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The children loved the penguins,

A. Do they?
B. Doesn’t she?
C. Didn’t they?

Tom is getting something for Sue, ____?

A. A. wasn’t he
B. B. isn’t he
C. C. is he

You are an Indonesian,………………..?

A. Aren’t you
B. Are you
C. Do you
D. Did you

He has travelled a lot,

A. Does he?
B. Doesn’t he?
C. Has he?
D. Hasn’t he?

She looks tired, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

Jenny looks very sad,_____?

A. Looks she
B. Don’t she
C. Doesn’t she
D. Is she

James Mar didn’t come here yesterday,_____?

A. Would he
B. Didn’t he
C. Did he
D. Does he

John is listening, ……….?

A. Is he
B. Isn’t he
C. Does he

The little girl wasn’t afraid of the gorillas,

A. Was she?
B. Wasn’t she?
C. Didn’t she?

This orange is not sweet,……………..

A. Doesn’t it
B. Does it
C. Is it
D. Isn’t it

She doesn’t want to go, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

Chompoo and Nott work,______?

A. Do they
B. Don’t they
C. Are they
D. Do Chompoo and Nott

It won’t be anything expensive, ___?

A. A. won’t it
B. B. isn’t it
C. C. will it

You will help me with my homework, ……….?

A. Won’t you
B. Don’t you
C. Aren’t you

John drinks too much,

A. Is he?
B. Isn’t he?
C. Does he?
D. Doesn’t he?

Polar bears don’t eat fruit,

A. Do they?
B. Do it?
C. Don’t it?

The test wasn’t too hard, ……….?

A. Was it
B. Wasn’t it
C. Is it

That dog’s very noisy,_____?

A. Isn’t that
B. Is that
C. That not
D. Isn’t it

Bali is the most popular tourist destination in the world,………….?

A. Does it
B. Are you
C. Wasn’t it
D. Isn’t it

We have to go to school every day, ……….?

A. Don’t we
B. Do we
C. Have we

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