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The traditional methods of using a typewriter in the office seem _____________ in our technical age.

A. Impervious
B. Infallible
C. Incongruous
D. Apt

Any human made resources that is used to make other goods and services

A. Factors of production
B. Capital
C. Land

vert/vers means

A. Thoroughly
B. Green
C. To move
D. To turn

Credible (KRED uh bul)

A. Fraudulent
B. Reliable
C. Deceitful
D. Untrustworthy

A man’s intelligence can often bolster his attractiveness.

Attractiveness means:

A. Attractiveness can be hindered when a man is intelligent
B. Being intelligent can decrease a man’s attractiveness.
C. A man can seem more appealing when he is intelligent
D. All the above

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