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What … they … this afternoon?

A. will – ate

B. does – eat

C. will – eat

She … married in January 2016.

  1. is getting
  2. will get

I … on Friday, sorry. I have a doctor’s appointment.

A. will come

B. won’t come

C. ‘m not coming

The doctor says that she _______ well soon.

A. will gets

B. shall gets

C. will get

D. shall get

Kind words … others joy.

A. would gave

B. will gave

C. will give

Roger ______ (come) to see us tomorrow.

A. come

B. will come

C. will comes

It … tomorrow.

A. rains

B. will rain

C. is raining

Your parents . . . . . proud of you if you finish your study at University.

A. Will be

B. Will

C. Going to

D. Is

The whole nation … proud of you.

A. is

B. will be

C. would be

They … come here soon.

A. Will be

B. Are going to

C. Will

D. Am going to

May _______ out at the fair tomorrow.

A. will help

B. willn’t help

C. will helps

D. will helped

What … I learn in Civil Engineering?

  1. will
  2. am going to

In two days, I _______ my results.

A. will be knowing

B. will know

C. would know

…. get you some tea.

A. I’ll

B. I was

C. I were

We will listen to your story here, … .

A. in afternoon

B. last week

C. next week

I … do all the housework myself.

A. aren’t

B. won’t

C. weren’t

I … back before Monday.

A. ‘ll be

B. will

C. am being

I _____ the work given by my teacher online.

A. will be finish

B. will finish

C. will not finishing

D. will be finish

Oh no! It’s 11:00. I _____________ late at school

A. will be

B. won’t be

C. will

D. will have

I’m going to the grocery store. I think ______ buy a turkey.

A. I’ll

B. I’d

C. I’ve

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