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Breaking and entering against the law.

A. Is
B. Are

A number of students dropping out of school _____ each year.

A. Increases
B. Increase

Somebody must have tried to steal my car!

What is the simple predicate?

  1. must have
  2. must have tried
  3. must have tried to steal

Statistics _____ one of the subject I’m going to take this semester.

A. Is
B. Are

Heather was puzzled with the complicated math problem. Find the subject.

A. Heather
B. Puzzled
C. Complicated
D. Math problem

Kites had many different used in the past.
      A.     Subject
      B.     Predicate

Ryan, together with his friends _____ finished the test.

A. Has
B. Have

Choose the simple subject in the following sentence:Manufacturers use ostrich feathers in the hat and dress industries.

A. Feathers
B. Industries
C. Manufacturers

The movie is very different from the book.
      A.     Complete subject
      B.     Complete predicate
      C.     Simple subject
      D.     Simple predicate

Identify the sentence that has a compound subject.

A. A cape and a cloak are the same type of clothing.
B. A mantle is a wooden or stone structure around a fireplace.
C. The cloak hung neear the mantle.
D. The mantle was the perfect place to display the clock.

Choose the simple predicate in the following sentence:A seahorse sleeps in an upright position.

A. Sleeps
B. Position
C. Upright

Identify the predicate: The entire fifth and sixth grade have vocabulary tests tomorrow

A. Entire
B. Fifth and sixth grade
C. Have vocabulary tests tomorrow

Tell whether the underlined part is the subject, the predicate or neither:

The people in the house are having a party.
      A.     Subject
      B.     Predicate
      C.     Neither

Here are the files for burning into a CD-ROM.

What is the simple subject?

  1. here
  2. files

He is planting something in the garden.

What is the complete predicate?

  1. planting something in the garden
  2. is planting something in the garden

Identify the subject: Next week, my grandmother is coming from Korea.

A. Next week
B. My grandmother
C. Korea

The subject is…

A. Always the first word of the sentence
B. Always capitalized
C. What the sentence is about
D. The part of the senctence containing the verb

The rock flew and squashed the banana.
The rock is the subject. Squashed the banana is the predicate.

A. True
B. False

The internet was not working. Find the predicate…

A. The internet
B. Was not
C. The internet was not
D. Was not working

Indicate if the following is a sentence or fragment:I heard something in the other room.

A. Fragment
B. Sentence

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