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It’s Monday Morning. Greg and Anna are ____________ on a school trip to the museum.

A. going

B. go

C. went

D. goes

I ……. writing my report in an hour or so. Then we can go to a movie.

A. finish

B. finished

C. will finish

John practiced tricks 4 days ago

A. Present Simple

B. Past simple

C. present continuous

D. future simple

In which situation would you use the future perfect continuous tense?

A. To talk about completed actions in the past.

B. To express ongoing actions in the future that will continue up to a specific point.

C. To indicate that one action in the future will happen before another.

D. To discuss actions that will happen in the future.

with finished actions, states or habits

A. present simple

B. present continuous

C. past simple

D. past continuous

Have you tried eating laksa?

A. Simple Present Tense

B. Simple Past Tense

C. Present Perfect Tense

D. Future Tense of Be Going To

She ___ an important email to the client right now.

A. was typing

B. is typing

C. has been typing

D. has typed

The police ______ four thieves last night.

A. was catching

B. caught

C. is catching

D. will catch

Tanushiya was happy and ______ when Shayaan gave her a gift. .

A. smile

B. smiled

C. smule

At this time tomorrow ………. over the Atlantic.

A. We’re flying

B. We’ll be flying

C. We’ll fly

D. We’re to fly

We will listen your voice in singing a song here …..……

A. Yesterday

B. Last week

C. Two days before

D. Next week

My clothes are not in the room. They ………. them away before yesterday.

A. took

B. had taken

C. have taken

D. take

Television ___________ very popular since 1950s.

A. has been

B. was

C. had been

D. is

Identify the tense in the following sentence:

This is time for the self studies.

A. Past Perfect

B. Simple Present

C. Simple Past

D. Future Perfect Continuous

Sometimes I ________ up before the sun ________.

A. am getting – is rising

B. get – has risen

C. have got – rises

D. get – rises

    How many students in your class ….. from Korea?
A.     Come
B.     Came
C.     Is coming
D.     Are coming

“Where’s Paul?” – “ She ………………….. “.

A. is in her room studying

B. in her room studying

C. studies in her room

D. has in her room studied

She has piano lesson … Monday.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. the

They’ve (be) ….. married for nearly fifty years.

A. be

B. being

C. been

D. will be

The train ______ the station half an hour ago.

A. left

B. has left

C. was leaving

D. leaves

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