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Do you __________ your brother ?

A. Like
B. Likes
C. Is like

3) We ____________ to study in the morning.

A. Hate
B. Hates
C. Am hating
D. Hated

I am clever student

A. True
B. False

Does Mary have a shower in the morning?

A. Yes, she do
B. Yes, she does

The flowers _______________ (be, normally) watered by Bob ….

A. Are normally
B. Normally are
C. Normally is

Is Donita and Anita students?

A. True
B. False

I ___ American.

A. Am
B. Is
C. Are

Harry has bad breath because he ___ brush his teeth very often.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

Bad driving ___________ many accidents.
A. causes
B. takes
C. lives
D. brings

They __________ go shopping at the weekend

A. Donot
B. Do’nt
C. Don’t

I love sumo, but I ___ like boxing.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

She always eats vegetables every day

A. True
B. False

The dog__________ in the house

A. Play
B. Plays
C. Played
D. Playing

___________ your children go to school?

A. Does
B. Do
C. Is
D. Are

When the kettle ___, will you make some tea?
a. boil
b. boils

Can you use the expression always in simple present?

A. True
B. False

Fahad and Sam _____________ soccer every Wednesday.

A. Play
B. Plays
C. Plaies

It __________ very late

A. Isn’t
B. Not is
C. Be not

I ___ to the cinema at least once a week.
a. go
b. goes

He always ___ his car on Sundays.
a. wash
b. washes

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