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My husband and I found two dead mice in … sink a couple days ago.

  1. my
  2. our
  3. their
  4. his

Which sentence is correct?

A. I live in Los Angeles.
B. Me live in Los Angeles.
C. My live in Los Angeles.

Dr. John and the team are committed to delivering the highest quality product to … clients.

  1. our
  2. his
  3. their
  4. its

My job is wonderful. I really like … !

A. Its
B. Mine
C. It

Look at this picture. These are my nieces. … names are Cristina and Laura.

A. Them
B. Their
C. Theirs

Which sentence is correct?

A. Our teacher is very strict.
B. We teacher is very strict.

John and Mary don’t like your car. Do you like …….. ?

A. Her
B. Him
C. Theirs
D. Them

Carla Bruni was born in Italy but … grandmother is Italian.

A. Hers
B. His
C. Her

We’re an international school. … students come from different countries.

A. Us
B. Our
C. Ours

Andrian just bought a used car. … car has manual locks.

  1. Its
  2. His
  3. My
  4. Their

Why do a cat chase … tail?

  1. its
  2. their
  3. his
  4. his or her

My cell phone is dead. Can I use … ?

A. It
B. Yours
C. Your

The cat chases __________ own tail.

A. His
B. Her
C. My
D. Its

Which sentence is correct?

A. Their last name is Rojas.
B. They name is Rojas.

Dave lives in Germany, but _____ brothers live in France.

A. We
B. Her
C. He
D. His
E. They

Carla Bruni is really pretty. I’m in love with …

A. She
B. Hers
C. Her

Amy watches _____ favourite programme on TV.

A. Me
B. His
C. Her
D. She
E. He

The house is big, but _____ windows are small.

A. His
B. It
C. Her
D. She
E. Its

Please take … shoes off before entering the room.

  1. his
  2. your
  3. my
  4. our

No problem! We can help you with _____ homework.

A. Your
B. You
C. We
D. I
E. She

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