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Never … such delicious pies before visiting the bakery.

A. Had I tested
B. I had tasted

She _________________ cleaning the kitchen was her first guest arrived.

A. Just finished
B. Had just finished
C. Had been finishing
D. Had finish

If you … your money in a bank, it wouldn’t have gone.

A. had put
B. had been put

After Shen ________________ to England, he _______________ his communication in English.

A. Traveled / had improved
B. Traveled / improved
C. Had traveled / had improved
D. Had traveled / improved

He told that he … all the files in the directory.

A. had been removed
B. had removed

Budi had lived in Bali.

A. Had Budi Live in Bali?
B. Had Budi lived in Bali?
C. Is Budi living in Bali?

At the meeting, the team__________________ their strategy. There were many good ideas.

A. Planned
B. Had planned
C. Have planned
D. Were planning

Fraser _______ sushi before he _______ to Japan.

A. Never ate, had come
B. Came, had never eaten
C. Had come, never ate
D. Had never eaten, came

When we went to Osaka, my friend _______ a lot about the city because she _______ there many times.

A. Was, had known
B. Had known, was
C. Knew, had been
D. Had been, knew

I was sleeping when somebody knocked the door.

A. I was slept when somebody knocked the door.
B. I had slept when somebody knocked the door.
C. I have slept when somebody knocked the door.

Joe ______ English before he moved to New York. (study)

A. Has studied
B. Have studied
C. Had been studied
D. Had studied

How many times … the clothes before the fault occured?

  1. you had worn
  2. had you worn

The student … her disposable lunch box in the garbage can by the time the bell rang.

  1. had been dropped
  2. had dropped

I _____never ______such a beautiful beach before I went to Kauai. (see)

A. Had… seen
B. Have… seen
C. Had…saw
D. Has… been seeing

She _______________ TV for hours, and she was tired of it.

A. Watched
B. Had watched
C. Have watched
D. Had watch

Anyone … the latest version of the phone software for free before August 2013.

A. had been able to update
B. had be able to update

When he arrived at the station, the train …

A. had left
B. had leaved

It is correct to say: “By the time Brazil created Real as a currency, The US had already created Dollar”

A. True
B. False

My father had eaten before I worked.

A. Hadn’t my father eaten before I worked?
B. Hadn’t my father ate before I worked?
C. Had my father not eat before I worked?

What are the suitable answers for the question below: Why didn`t you give her the present?

A. Because she broke up with me when I bought it
B. Because she went to my house.
C. Because she had broken up with me before I talked to her

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