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Most of the music__________________popular dance music.

A. Is
B. Are

The word “can” expresses _______. It’s past tense form is ______.

A. Permission / could
B. Ability / couldn’t
C. Permission / couldn’t
D. Ability / could

Eighty percentage of his furniture … old.

  1. is
  2. are

Computer pictures_________ people in many ways.

A. Helps
B. Help

True or False: The following sentence is grammatically correct.

If mom was here you would be in trouble.

A. True
B. False

Meandering downriver toward a deer, three grizzly cubs (comes, come) within 15 yards of it.

A. Comes
B. Come

Swimming in heated pools ___ very common in this part of the country in the winter.

A. Are
B. Is

The books borrowed from the library ___ on my desk.

A. Is
B. Are

The helping verb “could” expresses _____________.

A. Ability
B. Permission
C. Reason
D. Expectation

My family ____ never been able to agree.

A. Has
B. Have

They (work, works) all afternoon.

A. work

B. works

The tornadoes that tear through this county every spring _____ more than just a nuisance.

A. Is
B. Are

The soloist and her parter_____ now ready.

A. Is
B. Was
C. Are
D. Were

The staff nurses but not the chief nurse ___ decided not to work on Ninoy Aquino’s Day.

A. Has
B. Had
C. Are
D. Have

Common knowledge to anyone who studies science, the earth ___ on its own axis once every twenty-four hours.

A. Revolve
B. Revolves

They ______ unaware of the negative effects of what they are doing.

A. am

B. is

C. are

Whose stethoscope ___ this?

A. Was
B. Are
C. Were
D. Is

Twenty dollars (was/were) a great deal on that watch!

A. Was
B. Were

The value of many of these antiques (has, have) not been determined.

A. Has
B. Have

Which sentence has an error?

A. The team is tired.
B. People are tired.
C. The crew are tired.
D. The committee is tired.

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