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Which sentence is correct?

A. Its name is Rover.
B. It’s name is Rover.
C. It name is Rover.

Which sentence is correct?

A. Her brother is an electrician.
B. She brother is an electrician.

Lina, Siva and Sammy like to collect stamps. ________stamps are beautiful.

A. Our
B. Hers
C. Their
D. Your

My job is wonderful. I really like … !

A. Its
B. Mine
C. It

this book is ………….

A. Your
B. Yours

That car is not ours. Is it …. ?

A. Your
B. Yours
C. Ours

This coat is _________. She forgot to take it back yesterday.

A. His
B. Hers
C. Yours
D. Mine

We’re an international school. … students come from different countries.

A. Us
B. Our
C. Ours

Dave lives in Germany, but _____ brothers live in France.

A. We
B. Her
C. He
D. His
E. They

Carla Bruni is really pretty. I’m in love with …

A. She
B. Hers
C. Her

Which sentence is correct?

A. Her name is Rosa.
B. She name is Rosa.

These book are ___________. I borrowed the books from him yesterday.

A. Mine
B. Theirs
C. His
D. Ours

I love swimming. Sometimes I go to public swimming pool with … family.

  1. my
  2. your
  3. their
  4. our

The pictures are …………………

A. Hers
B. Her

this is ………….. book .

A. Your
B. Yours

We have a big problem. Can you help … ?

A. Us
B. We
C. Them

Which sentence is correct?

A. They are students.
B. Their are students.
C. They’re are students.

Dr. John and the team are committed to delivering the highest quality product to … clients.

  1. our
  2. his
  3. their
  4. its

John and Mary don’t like your car. Do you like …….. ?

A. Her
B. Him
C. Theirs
D. Them

Someone has left … watch in the bathroom.

  1. its
  2. their
  3. his
  4. his or her

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