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We have ….. (buy) a new lamp.

A. buys

B. bought

C. buyed

The tickets have been …. by them

A. sell

B. sells

C. selling

D. sold

Jody has ….( break) his leg twice.

A. broke

B. broken

C. breaks

They ….. here since Saturday morning.

A. has been

B. have been

C. were

My father hasn’t slept ________________ twenty-four hours.

A. For
B. Since

What have you been doing _____ you left your last job?

A. for

B. since

Edo : What was the most unusual thing……?

Eddy : Eating snails. It sounds disgusting but I enjoyed it.

A. you have ever tried

B. you have try

I haven’t …. (see) Julia this morning.

A. see

B. seen

C. saw

She _______ a horse before.

A. hasn’t not ridden

B. hasn’t rode

C. has not rode

D. has not ridden

They … seen an amazing concert

A. Have

B. Are

C. Has

D. He

I can’t find my book. Somebody …… it.

A. Have taken

B. Has taken

C. Had taken

D. Has

Have you ever gone to Bali?

A. True
B. False

I haven’t heard from my uncle ______ he left.

A. For
B. Since

She_____ studied Japanese, Russian, and English.

A. has

B. have

The children ………………. the lost puppy.

A. have find

B. is finded

C. has found

D. have found

The Past Participle Form for CHOOSE is?

A. Chosed

B. Chose

C. Choosed

D. Chosen

Daisy ….. the first prize.

A. has won

B. has win

C. have won

A: Have you checked your email? I … you my work.

B: OK. I’ll check it ASAP. Thanks.

A. have sending

B. has sent

C. have sent

D. sends

Julie as well as her sister … used organic products for skin care since January.

  1. have
  2. has

He ….. gone home.

A. have

B. has

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