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_________________ you see Jody’s new dog yesterday?

A. Are
B. Did
C. Do
D. Will

The concert last night … at 7.30 and … at 10 o’clock.

A. Starts, finishes
B. Will start, finish
C. Started, finished
D. Was starting, finishing

When he was young, vani ……….. a bicycle to school.

A. Rode
B. Ride
C. Riding

He / stay / there / four days.

A. He did stay there four days.
B. He did stayed there four days.
C. He stayed there four days.

The past tense of ‘dig’ is ____.

A. Dig
B. Dug
C. Digged

He / go / by car.

A. He goed by car.
B. He did go by car.
C. He went by car.

Where were the Incas from?

A. a) Peru

B. b) Brazil

C. c) Venezuela

The simple past of WASH is:

A. Washed
B. Washes
C. Washd

We…………in this restaurant two days ago.

A. Ate

B. Eaten

C. Eating

D. Eats

Sarah _____ coffee for ____ relatives

A. did / she

B. did/ her

C. made / she

D. made / her

Who did you go with?

A. I went with my parents.
B. I goed with my parents.
C. I go with my parents.

Choose the correct sentence below.

A. She doesn’t travel to Paris last year.
B. She didn’t traveled to Paris last year.
C. She doesn’t travaled to Paris last year.
D. She didn’t travel to Paris last year.
E. She not traveled to Paris last year.

I sometimes … my head under the water when I swam in the ocean.

  1. put
  2. puts

I…………..alone to the movie theater last nigh

A. Walk

B. Walked

C. Walking

D. Walkes

The simple past of ENJOY is:

A. Enjoied
B. Enjoyes
C. Enjoyed

I couldn´t go to the party because I _________ too much homework.

A. Have
B. Has
C. Hasn’t
D. Had

Where . . . you last night, Joe?

A. Was
B. Are
C. Were
D. Did

Aurelio ____________ a driving test last year.

A. Do
B. Have
C. Had

They ____ (be) happy to be home

A. were

B. was

C. did be

D. been

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