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Read the conversation carefully.

Imam :What are you doing?
Dody: I’m watching TV. It’s Spongebob.
I like this film very much.
Imam : You should . . . now. You are going
to have a test tomorrow, right?

A. be studying

B. studying

C. be study

D. study

He_________(sleep) under the umbrella.

A. sleep

B. sleeping

C. are sleeping

D. is sleeping

……. they ……………. their homework? Yes, they are.

A. are , doing

B. is , doing

C. am , doing

students – the – in – the – having – experiment – are – laboratory – the ?

A. The students are the experiment having in the laboratory?

B. The students are having the experiment in the laboratory?

C. Are the students having the experiment in the laboratory?

D. Are having the students the experiment in the laboratory?

We _______(go) to eat today. The MCO is on.

A. are going

B. aren’t going

She (not watch) _____________ TV.

A. isn’t watch

B. isn’t watching

C. aren’t watching

D. not watching

What is she she doing?

A. She is running in a garden.

B. She is driving a car.

C. he was helping her mother.

We _____ practising the guitar. We want to be famous singers!

A. am

B. are

C. is

You …………. ……….. to me again!

A. are /listen

B. aren’t /listening

C. is /listening

D. are / will listen

It is now 11.00 pm. Deni ….. sleeping in his bedroom.

A. is

B. am

C. are

Jenny and Jane………………………………… right now at school.

A. Is playing
B. Play
C. Playing
D. Are playing

Mum is ______ vegetables and dad is ______ television

A. cutting – seing

B. cutting – watching

C. cuting – listening

They have just paid the bill one minute ago.

A. Correct

B. Wrong

Have you _______ with your mom?

A. speak

B. spoke

C. spoken

_______ she __________ in the park?

A. Are, playing

B. Is, playing

C. Is, play

_____________________ a movie now?

A. Is he watching

B. Does he watching

C. Are he watching

D. Is he watch

What have you done today?

A. l’ve slept all the day

B. i slept all the morning

C. l sleep

D. you have slept 8 hours

Students ___ listening to the teacher.

A. am

B. is

C. are

They _____ ________ TV this afternoon.

A. is watching

B. am watching

C. are watching

He usually gets up at 6 o’clock, but today he _______ at 7.00.

A. get

B. gets

C. is getting

D. getting

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