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“Why is David so happy?”
“His friends gave ___a guitar for his birthday!”
a. him
b. it
c. them

Jane told me that he wanted to send a birthday gift to …… friend.

A. She

B. he

C. herself

D. her

I’m particularly interested in Mathematical Physics.
… techniques are mathematical, nevertheless … subject is physical.

  1. their
  2. its

They beat ………….., but I didn’t do anything to them.

A. We
B. Them
C. Me
D. I

The bird lost some of …………… feathers.

A. It
B. Its
C. It’s
D. Their

This is my pen. Where is _______?

A. yours

B. you

_____ am in the yellow bus

A. we

B. He

C. I

If anyone has an opinion about capital punishment, ____ should state it.

A. He
B. They

The teacher said that everyone had to submit _____ quiz corrections by Tuesday.

A. Their
B. His or her
C. Its

She is Rosa and he is Oliver. …………… travel to Paris every year.

A. We
B. Them
C. I
D. They

The handphone which on the table is …….

A. mine

B. my

C. myself.

D. you

Sara, did you write this poem __________.

A. yourself

B. herself

Every player on the girl’s basketball team went to ___ locker.

A. His
B. Her
C. Their

___________ parents didn’t allow them to go to the party.

A. Theirs
B. There
C. Their
D. There’s

The boy took ______ for granted that he would receive a big gift for his coming birthday.

A. That
B. It
C. Them
D. What

They live in a house ________ face south.

A. Whose window
B. Which windows
C. Which window
D. Whose windows

X : Where are _________ uniforms?

Y : In the cupboard.

A. They

B. Their

C. Them

D. Theirs

Every ill cat may not be able to nurse … kittens.

  1. its
  2. their

……………… time to go. Are you ready?

A. It’s
B. It
C. Its
D. They’re

The wife said. “Take _____ miles from home, so far that they can never find their way back!

A. Us
B. Him
C. Her
D. Me
E. Them

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