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Julio … an active student last year. He dropped out because he never registered his name again.

A. is

B. didn’t

C. was

D. wasn’t

Did you ____ a movie yesterday evening?

A. see

B. saw

C. seed

I _____ the dog yesterday.

A. Walk

B. Walked

C. Walking

D. walk

_________________ you see Jody’s new dog yesterday?

A. Are
B. Did
C. Do
D. Will

The old woman  __________ some cookies for her family yesterday.

A. climbed

B. baked

C. ate

D. cried

elita’s mother did not … to make her lunch yesterday.

A. forget

B. forgot

C. forgotten

D. forgets

We ____________ not happy after the sad ending.

A. Were
B. Was
C. Did
D. Are

We _____________ our cat running into the neighbor’s garden.

A. sees

B. saw

C. see

D. seeing

Kartini … (be) born on April 21st 1879.

A. was

B. were

C. born

D. borned

Maria ____ dinner last night.

A. didn’t make

B. make

C. did made

What is the past simple form of ‘say’?

A. says

B. said

C. sayed

D. saying

The woman had already left when her friends …

  1. come
  2. came

Where ______ you __________ (go) on Vacation?

A. do/go

B. did/went

C. did/goed

D. did/go

How much time did you spend at the doctor’s office?

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

Last week our class ____ early in the morning.

A. began

B. begin

C. begun

D. beginned

How did you go to Paris?

A. I go to Paris by plane.
B. I goed to Paris by plane.
C. I went to Paris by plane.

What time / the Smiths / leave / for the airport?

A. What time did the Smiths leave for the airport?
B. What time the Smiths leave for the airport?
C. What time the Smiths left for the airport?

My childhood ________ happy and I would like to share about it.

A. is

B. are

C. were

D. was

Affirmative: I got up early last weekend.

Choose the negative:

A. I get up not early last weekend.

B. I did not get up early last weekend.

C. I not got up early last weekend.

D. I did not got up early last weekend.

E. I did not got up early on weekend.

I . . . some natural water in department store yesterday.

A. Buy
B. Bought
C. Buyed
D. Buying

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