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Third Conditional Quiz

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I __________ (call) you if I __________ (not/forget) my phone.

A. would have called – hadn´t forgotten

B. would called – haven´t forgotten

She __________ (not/do) it if she __________ (know) your actual situation

A. wouldn´t have done – had known

B. wouldn´t has done – has known

If you __________ (not/be) late, we __________ (not/miss) the bus.

A. hadn´t been – wouldn´t have missed

B. hadn´t be – wouldn´t missed

If you ……………… more, you ……………… so tired.

A. Had slept, hadn’t been
B. Had slept, wouldn’t have been
C. Would have slept, wouldn’t have been

We __________ (come) to your house if we __________ (be) invited.

A. would have come – had been

B. would had come – had be

If he had followed the directions, he _ on time

A. had arrived

B. would arrived

C. would have arrived

D. would had arrived

Would you _ to the conference if the company hadn´t paid for the tickets?

A. have gone

B. had gone

C. have went

D. go

She __________ (not/meet) him if she __________ (not/travel) to Europe.

A. wouldn´t have met – hadn´t traveled

B. wouldn´t has met – hadn´t travel

If she __________ (go) to the university, she __________ (study) French.

A. had gone – would have studied

B. has gone – would has studied

If you __________ (not/take) the job, you __________ (go) travelling.

A. hadn´t taken – would have gone

B. hadn´t took – would have went

If it hadn’t rained, we ___  gone fishing 

A. could have

B. would

C. must of

D. must have

We use 3rd Conditional to talk about …

A. hypotetical or imaginary situations in the past.

B. hypotetical or imaginary situations in the present.

C. hypotetical or imaginary situations in the future.

Where  ______  your last birthday party if money had been no object?

A. would you held

B. would you hold

C. would you have held

D. would you have hold

Where would you have gone at the weekend, if you ____ more time?

A. have had

B. has had

C. had had

D. would have had

What would you have done if you ____ in Paris during the terrorist attacks?

A. have been

B. had been

C. has been

D. would have been

I ……………… you at the station if you ……………… me.

A. Had met, would have phoned
B. Would have met, had phoned
C. Would have met, would have phoned

If they ……………… earlier, they ……………… the train.

A. Would have left, had caught
B. Had left, had caught
C. Had left, would have caught

If I __ the menu, I wouldn´t have gone to the restaurant.

A. had saw

B. have saw

C. had seen

D. have seen

We __________ (not/get) married if we __________ (not/go) to the same university.

A. wouldn´t have gotten – hadn´t gone

B. wouldn´t have get – hadn´t went

If we ……………… you, we ……………… .

A. Would have seen, had stopped
B. Had seen, would have stopped
C. Would have seen, would have stopped

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