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Watch carefully. I … you how to boost your computer’s speed.

  1. am going to show
  2. will show

What … I learn in Civil Engineering?

  1. will
  2. am going to

…. get you some tea.

A. I’ll

B. I was

C. I were

Will you … at the movie on Sunday?

A. be

B. have

C. go

Your parents … happier If you visit your parents at least once a week.

  1. are
  2. will be

I … do all the housework myself.

A. aren’t

B. won’t

C. weren’t

I think the corruption suspect … tell the truth.

  1. will
  2. is going to

What story … he … tonight?

A. will – writes

B. does – write

C. will – write

The whole nation … proud of you.

A. is

B. will be

C. would be

I … (walk) the dog later.

A. walks

B. walked

C. walk

D. will walk

They will … your birthday here.

A. celebration

B. celebrate

C. celebrating

It … tomorrow.

A. rains

B. will rain

C. is raining

There … no drastic changes at the company in 2017.

  1. will be
  2. are

When you read this letter, I … 1,000 miles away from our city.

  1. am going to be
  2. will be

What … they … this afternoon?

A. will – ate

B. does – eat

C. will – eat

Who … study English tomorrow morning?

A. will study

B. is study

C. will studies

She … married in January 2016.

  1. is getting
  2. will get

… buy a used truck next month.

  1. I will
  2. I’m going to

I … this.

A. would not permit

B. will not be permitting

C. will not permit

My mother will … me in the afternoon.

A. calls

B. call

C. called

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