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Page formatting consists of

A. Margins
B. Font size and style
C. Running header
D. All of the above

RESTORE: It has been restored.

A. Said again
B. Given to a different person
C. Given a lower price
D. Made like new again

What does “caution” mean?

A. A sign
B. Being caught
C. A warning
D. A label

SHOE: Where is your shoe?

A. The person who looks after you
B. The thing you keep your money in
C. The thing you use for writing
D. The thing you wear on your foot

She does well as a Counselor because she can be empathetic.

Empathetic means:

A. Able to understand
B. Able to be aware
C. Able to beware of the thoughts and feelings of others
D. All the above

NUN: We saw a nun.

A. Long thin creature that lives in the earth
B. terrible accident
C. Woman following a strict religious life
D. Unexplained bright light in the sky

How efficient is this product?

Efficient means:

A. Effective
B. Affective
C. Distress
D. Stressful

What does “lasting” mean?

A. Being the last one
B. Being opposite of first
C. Having results
D. Staying or remaining for a long time

___________ is a tongue twister (Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore)

A. Alliteration
B. Exercises with your tongue
C. Paraphrase
D. Hyperbole


A. Bullet-proof
B. Commanding; bossy
C. Stinky

To explain something in detail is to

A. Page format
B. Form appositives
C. Elaborate
D. None of the above

DASH: They dashed over it.

A. Moved quickly
B. Moved slowly
C. Fought
D. Looked quickly

Which sentence does NOT use critical correctly?

A. I’m going to sing now. Please don’t be too critical because this is my first time singing in public.
B. All the judges on talent shows are supposed to be critical, but some judges feel for the performers and always give high scores.
C. Every good writer knows how to edit with a critical eye.
D. He was very critical about my story. He happily read it and told me how great it was.

Since Ashton became an environmentalist, he is always informing everyone how takin gcare of our natural environment will ensure a better life for us now and for posterity.
      A.     Our ancestors
      B.     The wealthy few
      C.     Our neighbors
      D.     Future generations

The lack of knowledge or education is called

A. Setting
B. Conflict
C. Motivation
D. Performing
E. Ignorance

A narrative folk song

A. Diddy
B. Limerick
C. Ballad
D. Jingle

Using resources in such a way to maximize the production of goods and resources

A. Efficiency
B. Market system
C. Allocation



VOCABULARY: You will need more vocabulary.

A. Words
B. skill
C. money
D. Guns

An equation showing the relationship among assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity
Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity

A. Accounting records
B. Balance sheet
C. Accounting equation

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