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There …. new information related to the car accident. Everybody …. happy knowing that update.

A. is, is

B. are, is

C. were, are

D. was, is

The librarians ……. the books neatly on the shelves.

A. arranges

B. arrange

If we burn paper, … it become ash?

  1. does
  2. do

Sherlock _____ (play) in the garden.

A. playen

B. playss

C. play

D. plays

I have a televison, but I ___ watch it often.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

__________ you have a car?

A. Does
B. Do
C. Is
D. Are

Martha’s little dog ______ a bone and ______ all over the house.

A. bites – runs

B. runs – bites

C. runs – speaks

D. bites – reads

I…. a bath every morning

A. take

B. takes

She ________ (not, be) six years old.

A. Isn’t
B. Are not
C. Not is

They doesn’t go

A. True
B. False

She always_____ her purse.

A. Forgot
B. Forget
C. Forgets

He is a driver. He ____ from Hcm city to Ha Noi

A. Dirves

B. Drives

C. Driver

D. Drove

Jane is a teacher. She ___ French.
a. teach
b. teaches

The flowers _______________ (be, normally) watered by Bob ….

A. Are normally
B. Normally are
C. Normally is

Does the Sun circles the Earth?

A. True
B. False

You ____ nice.

A. Is
B. Are
C. Am

Can you use simple present to talk about habits and routines?

A. True
B. False

The cows … grass at the field.

A. eat

B. drink

C. sleep

D. dream

Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth …. every Sunday.

A. travels

B. travel

C. are travel

D. is travelling

You ______ Italian on the University.

A. learn

B. play

C. drink

D. buy

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