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Nina Giri wished she hadn’t forgotten my name. The sentence means Nina Giri ……..

A. Had forgotten my name.
B. Had not forgotten my name.
C. Forgot my name.
D. Didn’t forget my name
E. Wouldn’t forget my name.

Rice is expensive now. I wish ……..

A. Rice is not expensive.
B. Rice is cheap.
C. Rice is more expensive
D. Rice were more expensive.
E. Rice were less expensive.

It is raining now. I wish it ……..

A. Will stop
B. Am stop
C. Is not raining
D. Were raining
E. Were not raining

If only Kasmora had studied hard. The sentence means ……..

A. Kasmora studied hard
B. Kasmora didn’t study hard.
C. Kasmoro had studied hard.
D. Kasmora hadn’t studied hard.
E. Kasmora would have studied hard.

Raissa acted as if she … Lady Macbeth.

  1. was
  2. were

Najma would rather that Thomas …….. now.

A. Comes
B. Doesn’t come
C. Will come
D. Will not come
E. Didn’t come

My husband requested that tea … used instead of coffee.

  1. were
  2. be

Mrs Zusmeidar wishes she could buy the house now.

This sentence means Mrs Zusmeidar …….. the house now.

A. Could buy
B. Can buy
C. Couldn’t buy
D. Will not buy
E. Can not buy

You live far away from your office. I wish you …….. far away from your office.

A. Live
B. Will live
C. Lived
D. Didn’t live
E. Don’t live

Thomas : My students still don’t understand the lesson about Gerund.

Abraham : Really? Thomas : Yes, I wish they …….. so that I can continue explaining the other lesson.

A. Understand
B. Don’t understand
C. Understood
D. Have understood
E. Didn’t understood

Maulana acts as though he owned the car. The sentence means ……..

A. Maulana owns the car
B. Maulana doesn’t own the car
C. Maulana owned the car
D. He acts well to the car
E. He doesn’t act well to the car

Dede : Did you pass the exam? Raflian : I wish I hadn’t failed. From the dialogue, we may conclude that ……..

A. Dede passed the exam.
B. Dede failed in the exam.
C. Raflian passed the exam.
D. Raflian didn’t fail.
E. Raflian failed.

The music in that room is very loud.I wish someone turned it down. The sentence means ……..

A. I will turn down the music.
B. Someone will turn down the music.
C. I will ask someone to turn down the music.
D. I feel annoyed by the music.
E. Someone will ask me to turn down the music.

Tomi gave the order to the people in the restaurant as if he were the owner. In fact, Tomi ……..

A. Is the owner
B. Was the owner
C. Has owned that restaurant
D. Was a successful boss
E. Is an ordinary employee.

Sarjana went to the whiteboard as if he had known the answer. In fact, ……..

A. Sarjana knew the answer
B. Sarjana doesn’t know the answer
C. Sarjana has known the answer
D. Sarjana had known the answer
E. Sarjana didn’t know the answer

She would have helped you if you … asked her.

  1. have
  2. had

She cried as though she … a million dollars.

  1. lose
  2. lost

They wish they knew about Banking. The sentence means that they …….. about Banking.

A. Know
B. Knew
C. Have known
D. Didn’t know
E. Don’t know

Wawan was daydreaming, so he missed Biology lesson yesterday.He wished he had paid attention to the lesson explained by the teacher. We can also say that Wawan ……..

A. Doesn’t pay attention to the lesson
B. Won’t pay attention to the lesson
C. Don’t pay attention to the lesson
D. Didn’t pay attention to the lesson
E. Paid attention to the lesson

I wish I ____ at home.

A. Was
B. Were
C. Either could be used here.

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