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I wish I …….. as good as Mrs Elli Yuniarti.

A. Am
B. Was
C. Were
D. Will be
E. Can be

I wish I ____ at home.

A. Was
B. Were
C. Either could be used here.

If only my mother were still alive. The meaning is ……..

A. My mother was alive.
B. My mother were alive.
C. My mother didn’t pass away.
D. My mother passed away.
E. My mother was sick.

Edna : Did you come to Rahayu’s party last night?

Hukom : I wish I had gone there. From the dialogue, we know that Hukom …….. to Rahayu’s party.

A. Comes
B. Came
C. Didn’t come
D. Will come
E. Doesn’t come

I would rather Fauzi …….. to Bukit Tinggi last week.

A. Came
B. Had come
C. Didn’t come
D. Comes
E. Wiil come

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