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She looks tired, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

You don’t smoke, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

It wasn’t very difficult, ___?

A. A. wasn’t it
B. B. isn’t it
C. C. was it

The Johnsons aren’t from Canada,

A. are they?

B. do they?

C. aren’t they?

D. don’t they?

Everything is all right,_____?

A. Isn’t it
B. Isn’t they
C. Is they
D. Aren’t they

Your mother is a doctor, …?

A. she is

B. isn’t it

C. doesn’t she

D. isn’t she

I’m such a good swimmer, ___________ ?

A. aren’t I

B. are I

C. am I

D. amn’t I

You can swim well,

A. Can you?
B. Can’t you?
C. Do you?
D. Don’t you?

I am older than you ,…?

A. aren’t I

B. am not I

C. amn’t I

D. aren’t you

There is some milk in the refrigerator, ___?

A. A. isn’t there
B. B. isn’t it
C. C. wasn’t it

You haven’t been on holiday, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

You eat rice for lunch, _________________?

A. eat you

B. aren’t you

C. don’t you

She isn’t from TV, ________? She isn’t from the Drama Club, _______?

A. isn’t she?/is she?

B. is she?/isn’t she?

C. is she?/is she?

D. isn’t she?/isn’t she?

The rock wasn’t a sacred Indian site, …?

A. was he

B. was she

C. was it

D. were you

Andrew hadn’t grown much, ___?
a. has he
b. hasn’t he
c. had he

She doesn’t drive, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

Emma doesn’t like Cola, ……….?

A. Doesn’t she
B. Does she
C. Isn’t she

She is from England,________

A. isn’t she?

B. aren’t she?

C. is she?

D. are she?

You aren’t still angry, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

The girls went shopping for new clothes yesterday,

A. weren’t they?

B. were they?

C. did they?

D. didn’t they?

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