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Past Simple Vs. Present Perfect Quiz

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Last year I ______ Paris.

A. Visit
B. Visited
C. Have visited

Jack _________ his arm when he fell off a horse in 1995.

A. Had broken
B. Broke
C. Has broken
D. Option 4

Yesterday, I _____ all of my friends. It was great.

A. Have seen
B. Saw
C. Had seen

I _________ three police cars this morning.

A. Has seen
B. Saw
C. Have seen

She ________ in London when she was a child.

A. Has lived
B. Had lived
C. Lived

I ________ my exams finally – I’m so happy!

A. Has finished
B. Finished
C. Have finished

Julie ________ – come and say hello.

A. Arrived
B. Have arrived
C. Has arrived
D. Option 4

A: What’s wrong?

B: I ______ a glass.

A. Broke
B. Has broken
C. Have broken

We _______ this room last week.

A. Have painted
B. Painted
C. Had painted

Last night I ________ my keys – I had to call my flatmate to let me in.

A. Losed
B. Lost
C. Have lost
D. Option 4

I _______ three cups of coffee today.

A. Have drunk
B. Have drank
C. Drank

When _______you_______?

A. Have arrived
B. Did arrive
C. Did arrived

We _______ Julie last night.

A. Had seen
B. Saw
C. Have seen

I ______ Julie three times this week.

A. Have met
B. Met
C. Have meeted

I ______ the bus and then I ______ the train as well!

A. Had missed missed
B. Have missed have missed
C. Missed missed

My brother ____________ a job yet! He is still looking.

A. Didn’t find
B. Hasn’t find
C. Hasn’t found

I ______ Hockey since I was a child – I’m pretty good!

A. Played
B. Had played
C. Have played

Lucy _______ her leg, so she can’t come skiing.

A. Has broken
B. Broke
C. Have broken

I ___________ this already. Stop asking!

A. Did
B. Have done
C. Has done

He _______ that film last year.

A. Had seen
B. Has seen
C. Saw

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