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Several ________ (shelf)

A. Shelfs
B. Shelfes
C. Shelves

Carl _________ his arm skateboarding.

A. Broken
B. Broke

to Hide

A. Hid
B. Hided
C. Hiden

to reply

A. Replyed
B. Replies
C. Replied


A. Ment
B. Meet
C. Met

Red _________ (balloon)

A. Balloones
B. Balloons
C. Balloonses

to ring

A. Ringed
B. Rung
C. Rang

It’s been a long time since we last … (chat)

  1. chated
  2. chatted

Several ________ (batch)

A. Batches
B. Batchs
C. Batchesses

He had taken his pills before he … (sleep) last night.

  1. sleeped
  2. slept

to run

A. Runned
B. Run
C. Ran

TO need

A. Need
B. To need
C. Needed

Six ________(mouse)

A. Mouses
B. Mice
C. Mices

When will Lucy _____________ a new coat?

A. Bought
B. Buy

TO Dry

A. Dried
B. Dryed
C. Drieded

Many _________ (monkey)

A. Monkies
B. Monkey
C. Monkeys


A. Measured
B. Measuring
C. Measureded

Who just … (speak) at the conference?

  1. speaked
  2. spoke

Choose the plural form of each noun.


A. Monthes
B. Months

You … (affect) my decision to apply as a transfer student.

  1. affected
  2. affectted

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