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________ Mike visit his grandmother last night?

A. Did
B. Are
C. Does
D. Will

Choose the correct sentence below.

A. She doesn’t travel to Paris last year.
B. She didn’t traveled to Paris last year.
C. She doesn’t travaled to Paris last year.
D. She didn’t travel to Paris last year.
E. She not traveled to Paris last year.

We ____________ not happy after the sad ending.

A. Were
B. Was
C. Did
D. Are

Last week, Jane . . . to me that she . . . me forever.

A. Says – loves
B. Said – love
C. Say – loved
D. Said – loved

We _________ very lucky.

A. Didn’t be
B. Was
C. Wasn’t
D. Weren’t

I ________________ to the mall after school.

A. Goes
B. Went
C. Gone
D. Goed

The past tense of ‘lean’ is ____.

A. Lean
B. Leaned
C. Let

Ayu …….. still widow in 2008.

A. Was
B. Be
C. Is

My aunt _____ a swimming pool into her backyad last summer.

A. Put
B. Putted
C. Puted
D. Putt

I couldn´t go to the party because I _________ too much homework.

A. Have
B. Has
C. Hasn’t
D. Had

Did you ___________ to the movies this weekend?

A. Go
B. Went
C. Goed
D. Was

It wasn’t her who … money from your wallet.

  1. took
  2. takes

. . . Mary read some story books last week?

A. Does
B. Do
C. Did
D. Is

Aurelio ____________ a driving test last year.

A. Do
B. Have
C. Had

David Beckham ___________ with Real Madrid for a long time.

A. Plays
B. Playing
C. Played

He / go / by car.

A. He goed by car.
B. He did go by car.
C. He went by car.

Sorry, I __________ hear you at the door.

A. Wasn’t
B. Didn’t
C. Am not
D. Will not

He / stay / there / four days.

A. He did stay there four days.
B. He did stayed there four days.
C. He stayed there four days.

Our professor . . . his research known by many people of the world.

A. Made
B. Make
C. Maked
D. Making

_________________ you see Jody’s new dog yesterday?

A. Are
B. Did
C. Do
D. Will

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