Simple Present Tense Quizzes

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Does he play tennis?

A. True
B. False

___________ you read books?

A. Does
B. Do
C. Is
D. Are

__________ you tired in the morning?

A. Does
B. Do
C. Is
D. Are

The dog__________ in the house

A. Play
B. Plays
C. Played
D. Playing

Santi’s Cat ….. a beautiful bird

A. Bite
B. Bit
C. Bites

He _______________movies on TV every Saturday night.

A. Watch
B. Watchs
C. Watches
D. Is watch

Does your child … to eat all the time?

A. Wants
B. Want

Dave speaks English, French, and German, but he ___ speak Italian.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

Is David your boyfriend?

A. No, he doesn’t
B. No, he isn’t

Good morning, how are you?

A. True
B. False

The post office ___ at 5:30 pm.
a. close
b. closes

They are not in the kitchen

A. True
B. False

We are new here. We ___ know him.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

They never ___ tea in the morning.
a. drink
b. drinks

The black and white cat … a long tail.

A. Has
B. Have

I ___________ (not, know) what you mean.

A. Doesn’t know
B. Not know
C. Don’t know

The ships … tonight at 9 p.m.

  1. arrives
  2. arrive

Where do koalas live?

A. They live in Australia
B. They lives in Australia

We ___ like classical music very much.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

I _____________ the laundry every week.

A. Do
B. Make
C. Have

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