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It … hard.

  1. have just been raining
  2. has just been raining

You … . What did you … ?

A. Been shopping / buy
B. ‘ve been shopping / buy
C. Have had shopping / buying

He….(work) ……in this company since 1985.

A. has been working

B. working

C. work

D. is work

Rina ……guitar since she was child. (train)

A. have been training

B. has been training

C. has trained

D. is training

I … working in the garden.

A. Have
B. ‘ve be
C. ‘ve been

My brother … about buying a used car from the dealer. Do you think it’s a good idea?

  1. has been thinking
  2. have been thinking

How long…(work / she)…in the garden?

A. has she been working

B. had she been working

C. have he been working

D. has he been working

All of my friends ….. in the Lake

A. Have been swimming
B. Have been swiming

I….(wait)….for you since two o’clock.

A. has been waiting

B. waiting

C. have been waiting

D. am waiting

Why … Mandarin classes for the last three weeks?

  1. have not you been attending
  2. have you not been attending

I can’t believe that ________________ the news.

A. you haven’t read

B. you didn’t read

C. you don’t read

D. you read not.

How long …… ? Since I was twenty years old. (drive)

A. are you driving

B. are not driving

C. have you been driving

D. have not you been driving

… here for over two hours?

A. Does she has been waiting
B. Has she been waiting

They ……… in Medan for 6 months. (stay)

A. have been staying

B. has been staying

C. has stayed

D. are staying

We …… so hard, so now we are going to have a rest. (work)

A. have not been working

B. have been working

C. are working

D. are not working

It’s the first time that this car____down this week.

A. broke

B. broken

C. haѕ broken

D. haᴠe broken

_____a contract last year and it is still valid.

A. We have signed

B. We signed

C. We haven’t signed

D. We have sign

He sleeps

A. He has been sleeping
B. He has been sleepping

He and his family… in poverty since their company went bankrupt.

  1. have been living
  2. has been living

… have been watching TV for two hours

A. The Boy
B. The Children

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