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Choose the simple subject in the following sentence:Ostrich leather makes exquisite boots.

A. Leather
B. Ostrich
C. Boots

Jeromy’s mom didn’t let him do anything. What’s the predicate?

A. Jeromy
B. Jeromy’s mom
C. Didn’t let him
D. Didn’t let him do anything

Different interpretations on the same event by various newspapers _____ readers confused and angry.

A. Make
B. Makes

Choose the simple predicate in the following sentence:A seahorse sleeps in an upright position.

A. Sleeps
B. Position
C. Upright

Which sentence contains a compound subject?

A. Howling wind and drenching rain rattled the loose windows on the old cabin.
B. The rain beat down on the broken roof and leaked in through the cracks in the door.
C. The wind howled around the corners of the dwelling.
D. The storm swept past the cabin and was suddenly gone.

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