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When we went to Osaka, my friend _______ a lot about the city because she _______ there many times.

A. Was, had known
B. Had known, was
C. Knew, had been
D. Had been, knew

When Airi _______ at school, she realized she _______ her textbook.

A. Had arrived, forgot
B. Arrived, had forgotten
C. Forgot, had arrived
D. Had forgotten, arrived

Anyone … the latest version of the phone software for free before August 2013.

  1. had been able to update
  2. had be able to update

What are the suitable answers for the question below: Why didn`t you give her the present?

A. Because she broke up with me when I bought it
B. Because she went to my house.
C. Because she had broken up with me before I talked to her

Reza … about her before they met.

A. had already heard
B. had already been heard

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