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He ____________ TV in the living room.

A. Watch
B. Watchs
C. Watches

If we burn paper, … it become ash?

A. Do
B. Does

Birds __________ wings.

A. have

B. has

Tim and Kim never____ a contest.

A. wins

B. win

C. wines

D. wining

Martha’s little dog ______ a bone and ______ all over the house.

A. bites – runs

B. runs – bites

C. runs – speaks

D. bites – reads

This animal can run very fast. It has a very long neck. It _____leaves. It has four long legs. It’s a giraffe.

A. Eat

B. Eating

C. Eats

D. To eat

…………………you have enough time to attend the party every night?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Did

D. Will

The bank ….. at 8 o’clock in the morning

A. open

B. opens

C. opened

D. openes

I don’t ______ reggaeton , it’s very noisy!

A. listen

B. speak

C. learn

D. jump

She always eats vegetables every day

A. True
B. False

I…. a bath every morning

A. take

B. takes

They … for three hours every night

A. Study

B. Doesn’t study

C. Studies

D. Is studying

Choose the correct sentence by using simple present based on the picture

A. She cooks every morning

B. She cookes every morning

C. She is cook every morning

D. She cooking every morning

Do not forget to ______ your hands before eating.

A. wash

B. washes

Mr. Santos ………… his son to school everyday.

A. drive

B. drives

John _____________ to bake cake.

A. bakes

B. bake

They __________ go shopping at the weekend

A. Donot
B. Do’nt
C. Don’t

I _____________ my new pet cat, Demuk.

A. loves

B. love

Ann ___________ handball very well.
A. plays
B. closes
C. drinks
D. lives

I love sumo, but I ___ like boxing.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t

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