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The wind was howling all night.

A. was howling

B. The wind

C. all night

D. howling

Julia doesn’t hate working on saturdays.

  1. does hate
  2. does hate working
  3. doesn’t hate working

You should often clean your cats’ bowl.

  1. should often clean
  2. often clean

I will be finished shortly.

A. will be finished

B. finished

C. shortly

D. I will

James had to run in order to catch his bus.

A. had to run

B. in order

C. his bus

D. to catch

I am running a huge race this weekend.

A. I am

B. this weekend

C. am running

D. race

I’ve run out of time.

A. I’ve

B. I’ve run out

C. of time

D. time

The message can’t be altered.

A. can’t be altered

B. the message

C. message

D. inbox

You do beautiful work.

A. You

B. do beautiful

C. work

D. I

The bicycle was held to the rack with a chain.

A. The bicycle

B. was held

C. the rack

D. a chain

Sarah had to grab her dog before it ran away.

A. ran away

B. it ran

C. had to grab

D. her dog

I can understand his concern.

A. I’m concerned

B. his concern

C. can understand

D. I

Instructions: List the verb phrases in the following sentences.

My wife is reading in the hammock under the tree.

A. reading

B. is reading

C. in the

D. the tree

She must have told you ten times.

A. have told

B. must have told

C. ten times

D. she

We shall go tomorrow.

A. We shall

B. No No

C. shall go

D. tomorrow

I do finish what I’ve started.

  1. do finish
  2. finish
  3. do

Tika and I are going to visit our college friend tomorrow.

  1. are going to visit
  2. are going
  3. going

He won’t have been sleeping long when you pick him up.

  1. won’t have been sleeping
  2. will have been sleeping
  3. won’t have been sleeping long

The three children are playing in the park.

A. The three

B. playing

C. are playing

D. the park

My parents knew I would get a good GMAT score.

  1. would get a good GMAT score
  2. get
  3. would get

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