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“I can’t find my glasses!”
“You are wearing ___!”
a. them
b. there
c. they

Neither Dennis nor Martin should forget to include personal stories about ________subject

A. His
B. Their
C. They

I have so many plans. I am afraid that I can’t realize ___.

A. us

B. them

C. you

D. me

E. him

There are bus line 45, and 72 here. __________ will take you to the zoo.

A. All
B. Either
C. None

…………….. called him ‘Little Thumb’

A. His
B. They
C. It
D. Her

X : Do you know her?

Y : Yes, I do. _______ is my cousin from Blitar.

A. He

B. They

C. We

D. She

The hero of the game was ___________ .

A. He
B. Him
C. They
D. Them

“Where is my book? Oh, dear! I’ve lost ___ !”
a. him
b. it
c. its

A. Let’s watch the match at ………………. house.
B. My parents sold the TV.

A. Me
B. My
C. Our
D. Your

Budi play basketball with …..

A. you

B. them

C. our

D. their

E. theirs

This building is so expensive for ___ . We can’t pay such a high rent. We need to think again.

A. them

B. her

C. us

D. it

E. him

Jane told me that he wanted to send a birthday gift to …… friend.

A. She

B. he

C. herself

D. her

Susan, Rudi and I go to library, …. are looking for English book.

A. They

B. We

C. You

D. He

E. She

X : there are a lot of snacks in the living room.

Y : Who bought _________

A. Us

B. Her

C. It

D. Them

………………. mother is a housewife.

A. Their
B. They’re
C. They
D. Them

Are you going to see Tazhia and _____ in the play?

A. Me
B. I
C. Us

Rina is my friend. _______ is clever.

A. she

B. he

C. they

D. our

E. his

__________ student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.

A. Each
B. Any
C. Either
D. One

They beat ………….., but I didn’t do anything to them.

A. We
B. Them
C. Me
D. I

I like your advice. …………. interesting.

A. It’s
B. Its
C. Its’
D. It

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