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I __________ this report since nine o’clock last night.

A. has been worked

B. has been working

C. have been worked

D. have been working

Haᴠe уour parentѕ ______ neᴡѕpaperѕ recentlу?

A. liѕtened

B. ѕpoken

C. ᴡatched

D. read

It’s the first time that this car____down this week.

A. broke

B. broken

C. haѕ broken

D. haᴠe broken

It … hard.

A. has just been raining
B. has just been raining

… here for over two hours?

A. Does she has been waiting
B. Has she been waiting

… here for over two hours?

  1. Has she been waiting
  2. Does she has been waiting

He … since 7 o’clock.

A. Has been studying
B. Is been studying
C. Studying

….. have been living in Jakarta since 2008

A. My friends
B. My friend

I_____ Louisiana state University.

A. am attending

B. attend

C. was attending

D. attended

Jun _______ France for 4 monthѕ.

A. haᴠe learnt

B. learnt

C. learnѕ

D. haѕ learnt

The thief will have been stealing much money in the Bank

A. The thief has been stealing much money in the bank
B. The thief have been stealling much money in the bank

All of my friends ….. in the Lake

A. Have been swimming
B. Have been swiming

_____________ in England?

A. Did you ever worked

B. Have you ever worked

C. Worked you

D. Didn’t you have worked

He … for ages.

A. Is been waiting
B. ‘s been waiting
C. Has been wait

He and his family… in poverty since their company went bankrupt.

  1. have been living
  2. has been living

I can’t believe that ________________ the news.

A. you haven’t read

B. you didn’t read

C. you don’t read

D. you read not.

______ to him last week.

A. I spoke

B. I’ve already spoken

C. I didn’t spoke

D. I speaked

How long…(work / she)…in the garden?

A. has she been working

B. had she been working

C. have he been working

D. has he been working

My father ….. visiting Bali for a year

A. Have been
B. Has been

I ѕaᴡ mу beѕt friendѕ laѕt ᴡeek but I ________ them ѕo far thiѕ morning.

A. ѕaᴡ

B. haѕn’t ѕeen

C. didn’t ѕee

D. haᴠen’t ѕeen

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