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The science or branch of biology dealing with animals.

A. Zoology
B. Animalism
C. Botany
D. Sedimentology

The science dealing with the occurrence and distribution of underground water.

A. Meteorology
B. Geomorphology
C. Hydrogeology
D. Sedimentology

The number of bones in the Human face is ______ !

A. 14
B. 33
C. 15
D. 11

The scientific study of bodies of fresh water, as lakes and ponds, with reference to their physical, geographical, biological, and other features

A. Limnology
B. Atmospheric physics
C. Geology
D. Sedimentology

What happens in order to move objects?

A. Another substance is displaced.
B. The air doesn’t move with it.
C. The object doesn’t move.

A branch of geology dealing with the classification, nomenclature, correlation, and interpretation of stratified rocks.

A. Statigraphy
B. Meteorology
C. Sedimentology
D. Atmospheric physics

What kind of small objects composes much of the universe?

A. Atoms
B. Dark matter
C. Anti-matter
D. My dreams
E. Monster energy

Is the application of physics to the study of the atmosphere

A. Climatology
B. Meteorology
C. Atmospheric chemistry
D. Atmospheric physics

It bears the closest resemblance to man:

A. Panda
B. Rhino
C. Chimpanzee
D. Elephant

Which is a hypothetical string theory weightless particle?

A. Graviton
C. Anti-matter
D. Baryonic Matter

The science or study of minerals.

A. Statigraphy
B. Meteorology
C. Sedimentology
D. Mineralogy

It is known as the ship of the desert:

A. Cat
B. Panther
C. Camel
D. Rabbit

Is a branch of atmospheric science in which the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere and that of other planets is studied

A. Climatology
B. Meteorology
C. Atmospheric chemistry
D. Atmospheric physics

Scientists have found only 2 substances in the whole universe. What are they?

A. Matter and Air
B. Oxygen and Mass
C. Matter and Energy

What is the label for the volume of solids?

A. Liters
B. Cm3
C. Grams

The smallest indivisible particle of an element that can exist is called:

A. Cell
B. Nucleus
C. Molecule
D. Atom

The science of plants; the branch of biology that deals with plant life.

A. Meteorology
B. Botany
C. Plantism
D. Farmer

The Bachelor of Science in _________ provides knowledge, skills and relevant experience to students in the fundamentals of surveying and mapping work, geodesy, remote sensing, geographic information systems and oceanography.

A. Geology
B. Geomorphology
C. Geodetic engineering
D. Sedimentology

Lunar eclipse refers to the eclipse caused by the _____________

A. Sun
B. Mars
C. Moon
D. Venus

An astronomical measure of distance is called:

A. Kilometre
B. Yard
C. Light Year
D. Metre

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