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John ———————- to join the medical college, but he ——————– to get admission.
a) Wanted, had failed
b) Had wanted, failed
c) Had wanted, had failed
d) Want, failed

My brother … English course for six months by the end of this year.

  1. will have been taking
  2. will have taken

She ——————– the room several times.

a) Swept
b) Is sweeping
c) Was swept
d) Has sweeping

He ——————– by his enemies.

a) Has killed
b) Has been killed
c) Was killing
d) Had killed

I wish our people ——————- not so cruel.

a) Was
b) Were
c) Have
d) Is

A bomb scare ——————– a delay of the flight.
a) Caused
b) Cause
c) Was caused
d) Had caused

Choose the correct tense for the following sentence:

He was constantly talking.

A. Past progressive
B. Present progressive
C. Future progressive

When I_______(come) home this evening, my parents had gone out for a walk.

A. came

B. will come

C. have come

D. come

I ——————- your music teacher very well.

a) Am knowing
b) Know
c) Am known
d) Was knowing

My brother has ——————– his work.

a) Complete
b) Completed
c) Completing
d) Been completed

My father is so tired since he … our garden all day for planting vegetables.

  1. has prepared
  2. has been preparing


She __________ with her parents in London.
A. lived

B. lives

C. living

D. live

Today tropical plants ______ in the northern forests.

A. Grew
B. Grow
C. Will grow

English is widely ——————— in India.

a) Teach
b) Taught
c) Being teaching
d) Teaching

After —————— into the bus we discovered that we ——————– the wrong one.
a) Got, boarded
b) Getting, had boarded
c) Get, boarded
d) Getting, board

All the students ________ the class work when the teacher came in.

A. are doing

B. were doing

C. will be doing

D. have done

The nurse ——————– after the patient.

a) Is looking
b) Has looking
c) Is looked
d) Was looked

I ——————— a number of detective novels when I was a child.
a) Read
b) Was read
c) Had read
d) Have read

Choose the correct tense for the following sentence:

My sister is watching TV right now.

A. Past progressive
B. Present progressive
C. Future progressive

Shhh! Someone ___________________ to our conversation (listen)

A. is listening

B. listen

C. listens

D. are listening

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