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You don’t have any orange juice, ___

A. have you?

B. do you?

David brought a pumpkin,

A. did he?

B. didn’t he?

C. was it?

D. wasn’t it?

I am a little late,…………?

A. aren’t I

B. weren’t I

He hasn’t done it yet, ___?
a. has he
b. hasn’t he
c. had he

they’re watching the film on TV tonight, ….?

A. aren’t they?

B. don’t they?

C. are they?

D. isn’t it?

John drinks too much,

A. Is he?
B. Isn’t he?
C. Does he?
D. Doesn’t he?

We have to go to school every day, ……….?

A. Don’t we
B. Do we
C. Have we

I have never been there,_____?

A. Been I
B. Haven’t I
C. Haven’t there
D. Have I

I’m late, ________?

A. am I

B. amn’t I

C. aren’t you

D. aren’t I

You have never liked grapefruit juice, ___

A. have you?

B. haven’t you?

Let’s go to the beach, … ?

  1. do we
  2. shall we

Don’t add too many chilli peppers, ___

A. will you?

B. do you?

He’s got a nice house, but he hasn’t got a car, ___?
a. has he
b. hasn’t he
c. had he

You aren’t twenty-one, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

David wears warm clothes,

A. does he?

B. didn’t she?

C. doesn’t he?

D. he didn’t?

Nobody’s come to pick up the car, … ?

  1. haven’t they
  2. have they

Polar bears don’t eat fruit,

A. Do they?
B. Do it?
C. Don’t it?

Peter will go to university in the future, ….

A. won’t Peter?

B. won’t he?

C. will he?

D. will Peter?

They could deliver our pizzas, ___

A. can’t they?

B. couldn’t they?

Both of them could have bought a new car, ______________?

A. do they

B. are they

C. were they

D. couldn’t they

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