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My friend won’t lend me his car. I wish __________ .

A. he lent me his car

B. he didn’t lend me his car

C. he would lend me his car

D. he will lend me his car

I wish I knew the answer ……..

A. Yesterday
B. Last week
C. Now
D. At the time
E. Just now

Choose the correct sentence using “it’s high time”

A. I think it’s high time I studies hard

B. I think it’s high time I studying hard

C. I think it’s high time I study hard

D. I think it’s high time I studied hard

You live far away from your office. I wish you …….. far away from your office.

A. Live
B. Will live
C. Lived
D. Didn’t live
E. Don’t live

I would rather Fauzi …….. to Bukit Tinggi last week.

A. Came
B. Had come
C. Didn’t come
D. Comes
E. Wiil come

Mr Muslimin would rather Wawan …….. all the time yesterday.

A. Hadn’t played
B. Played
C. Didn’t play
D. Has played
E. Would play

Najma would rather that Thomas …….. now.

A. Comes
B. Doesn’t come
C. Will come
D. Will not come
E. Didn’t come

Sarjana went to the whiteboard as if he had known the answer. In fact, ……..

A. Sarjana knew the answer
B. Sarjana doesn’t know the answer
C. Sarjana has known the answer
D. Sarjana had known the answer
E. Sarjana didn’t know the answer

I wish ____ the manager.

A. See
B. Seeing
C. To see

Mareta wishes that they …….. the letter yesterday.

A. Send
B. Sent
C. Didn’t send
D. Had sent
E. Had been sent

If only her son hadn’t failed in the exam. The sentence means ……..

A. Her son has been failing
B. Her son hadn’t failed
C. Her son succeeded
D. Her son didn’t fail.
E. Her son didn’t succeed

If only I … a chef, I could cook delicious food for my husband

A. Was

B. Were

C. Is

D. Are

Choose the best answer using “would rather”

A. Jesika would rather Jenny whispers about her secret

B. Jesika would rather Jenny whispered about her secret

C. Jesika would rather whispered to Jenny

D. Jessika would whisper rather than speak loudly

Mrs Zusmeidar wishes she could buy the house now.

This sentence means Mrs Zusmeidar …….. the house now.

A. Could buy
B. Can buy
C. Couldn’t buy
D. Will not buy
E. Can not buy

I wish I __________ Psychology when I was a college student.

A. had studied

B. would study

C. studied

D. studied

I would rather that I __________ him to my birthday party yesterday.

A. invited

B. have invited

C. had invited

D. invite

Choose the correct sentence using “as if”

A. He preached me as if he was a preacher

B. He preached me as if he is a preacher

C. He preached me as if he were a preacher

D. He preached me as if he preacher

Nina Giri wished she hadn’t forgotten my name. The sentence means Nina Giri ……..

A. Had forgotten my name.
B. Had not forgotten my name.
C. Forgot my name.
D. Didn’t forget my name
E. Wouldn’t forget my name.

Look at your nephew, he sings as though he … in the concert

A. Were

B. Ware

C. Was

D. Is

We wish we __________ a large house but we can’t afford it now.

A. have

B. had

C. can have

D. will have

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