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When I was at school, I_____________ (negative) do my weekend homework until Sunday evening.

A. Didn’t use to/ would never
B. Didn’t used to
C. Wouldn’t

Don’t worry, it’s a simple program to use. You _ _ _ _ _ _ _ it in no time, I’m sure.

A. Are used to
B. Will get used to
C. Used to use

I _____ last night

A. Used to drink
B. Drank

When I had a car, I ___________ drive everywhere, but now I’m much fitter because I always walk or cycle.

A. Used to/ would
B. Would
C. Used to

See that building there? I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to school there, but now it’s a factory.

A. Used to going
B. Get used to going
C. Used to go

Working till 10pm isn’t a problem. I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ late. I did it in my last job too.

A. Am used to finishing
B. Get used to finishing

Sara was shocked when she joined our busy company because she _ _ _ _ _ _ _ doing much work everyday.

A. Wasn’t used to
B. Didn’t use to

Don’t worry. You will soon ___ used to cooking for yourself.

A. Are
B. Is
C. Am
D. Be

When they came to London, they __________ (negative) travel anywhere on the tube.

A. Didn’t use to/ would never
B. Didn’t used to
C. Wouldn’t
D. Didn’t used to/ wouldn’t

I ___ waking up early for my new job.

A. Am used to
B. Used to

They ____________ be happy together but they’re not now.

A. Used to
B. Used to/ would
C. Would

He _________________ piano lessons, but now he plays soccer.

A. Used to study
B. Studied

He _ _ _ _ _ _several books a month but he doesn’t have time any more.

A. Was used to reading
B. Used to read
C. Got used to reading

My friend Mary ___________________, but now she does.

A. Didn’t use to smoke
B. didn’t smoke

When I had to search for work every day I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ very early.

A. Used to getting up
B. Used to get up

When I was a newly-trained teacher, I ____________ work till late every night preparing lessons.

A. Used to/ would
B. Used to
C. Would

______________ drink?

A. Did you used to
B. Did you use to

Did you ___ to work for Softec?

A. Were used
B. Used
C. Are used

I _ _ _ _ _ _ to play football when I was young. I’m too old and fat to play now.

A. used
B. Got used
C. Use
D. Was used

He _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fat , but now he is thin.

A. Used to be
B. Used to being

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