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Have you done your homework yet? Yes, I have ______________ finished it.

A. Yet
B. Never
C. Just
D. Sine

My father hasn’t slept ________________ twenty-four hours.

A. For
B. Since

Budi ….. in Bandung since 2010

A. Has live
B. Has lived
C. Have lived

I _________________ to Oregon twice last year

A. have been

B. has been

C. went

D. was going

when you use present perfect you select

A. based verb form

B. infinitive verb

C. past

D. past participle verb

You has not borrowed my book for one month

A. True
B. False

Elisa hasn’t finished her homework __________.

A. Already
B. Just
C. Yet
D. Ever

… Mahesa been to New Zealand?

A. Has
B. Is

Somebody _____________________ the baby and the toy to the wall!

A. Have taped
B. Have tapen
C. Has taped
D. Hasn’t tape

They haven’t visited us ____________________ Christmas.

A. For
B. Since

The businessman … offered her three times the value of her property, but she’s not interested.

A. ‘s
B. ‘ve

Have you __________________ your homework yet?

A. did

B. done

C. have done

D. doing

I … read the terms and conditions.

  1. have
  2. has

The scientist __________________ more than half of the liquid into the 2nd flask (container).

A. Has pouring
B. Have pour
C. Has poured
D. Has pour

They haven’t visited us ____________________ Christmas.

A. For
B. Since

I haven’t met Mary __________________ the end of school.

A. For
B. Since

__________________ you _____________ the baby’s toys? They’re not in the cabinet!”

A. Have/see
B. Has/see
C. Has/seen
D. Have/seen

During this year my old friend Robert ________ played in more than twenty soccer games.

A. Ever
B. Has
C. Never
D. Have

I am going to paint my bedroom

A. I have painted my bedroom
B. I am have painted my bedroom
C. I am have to painted my bedroom

I have read two books ___________________ the weekend. (Now, it is Friday.)

A. For
B. Since

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