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Martin has just chosen George Washington as _________topic for his research paper.

A. Their
B. His
C. Her

And she kept on trying to persuade ____ husband to abandon the children in the forest.

A. Her
B. His
C. Their
D. Our
E. My

Nobody came to the ceremony without money in … hand.

  1. his or her
  2. their

There are flowers and trees on __________ side of the street.

A. Both
B. Every
C. All
D. Each

When computers crash, ___ need to be fixed immediately.

A. It
B. They

The foothills were covered with flowers. ________ were many different varieties.

A. The flowers
B. The foothills
C. They

Every player on the girl’s basketball team went to ___ locker.

A. His
B. Her
C. Their

The bird lost some of …………… feathers.

A. It
B. Its
C. It’s
D. Their

When a tornado appeared on the horizon, the family agreed that _____ would have to postpone the picnic.

A. We
B. They
C. It

If people don’t like to shop at that store, ____ shouldn’t go there.

A. They
B. He

The Bravo brothers offered the use of ___________ computer for my report.

A. Theirs
B. Their
C. There
D. There’s

___________ was someone who became a champion in basketball.

A. He
B. His
C. Him
D. He’s

If anybody wants to succeed in school, _____ has to study hard.

A. He or she
B. They
C. Their

The beach was littered with broken glass. I think the park service should look into _______ .

A. The glass.
B. It.
C. The beach.

Which among the following words is a personal pronoun?

A. I
B. Myself
C. Much

Karl: Do you know all these people?

Karin: Yes, _______ are all my friends

A. They
B. We
C. You
D. Them

I’ve read your articles. ………………. very good.

A. It
B. It’s
C. Its
D. They’re

The car drove slowly along the back road. _____ was quite muddy.

A. The road
B. The car
C. It

Karl: Maybe you’re right. I don’t think ______ are here for the party!

A. These
B. Those
C. Them
D. They

One of …………….. was a foutreen-year-old boy name Joshua.

A. They
B. Them
C. He
D. Him

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