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He had taken his pills before he … (sleep) last night.

  1. sleeped
  2. slept

Have you ever ____________ a bone?

A. Broken
B. Broke

to see

A. Seed
B. Seen
C. Saw


A. Measured
B. Measuring
C. Measureded


A. Heared
B. Heard
C. Hearded

Choose the plural form of each noun.


A. Monthes
B. Months

to reply

A. Replyed
B. Replies
C. Replied

Ricky ___________ a new coat.

A. Bought
B. Buy

Several ________ (batch)

A. Batches
B. Batchs
C. Batchesses


A. Ment
B. Meet
C. Met

TO Dry

A. Dried
B. Dryed
C. Drieded

to Mark

A. Marking
B. Marked
C. Markeded

It’s been a long time since we last … (chat)

  1. chated
  2. chatted

to ring

A. Ringed
B. Rung
C. Rang

It was Julius von Haast who … (study) geology and mineralogy at the University of the Rhine.

  1. studied
  2. studyed

When I … (buy) my first property, I did a little research.

  1. buyed
  2. bought

When will Lucy _____________ a new coat?

A. Bought
B. Buy

Two _________(man)

A. Men
B. Mens
C. Mans

He … (wear) an overcoat with jeans yesterday.

  1. wore
  2. worn

Three ________ (thief)

A. Thiefs
B. Thiefes
C. Thieves

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