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This is a durable fabric highly suitable for children’s clothes. (antonym)

A. lasting

B. amenable

C. perishable

D. sizeable

E. tiny

A ________ is any condition in an experiment that can be changed.

A. control

B. experiment

C. scientific method

D. variable

to find with fault, scold, rebuke

A. debase

B. prate

C. redoubtable

D. reprove

A plan for a government.

A. Confederation

B. Constitution

C. Federalism

D. Fundamental

Which sentence uses “avoid” correctly?

A. He has plenty of avoid techniques. He’s not very social.
B. She does not like to concentrate, and her mind is always in avoid.
C. The doctor said he is lactose intolerant. That means he has to avoid milk.
D. We avoids taking tests whenever we can.

the state of being disregarded or forgotten

A. oblivion

B. abet

C. extort

D. checkered

to try hard to persuade

A. ancestor

B. urge

C. scuttle

D. weary


A. to disturb or make jump

B. a small bomb thrown by hand

C. hurried

D. to keep things in a neat way

calm, restful, peaceful

A. tranquil

B. weary

C. meager

D. ragged

check for understanding

A. layout

B. rotation

C. shrivel

D. monitor

having good things happen by chance

A. happy

B. lucky     

C. flavors

D. equal    


A. Warlike
B. Arrogant
C. Wealthy
D. Brutal
E. The best and most skilled

A state of endless joy, no suffering, release of soul from cycle of rebirth.
A. Nirvana
B. Dharma
C. Karma

The speaker hopes her inspirational story will _____ with audience members and spur them to chase their dreams.

A. despair

B. hobo

C. resonate

D. oblige

a slender, flexible limb in an animal

A. tentacles

B. fighting

C. fascinating

D. moving

Jamal, a new student, had his picture taken for an ID.

This sentence illustrates

A. an elaboration
B. An antonym
C. An appositive
D. A summary

noisy and lively; loud and exuberant; rowdy

A. mingle

B. boisterous

C. mingle

D. assimilate

Joe __________ his bicycle to work every day.

A. drives

B. goes

C. gets

D. rides

We can ___ that if you get 15/40 in  IELTS listening test it’s band 4.5.

A. observe

B. estimate

C. indicate

The navy __________ some new regulations this week.

A. addressed

B. added up

C. additional

D. added

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