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The ____ documents were authorized by the government last week.

A. skillful

B. retained

C. prime

D. official

As the rebels took power, Marti, their leader, announced her intent to constitute a new government where the women were in control of everything.
      A.     Eliminate
      B.     Think about
      C.     Imitate
      D.     Establish

In the end, or finally, is…

A. democracy

B. version

C. compromise

D. eventually

Unified group of lines in poetry

A. Verse
B. Stanza
C. Prose
D. Rhythm

Abase (uh BAYS)

A. Build-up
B. Help
C. Degrade
D. Plead


A. Universal
B. A group
C. Childlike
D. Impractical
E. Sluggish

UPSET: I am upset.

A. Tired
B. Famous
C. Rich
D. Unhappy

to save

A. salvage

B. efface

C. predispose



What is a noun?
A. A person, place, thing, or idea
B. An action word
C. Something that describes a person, place, thing, or idea
D. Something that describes an action word

Where ______ ?

A. your sister works

B. your sister work

C. does your sister work

D. do your sister work

Government entails those political processes that have to do with the forming of rules and policies which are binding throughout a society. What does entails mean?

A. Includes
B. Recognizes
C. Outlaws
D. Omits

Reshma found toads to be rather repulsive creatures. Repulsive means:

A. Lazy

B. Disgusting

C. Highly attractive

D. Dangerous

After being harassed for over a year, the judge finally granted her a restraining order.

Harassed means:

A. A hostile situation was created
B. An unpleasant situation was created
C. Provided unwanted attention
D. All the above

People often do not recognize her when she wears her hair straight.

Recognize means:

A. To avoid
B. Take serious
C. To formally acknowledge
D. None of the above

What is the meaning of “Divergent”

A. Development in different directions

B. Development in different places

C. Development in different enviroment


A. Blood feud
B. A state of neglect
C. Slow
D. Loud
E. In a solemn manner


A. Complicate; make worse
B. Deflate; let down
C. Eat

What is the antonym for furtive?

A. stealthy; secretive

B. overt

C. surreptitious

D. sneaky


A. Compose; encompass
B. Consent; concur; assent
C. Rich; wealthy; full; replete
D. Provoke; spur; arouse; incite

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