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Which sentence is correct?

A. I want coffee.
B. My want coffee.

Which sentence is correct?

A. Their last name is Rojas.
B. They name is Rojas.

My grandfather and grandmother go to the beach, but _____ dogs don’t go.

A. Their
B. They
C. It
D. Its
E. We

Which sentence is correct?

A. I live in Los Angeles.
B. Me live in Los Angeles.
C. My live in Los Angeles.

My cell phone is dead. Can I use … ?

A. It
B. Yours
C. Your

Carla Bruni is really pretty. I’m in love with …

A. She
B. Hers
C. Her

Amy watches _____ favourite programme on TV.

A. Me
B. His
C. Her
D. She
E. He

Which sentence is correct?

A. He is my classmate.
B. His my classmate.
C. He’s is my classmate.

Andrian just bought a used car. … car has manual locks.

  1. Its
  2. His
  3. My
  4. Their

I’m going to see the Rolling Stones. Do you like … ?

A. Them
B. It
C. They

Dr. John and the team are committed to delivering the highest quality product to … clients.

  1. our
  2. his
  3. their
  4. its

My friends and I like _____ new classroom.

A. Our
B. They
C. Their
D. I
E. He

Look at this picture. These are my nieces. … names are Cristina and Laura.

A. Them
B. Their
C. Theirs

Some eliminate fast food from … daily diet.

  1. his
  2. their
  3. his or her
  4. your

………… husband works in Newcastle .

A. She
B. Her
C. Hers

John and Mary don’t like your car. Do you like …….. ?

A. Her
B. Him
C. Theirs
D. Them

this is ………….. book .

A. Your
B. Yours

I love swimming. Sometimes I go to public swimming pool with … family.

  1. my
  2. your
  3. their
  4. our

Which sentence is correct?

A. Her brother is an electrician.
B. She brother is an electrician.

The woman gets up before dawn and sells fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market to pay for … daughter’s college tuition.

  1. her
  2. his
  3. their
  4. our

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