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Janet __________ at school yesterday.

A. Sang
B. Sung
C. Singed
D. Sings

Our professor . . . his research known by many people of the world.

A. Made
B. Make
C. Maked
D. Making

Did you _______ your homework?

A. Does
B. Didn’t
C. Did
D. Do

________ Mike visit his grandmother last night?

A. Did
B. Are
C. Does
D. Will

My brother __________ a bear an hour ago.

A. Seen
B. Saw
C. Sees

Mrs. Marta . . . to Yogyakarta with my uncle few days ago.

A. Went
B. Go
C. Gone
D. Goes

Last week, Jane . . . to me that she . . . me forever.

A. Says – loves
B. Said – love
C. Say – loved
D. Said – loved

How did you go to Paris?

A. I go to Paris by plane.
B. I goed to Paris by plane.
C. I went to Paris by plane.

Alex did not ___________ last weekend.

A. Work
B. Worked
C. Working
D. Works

The past of the verb to sleep is…

A. …sleeped
B. …slopt
C. …slept
D. …sleept
E. …slepd

Where . . . you last night, Joe?

A. Was
B. Are
C. Were
D. Did

The family … in poverty for two decades.

  1. lived
  2. live

Did the tour participants … the sunrise this morning?

  1. see
  2. saw

I’m so tired, I cleaned all my apartment. I ___________ mopped and dusted

A. Sweep
B. Sweeped
C. Swept
D. Swepted

The past tense of ‘bring’ is ____.

A. Brang
B. Bringed
C. Brought

He ……… to work yesterday.

A. Drive
B. Drove
C. Driven

Melia = where did you buy the T-shirt ?
Nana= I … it at Merdeka Department Store.

A. Buy
B. Bought
C. Will buy
D. Have bought

Mrs. Venny . . . her car very carefully when he was going to Bali.

A. Drives
B. Drive
C. Driven
D. Drove

Jerry ___________ the Himalayas three years ago.

A. Visits
B. Visited
C. Visiting

She studied Spanish and Greek when she was at university.
      A.     True
      B.     False

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