How many times … the clothes before the fault occured?

  1. you had worn
  2. had you worn

She _________________ cleaning the kitchen was her first guest arrived.

A. Just finished
B. Had just finished
C. Had been finishing
D. Had finish

After the game the fans celebrate.

Their team _____ the Super Bowl.

A. had won

B. has won

C. won

D. was winning

When I _______ the new teacher, I was so surprised. I _______ his class before!

A. Met, had taken
B. Had met, took
C. Had taken, met
D. Took, had met

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