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It’s too expensive …

Which is the best way to complete this sentence:

A. .. so I can’t buy it.
B. … but it’s very good quality and I have enough money so I’m going to buy it.

Pamela is intelligent but this will cause problems for her, perhaps because somebody is jealous of her.

Is it better to say:

A. She’s very clever
B. She’s too clever.

There are far ___________many mistakes in the essay.

A. Very
B. Too
C. Either could be used here

The tea is________ hot for me to drink.

A. Too
B. So
C. Very

Jo is having a great time on holiday because it is 34 degrees celsius and she loves hot weather. What does she write on her postcard:

A. It’s very hot here.
B. It’s too hot here.

Ben does too much exercise.

Does it mean:

A. He is very fit because he goes to the gym and plays a lot of sport.
B. Every evening he is tired and he is getting a lot of pain in his legs because he goes to the gym every day for two hours. And he has no time to do his work.

Your football team won the game 6 – 1.

Which would you say:

A. They played very well.
B. They played too well.

The evening was__________ cold.

A. Very
B. Too
C. Either could be used here

You buy a new sofa for your house. But you can’t get it through the door into your living room. Oh no! …

A. It’s too big!
B. It’s very big!

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