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What is the subject in the sentence below?

“There are many reasons for these fights.”

A. There
B. Fights
C. Many
D. Reasons

Our team (play / plays) hard every night.

A. Play
B. Plays

Neither he or I willing to go shopping today.

A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. Be

Ansel is ____ (go) to New York next week.

A. Go
B. Going
C. Goes
D. Went

The computer ____________ her learn about many things.

A. Helps
B. Help

A pencil and an eraser (make/makes) writing easier.

A. Make
B. Makes

The Bicentennial, which Americans celebrated in 1976, (has, have) inspired a revival in the art of quilting.

A. Has
B. Have

The Nile River ___ from south to north.

A. Flow
B. Flows

This bag ____ my most favourite to use.

A. Is
B. Was
C. Were
D. Be

She _____ 25-years-old.

A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. Be

About fifty percent of the students in our class ______ from poor families.

A. Is
B. Are

More than one student ______ late for class this morning.

A. Was
B. Were

Speaking and writing each ____ a mastery of words.

A. Requires
B. Require

Dan _____ the thief who stole his phone.

A. chases

B. chase

My friends and I ________________ our novel for English.

A. Has read
B. Have read

The word “can” expresses _______. It’s past tense form is ______.

A. Permission / could
B. Ability / couldn’t
C. Permission / couldn’t
D. Ability / could

The KY Jelly ___ not only water-based but very useful as well.

A. Was
B. It’s
C. Is
D. Are

Which sentence below is correct?

A. We’ve done all that we can here pack up the supplies.
B. We’ve done all that we can here, pack up the supplies.
C. Pack up the supplies, we’ve done all that we can here.
D. We’ve done all that we can here; pack up the supplies.

Neither his mother, nor his mother _____ mahjong.

A. Play
B. Plays
C. Played
D. Playing

Mathematics (is/are) a required subject for a college degree.

A. Is
B. Are

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