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Choose the correct sentence using “wish”

A. I wish I am her close friend

B. I wish I were her close friend

C. I wish I are her close friend

D. I wish I was her close friend

Edna : Did you come to Rahayu’s party last night?

Hukom : I wish I had gone there. From the dialogue, we know that Hukom …….. to Rahayu’s party.

A. Comes
B. Came
C. Didn’t come
D. Will come
E. Doesn’t come

If I … a doctor, I would never diagnose heart failure by symptoms alone.

  1. was
  2. were

Choose the correct answer.

I wish it ____ end soon.

A. Will
B. Would

Mr Muslimin would rather Wawan …….. all the time yesterday.

A. Hadn’t played
B. Played
C. Didn’t play
D. Has played
E. Would play

Nina Giri wished she hadn’t forgotten my name. The sentence means Nina Giri ……..

A. Had forgotten my name.
B. Had not forgotten my name.
C. Forgot my name.
D. Didn’t forget my name
E. Wouldn’t forget my name.

She cried as though she … a million dollars.

  1. lose
  2. lost

Leader: I can’t handle this bankruptcy

Member: If only I … you, I would reduce the expending of company
A. Become

B. Am

C. Was

D. Were

They wished he ____ come skiing with them, but he hadn’t recovered from the operation.

A. Would
B. Could
C. Either could be used here.

I wish I had time to go. In fact, I …….. to go.

A. Had time
B. Didn’t have time
C. Wouldn’t have time
D. Don’t have time
E. Wouldn’t have time

Wawan was daydreaming, so he missed Biology lesson yesterday.He wished he had paid attention to the lesson explained by the teacher. We can also say that Wawan ……..

A. Doesn’t pay attention to the lesson
B. Won’t pay attention to the lesson
C. Don’t pay attention to the lesson
D. Didn’t pay attention to the lesson
E. Paid attention to the lesson

Ali : Why are you still here? You are supposed to be at the Mathematics class today.

Fadli : I wish there were no Mathematics class today. I am tired.

From the dialogue, we can conclude that ……..

A. Fadli didn’t have mathematics class.
B. Fadli doesn’t have mathematics.
C. Fadli had Mathematics class today.
D. Fadli has Mathematics class today.
E. Fadli will have Mathematics class today.

My sister gets difficulty in answering the Math task. I wish I … a mathematician, so I could help her.

A. Was

B. Am

C. Were

D. Wear

Thomas : My students still don’t understand the lesson about Gerund.

Abraham : Really? Thomas : Yes, I wish they …….. so that I can continue explaining the other lesson.

A. Understand
B. Don’t understand
C. Understood
D. Have understood
E. Didn’t understood

Najma : Marta, You look tired. Why don’t you sleep?
Hukom : I wish I ……. You know I still have to do my homework now.

A. Can
B. Will
C. Will be able to
D. Had been able to
E. Could

What if we … that grandmother

A. Helped

B. Help

C. Helps

D. Helping

Dede : Did you pass the exam? Raflian : I wish I hadn’t failed. From the dialogue, we may conclude that ……..

A. Dede passed the exam.
B. Dede failed in the exam.
C. Raflian passed the exam.
D. Raflian didn’t fail.
E. Raflian failed.

If only Kasmora had studied hard. The sentence means ……..

A. Kasmora studied hard
B. Kasmora didn’t study hard.
C. Kasmoro had studied hard.
D. Kasmora hadn’t studied hard.
E. Kasmora would have studied hard.

Tomi gave the order to the people in the restaurant as if he were the owner. In fact, Tomi ……..

A. Is the owner
B. Was the owner
C. Has owned that restaurant
D. Was a successful boss
E. Is an ordinary employee.

Choose the best answer using “would rather”

A. Jesika would rather Jenny whispers about her secret

B. Jesika would rather Jenny whispered about her secret

C. Jesika would rather whispered to Jenny

D. Jessika would whisper rather than speak loudly

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