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When I … (buy) my first property, I did a little research.

  1. buyed
  2. bought

TO need

A. Need
B. To need
C. Needed

to ring

A. Ringed
B. Rung
C. Rang

Have you ever ____________ a bone?

A. Broken
B. Broke

Several ________ (batch)

A. Batches
B. Batchs
C. Batchesses

It’s been a long time since we last … (chat)

  1. chated
  2. chatted

to cut

A. Cutted
B. Cuted
C. Cut

Choose the plural form of each noun.


A. Monthes
B. Months

Red _________ (balloon)

A. Balloones
B. Balloons
C. Balloonses

You … (affect) my decision to apply as a transfer student.

  1. affected
  2. affectted

Six ________(mouse)

A. Mouses
B. Mice
C. Mices

When will Lucy _____________ a new coat?

A. Bought
B. Buy

to run

A. Runned
B. Run
C. Ran

Who just … (speak) at the conference?

  1. speaked
  2. spoke

The trained nurse … (touch) blood with gloves.

  1. touch
  2. touched

Lisa ___________ the ball with one hand!

A. Caught
B. Catch

Several ________ (shelf)

A. Shelfs
B. Shelfes
C. Shelves

Susan has _____________ many desserts .

A. Eaten
B. Ate

Three ________ (thief)

A. Thiefs
B. Thiefes
C. Thieves

Susan ___________ all of the cookies.

A. Ate
B. Eaten

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