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Rayne and Marcus ____________ the scientist camp every December.

A. attend

B. attended

C. attends

D. attending

Monkeys enjoy …….in the branches of tree.

A. Swings

B. Swinging

C. Swing

D. Swung

The weather ____________ strangely fine this morning when I opened the windows.

A. is

B. am

C. was

D. should

I ___________________ up at 7 every morning but this morning I ___________________ long and I ___________________ up until 8. (get, sleep, not get)

A. get, slept, didn’t get

B. got, slept, didn’t get

C. get, slept, don’t get

D. get, sleep, didn’t get

‘We were studying in Bangkok’

A. Past Simple

B. Past Continuous

C. Future Perfect

D. Present Continuous

Until you learn to relax more, you ……………… your ability to speak English.

A. haven’t improved

B. aren’t improving

C. don’t improve

D. won’t improve

‘I won’t have been eating meat for three months’

A. Future Perfect

B. Past Continuous

C. Future Perfect Continuous

D. Future Simple

Today many scientists _________ another change.

A. Predict
B. Predicted
C. Will predict

They …………. ( laugh ) at the moment.

A. were laughing

B. laughed

C. are laughing

D. is laughing

At the moment, I (read) _______ a book and my brother (watch) ______ TV.

A. read/ watch

B. am reading/ is watching

C. is read/ watching

D. read/ is watching

If you had eaten a good breakfast, you ……………. so hungry now.

A. wouldn’t be

B. can’t be

C. wouldn’t have been

D. won’t be

I am waiting for you

A. Present Perfect

B. Present simple

C. Present Perfect Continuous

D. Present Continuous

Every Monday my dad ________________ to work by train because my mom ____________ the car.

A. went, needed

B. goes, needs

C. go. needs

D. going, needing

Laura ________ (feel) very sick, but she decided to go out anyway.

A. was feeling

B. has felt

C. has been feeling

D. had felt

John _____ when I arrived in the office.

A. had gone out

B. has gone out

C. went out

D. goes out

We ……. ( not hear ) of the doctor’s visit till now.

A. haven’t heard

B. was hearing

C. has been hearing

D. is hearing

The building……….. ( complete ) by next month.

A. will have been completed

B. was completed

C. completed

D. was completing

Megan ________ to school at half past eight, everyday.

A. go

B. going

C. goes

D. went

I ……… ( see ) this film recently.

A. will see

B. saw

C. is seeing

D. have seen

They (not like) sports.

A. isn’t like

B. doesn’t like

C. don’t like

D. hasn’t liked

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