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Mareta wishes that they …….. the letter yesterday.

A. Send
B. Sent
C. Didn’t send
D. Had sent
E. Had been sent

The music in that room is very loud.I wish someone turned it down. The sentence means ……..

A. I will turn down the music.
B. Someone will turn down the music.
C. I will ask someone to turn down the music.
D. I feel annoyed by the music.
E. Someone will ask me to turn down the music.

I wish they ____ keep the noise down next door.

A. Would
B. Could

Mr Muslimin would rather Wawan …….. all the time yesterday.

A. Hadn’t played
B. Played
C. Didn’t play
D. Has played
E. Would play

I would rather Fauzi …….. to Bukit Tinggi last week.

A. Came
B. Had come
C. Didn’t come
D. Comes
E. Wiil come

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