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The Past Participle Form for CHOOSE is?

A. Chosed

B. Chose

C. Choosed

D. Chosen

We haven’t seen Mary ___________________ the party.

A. For
B. Since

Our class ____________ 3 grammar quizzes so far this semester.

A. has had

B. had

C. have had

D. has having

Have you ever been to Italy? No, I ………….

A. have

B. haven’t

I have been a student ___________________ I was 6.

A. For
B. Since

Jack hasn’t been to Hungary ________________ 1981.

A. For
B. Since

Tom and Alex __________________(not/eat) the cookies.

A. hasn’t eaten

B. hasn’t eated

C. haven’t eaten

D. haven’t eated

Josua and Mark ……. the books since yesterday

A. borrowed

B. has borrowed

C. have borrowed

It hurts me to see them as they are now. They (not/speak) _______ a single word for ages.

A. didn’t speak

B. have not spoken

C. don’t speak

D. is not speaking

He looks really tired. He …………….. slept …………. 48 hours.

A. haven’t / for

B. hasn’t / since

C. hasn’t / for

D. haven’t / since

The baby __________ asleep yet. What’s the matter?

A. has not fallen

B. has not fell

C. has not fall

D. did not fall

The Past Participle Form for KNOW is?

A. Known

B. Knowed

C. Knew

D. Know

They …. on a roller coaster (+)

A. haven´t being

B. hasn´t been

C. has been

D. have been

The baby _________ finally _________________________.

A. Have/fall asleep
B. Have/fallen asleep
C. Has/fell asleep
D. Has/fallen asleep
E. Have/fell asleep

It’s a great movie. I have …….. that movie many times.

A. saw

B. seen

C. see

I have been in the U.S. ______ June 2nd.

A. For
B. Since

They ____________________ the floor in this apartment for a long time.

A. Haven’t cleaned
B. Have cleaned
C. Hasn’t cleaned
D. Has cleaned

__________ you ever (try) ____________ Sushi?

A. has …. tried

B. have …. tried

C. did … try

D. did …. tried

You have ……. since the last time I saw you.

A. grew

B. grow

C. grown

D. is grow

My brother … about buying a used car from the dealer. Do you think it’s a good idea?

A. have been thinking
B. has been thinking

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