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If you need help with your grammar,____ may want to take advantage of this online writing lab.

A. You
B. They

This car has a small dent. ______ shouldn’t be much of a problem.

A. It
B. The dent
C. They

The boy took ______ for granted that he would receive a big gift for his coming birthday.

A. That
B. It
C. Them
D. What

“Is that Mary’s new boyfriend?”
“Don’t ask me, ask ___!”
a. her
b. his
c. it

All boys want to look good for ____ first date.

A. His
B. Their
C. Them

……………… time to go. Are you ready?

A. It’s
B. It
C. Its
D. They’re

We had a party last month. It was a lot of fun. Let’s have ______ one this month.

A. Other
B. The other
C. Another
D. An

Every boy wants to look good for ___ first date.

A. His
B. Their
C. Them

Some of the students had their friends take … final examination results.

  1. his or her
  2. their

“What is the title of that song?”
“I’m afraid I can’t remember ___.”
a. him
b. it
c. them

The Italian boy has two bicycles. One is a touring bicycle, and … is a BMX.

  1. other
  2. the other

“I can’t find my glasses!”
“You are wearing ___!”
a. them
b. there
c. they

Are Martin and ___ allowed to go to the park after school?

A. We
B. Me
C. I

……………… my relatives.

A. Their
B. They’re
C. Them
D. They

The hero of the game was ___________ .

A. He
B. Him
C. They
D. Them

Lucy is ……………. dog. They like it very much.

A. My
B. Our
C. They
D. Their

They live in a house ________ face south.

A. Whose window
B. Which windows
C. Which window
D. Whose windows

Don’t sit on that chair. …………… legs are broken.

A. It
B. Its
C. Their
D. They

Ray loves you very much. Do …………… love ……………….. too?

A. You/ her
B. She/him
C. You/him
D. He/you

Karl: Why are they here?
Karin: My roommate invited ________

A. They
B. These
C. Their
D. Them

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