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Have you _______________ seen that film?

A. Never
B. Ever
C. Already
D. Yet

You has not borrowed my book for one month

A. True
B. False

I am going to paint my bedroom

A. I have painted my bedroom
B. I am have painted my bedroom
C. I am have to painted my bedroom

That business trainer is very well known. She ________________ personnel at top companies like Google and Amazon.

A. Is training
B. Was training
C. Trained
D. Has trained

Jack hasn’t been to Hungary ________________ 1981.

A. For
B. Since

My father hasn’t slept ________________ twenty-four hours.

A. For
B. Since

They haven’t seen St Paul’s Cathedral _____________________.

A. Yet
B. Jet
C. Ever
D. Never

During this year my old friend Robert ________ played in more than twenty soccer games.

A. Ever
B. Has
C. Never
D. Have

_____ you seen her?

A. Has
B. Have

I already know about the meeting. My coworker _________________ it last week.

A. Mentions
B. Is mentioning
C. Mentioned
D. Has mentioned

Paul hasn’t played the piano ___________________ he was a boy.

A. For
B. Since

I … sent you a message

A. Have just
B. Has just
C. Just
D. Will

The scientist __________________ more than half of the liquid into the 2nd flask (container).

A. Has pouring
B. Have pour
C. Has poured
D. Has pour

Paul hasn’t played the piano ___________________ he was a boy.

A. For
B. Since

I’ve been here _______ Saturday.

A. For
B. Since

Someone … left the letter on your desk.

  1. have
  2. has

Elisa hasn’t finished her homework __________.

A. Already
B. Just
C. Yet
D. Ever

I have ______________________ done the shopping.

A. Already
B. Ever
C. Yet
D. Since

I haven’t worked ______________________ 1 April.

A. For
B. Since

She … here for one week

A. Have being
B. Has being
C. Have been
D. Has been

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