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See that building there? I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to school there, but now it’s a factory.

A. Used to going
B. Get used to going
C. Used to go

I used to ___ my parents on the weekend.

A. Visiting
B. Visit

I didn’t use to ____ it, but I do now.

A. like

B. liking

C. liked

I ______________ tacos this afternoon

A. Ate
B. Used to eat

I _____ last night

A. Used to drink
B. Drank

______________ drink?

A. Did you used to
B. Did you use to

When I was at school, I_____________ (negative) do my weekend homework until Sunday evening.

A. Didn’t use to/ would never
B. Didn’t used to
C. Wouldn’t

Peter ______________chocomilk, but now he drinks micheladas.

A. used to drink
B. Drank

When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I _____________________ all the work on my own.

A. get used to doing

B. used to do

C. am used to doing

In the long summer holidays, we __________ go out somewhere with the picnic every day.

A. Used to/ would
B. Used to
C. Would

I like it now, but I ____.

A. didn’t use to

B. didn’t used to

C. didn’t using to

I _________ have lots of free time before I started working here.

A. Used to
B. Would
C. Used to/ would

I __________ my homework yesterday.

A. Did
B. Used to do

I haven’t studied for ages and I’m finding it hard to get used to _____ every day.

A. studied

B. study

C. studying

I’m not used to ____ up this early.

A. get

B. getting

C. gets

I used to ____ hard when I was a student.

A. work

B. worked

C. working

Did you ___ to work for Softec?

A. Were used
B. Used
C. Are used

I ____________ smoke when I was a child

A. didn’t use to
B. didn’t used to

When I was a newly-trained teacher, I ____________ work till late every night preparing lessons.

A. Used to/ would
B. Used to
C. Would

He ___________ go for a run every day.

A. Used to
B. Used to/ would
C. Would

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