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The books borrowed from the library ___ on my desk.

A. Is
B. Are

The boy or his friends play guitar once a day.

Is this a correct sentence?

A. Yes
B. No

Select the intervening phrase (sits between the subject and verb) in each sentence.

New York, despite its crowded streets, is fun to visit.

A. to visit

B. despite the crowded streets

C. is fun to visit

Either the students or the teacher ________to be respected.

A. Prefer
B. Prefers
C. Preferred
D. Preferring

Rice and beans, my favorite dish, __________ me of my native Puerto Rico.

A. Remind
B. Reminds

The tornadoes that tear through this county every spring ____________more than just a nuisance.

A. Are
B. Is

Anthony and DeShawn (is/ are) finished with the essay.

A. Is
B. Are

They ______ unaware of the negative effects of what they are doing.

A. am

B. is

C. are

Don’t mind Mr. Go. He ___ one of those patients who always report vague complaints.

A. Are
B. Is
C. Was
D. Were

The students in my class (has / have) very poor work habits.

A. Has
B. Have

A pencil and an eraser (make/makes) writing easier.

A. Make
B. Makes

My family ____ never been able to agree.

A. Has
B. Have

The onions in the potato salad ________ too strong for my liking.

A. is

B. are

______ my boss or my sisters in the union going to win this grievance?

A. Is
B. Are

Not only the students, but also the teacher (has, have) been unhappy.

A. Has
B. Have

“Safe” and “out” (is / are) two calls in baseball.

A. Is
B. Are

Lingering snow patches often (becomes,become) playgrounds for grizzlies observed making snowballs.

A. Becomes
B. Become

The ACTIVE voice puts the ________ as the topic of the sentence.

A. Subject
B. Predicate
C. Object
D. Clause

The bird sang from the bough of the tree. Then the bird hopped to another branch and sang some more. The word bough means?

A. Branch
B. Tree
C. Trunk

Field testing or surveys _______ their marketing strategies.

A. Determines
B. Determine

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