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Garrett is as white as a ghost. What’s the predicate?

A. As white as a ghost
B. Ghost
C. Garrett
D. White

Different interpretations on the same event by various newspapers _____ readers confused and angry.

A. Make
B. Makes

Identify the sentence that has a compound subject.

A. A cape and a cloak are the same type of clothing.
B. A mantle is a wooden or stone structure around a fireplace.
C. The cloak hung neear the mantle.
D. The mantle was the perfect place to display the clock.

Identify the subject: Next week, my grandmother is coming from Korea.

A. Next week
B. My grandmother
C. Korea

Jeromy’s mom didn’t let him do anything. What’s the predicate?

A. Jeromy
B. Jeromy’s mom
C. Didn’t let him
D. Didn’t let him do anything

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