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See that building there? I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to school there, but now it’s a factory.

A. Used to going
B. Get used to going
C. Used to go

Blackpool in England ___ the most popular tourist destination. These days, English people prefer to go abroad.

A. Was used to be
B. Is used to being
C. Used to be
D. Used to being

I _ _ _ _ _ _ to play football when I was young. I’m too old and fat to play now.

A. used
B. Got used
C. Use
D. Was used

Did you ___ to work for Softec?

A. Were used
B. Used
C. Are used

When ِِAhmed was the head of our Company , everything _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ well organized. Now it’s total chaos here.

A. Got used to be
B. Was used to being
C. Used to be .

When I was young, I ___ to play a lot of basketball.

A. Am used
B. Was used
C. Used

Don’t worry. You will soon ___ used to cooking for yourself.

A. Are
B. Is
C. Am
D. Be

I _____ last night

A. Used to drink
B. Drank

When I had to search for work every day I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ very early.

A. Used to getting up
B. Used to get up

When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ all the work on my own.

A. Am used to doing
B. Used to do
C. Get used to doing

He _________________ piano lessons, but now he plays soccer.

A. Used to study
B. Studied

She still isn’t ___ at night.

A. Used to working
B. Used to work

When I was a newly-trained teacher, I ____________ work till late every night preparing lessons.

A. Used to/ would
B. Used to
C. Would

I __________ my homework yesterday.

A. Did
B. Used to do

Ana Guevara __________in Europe four years ago.

A. Used to run
B. Ran

At first it was difficult for her to speak in French all the time but she _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to it now.

A. Is used
B. Was used
C. Uses

He _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fat , but now he is thin.

A. Used to be
B. Used to being

My friend Mary ___________________, but now she does.

A. Didn’t use to smoke
B. didn’t smoke

I ____________ smoke when I was a child

A. didn’t use to
B. didn’t used to

Don’t worry, it’s a simple program to use. You _ _ _ _ _ _ _ it in no time, I’m sure.

A. Are used to
B. Will get used to
C. Used to use

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