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He … his homework very well

A. Have not do
B. Has not do
C. Has not done
D. Have not done

My son _______________________ his shoes for many years, so he wants to buy new ones.

A. Have wear
B. Has wore
C. Has worn
D. Have weared
E. Has wear

I have ______________________ done the shopping.

A. Already
B. Ever
C. Yet
D. Since

We haven’t seen Mary ___________________ the party.

A. For
B. Since

I have been a student at UCI ______ two quarters.

A. For
B. Since

Oh, no! My car I________!

A. Has disappeared
B. Disappeared

My father hasn’t slept ________________ twenty-four hours.

A. For
B. Since

She _______ been to Italy.

A. Has
B. Have

I have been in the U.S. ______ June 2nd.

A. For
B. Since

Mr. Robinson _________ the election!

A. Just won
B. Has just won

Paul hasn’t played the piano ___________________ he was a boy.

A. For
B. Since

All his football training makes ………….. very fit.

A. He
B. His
C. Him

We have … here for a long time.

A. Be
B. Been
C. Being
D. To be

Jane has worked here ______________ two weeks already.

A. For
B. Since

Mary hasn’t finished her homework ____________________.

A. Already
B. Yet
C. Ever
D. Never

Paul hasn’t played the piano ___________________ he was a boy.

A. For
B. Since

We … to France on holiday last year.

A. Went
B. ‘ve gone
C. Go

They have __________________ arrived.

A. Just
B. For
C. Since
D. Yet

My cousin … as a medical assistant for almost a year.

  1. has worked
  2. have worked

One of the students … completed the final exam.

A. ‘ve just
B. ‘s just

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