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John is listening, ……….?

A. Is he
B. Isn’t he
C. Does he

When the sentence is affirmative,

A. we use negative tag.

B. we use affirmative tag

She’d like to have a sister, ________?

A. hadn’t she

B. wouldn’t she

C. can’t she

D. doesn’t she

James Mar didn’t come here yesterday,_____?

A. Would he
B. Didn’t he
C. Did he
D. Does he

Peter played handball yesterday,____________ ?

A. does he

B. is he

C. did he

D. didn’t he

It won’t be anything expensive, ___?

A. A. won’t it
B. B. isn’t it
C. C. will it

She cannot speak Bahasa Indonesia,………………?

A. Do you
B. Don’t you
C. Can’t she
D. Can she

He hasn’t done it yet, ___?
a. has he
b. hasn’t he
c. had he

I am an young, handsome man,……………………?

A. Am I
B. Aren’t I
C. Do I
D. Will I

I’m late, ________?

A. am I

B. amn’t I

C. aren’t you

D. aren’t I

You won’t close the door, will you?

A. Incorrect

B. Correct

C. Maybe

You haven’t been on holiday, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

We became good students,

A. Do we?
B. Don’t we?
C. Did we?
D. Didn’t we?

Sarah is traveling by plane to Seattle,

A. is she?

B. isn’t she?

C. doesn’t she?

D. does she?

He’s been to Italy twice, ___?
a. has he
b. hasn’t he
c. had he

She doesn’t talk much, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

Jane never goes out at the weekend, ……….?

A. Is she
B. Does she
C. Doesn’t she

She won’t start working on Sunday, … ?

  1. will she
  2. does she

It is such a beautiful painting,

A. doesn’t it?

B. is it?

C. isn’t it?

D. wasn’t it?

We need to buy some vegetables at the grocery store,

A. do we?

B. can we?

C. didn’t we?

D. don’t we?

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