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What are the suitable answers for the question below: Why didn`t you give her the present?

A. Because she broke up with me when I bought it
B. Because she went to my house.
C. Because she had broken up with me before I talked to her

Reza … about her before they met.

  1. had already heard
  2. had already been heard

When we ________ (get) to the theater, the movie __________ (begin).

A. get / begins

B. got / begin

C. got / had begun

D. got / begin

After I ____________________ my homework I watched the TV.

A. had done

B. had did

C. have done

D. done

I _____never ______such a beautiful beach before I went to Kauai. (see)

A. Had… seen
B. Have… seen
C. Had…saw
D. Has… been seeing

Prior to the meeting, the room …

A. had been cleaned and prepared
B. had cleaned and prepared

My father had eaten before I worked.

A. Hadn’t my father eaten before I worked?
B. Hadn’t my father ate before I worked?
C. Had my father not eat before I worked?

By the time the teacher ___________, the students _________ the classroom. (arrive, already leave)

A. had arrived / had already left.

B. arrived / had already left.

C. had arrived / already left.

It was a very difficult movie, but I _______ it because I _______ the book.

A. Had understood, read

B. Read, had understood

C. Had read, understood

D. Understood, had read

She _______________ TV for hours, and she was tired of it.

A. Watched
B. Had watched
C. Have watched
D. Had watch

When I came round in the hospital I realised I ____________________ the car.

A. have crashed

B. has crashed

C. crashed

D. had crashed

She only understood the movie because she _______ the book. (read)

A. Have read
B. Had been read
C. Had read
D. Has read

What is the correct past perfect form of “She makes some delicious cookies”?

A. She had make some delicious cookies.

B. She has made some delicious cookies.

C. She had made some delicious cookies.

D. She made some delicious cookies.

It`s correct to say that: The flowers had died because nobody watered them.

A. True
B. False

He _____ us the item had been shipped.

A. told

B. say

C. talk

D. asking

We ___________________ the car for five years when we sold it.

A. had have

B. had

C. have had

D. had had

Nobody explained why the project had ________ on time.

A. complete

B. not completed

C. n’t complete

D. n’t been completed

The police couldn’t arrest Andy, because they _______ any evidence against him.

A. didn’t find

B. hadn’t found

I _______ any money on the weekend because I _______ my wallet on Friday.

A. Didn’t have, had lost

B. Hadn’t had, lost

C. Didn’t lose, hadn’t had

D. Hadn’t lost, didn’t have

The student … her disposable lunch box in the garbage can by the time the bell rang.

  1. had been dropped
  2. had dropped

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