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She didn’t eat anything, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

The wolf is the largest member of the canine family,

A. Is it?
B. Isn’t he?
C. Isn’t it?

You hate your job, … ?

  1. aren’t you
  2. don’t you

You aren’t still angry, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

Nobody’s come to pick up the car, … ?

  1. haven’t they
  2. have they

That is the most well-written book of the 21th century, … ?

  1. isn’t that
  2. isn’t it

It isn’t ten o’clock yet, ……….?

A. Isn’t it
B. Is he
C. Is it

There’s a house on the hill, … ?

  1. isn’t there
  2. isn’t it

She looks very beautiful today, ___?
a. does she
b. doesn’t she
c. did she

You aren’t twenty-one, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

He’s got my newspaper again, ___?
a. has he
b. hasn’t he
c. had he

Mr Turner visited Africa last summer,

A. Didn’t he?
B. Did he?
C. Doesn’t she?

You love wild animals,

A. Didn’t you?
B. Do you?
C. Don’t you?

Chompoo and Nott work,______?

A. Do they
B. Don’t they
C. Are they
D. Do Chompoo and Nott

The visitors didn´t feed the animals,

A. Did they?
B. Didn’t they?
C. Do they?

You don’t like ice cream, ___?
a. have you
b. are you
c. do you

You are coming to the party, ____?

A. A. aren’t you
B. B. isn’t you
C. C. shouldn’t you

They were welcomed warmly and given a very comfortable room, … ?

  1. didn’t they
  2. weren’t they

You were afraid of the Komodo dragons,

A. Were you?
B. Were they?
C. Weren’t you?

Your little sister had had her breakfast before she went to school this morning,………………….?

A. Has she
B. Hasn’t she
C. Had she
D. Hadn’t she

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