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Wish is a…

A. Verb
B. Noun
C. Both

I wish he … my best friend.

  1. were
  2. was

The students wish that their university …….. as big as UI.

A. Is
B. Are
C. Will be
D. Was
E. Were

Dede : Did you pass the exam? Raflian : I wish I hadn’t failed. From the dialogue, we may conclude that ……..

A. Dede passed the exam.
B. Dede failed in the exam.
C. Raflian passed the exam.
D. Raflian didn’t fail.
E. Raflian failed.

Tomi gave the order to the people in the restaurant as if he were the owner. In fact, Tomi ……..

A. Is the owner
B. Was the owner
C. Has owned that restaurant
D. Was a successful boss
E. Is an ordinary employee.

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