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REMEDY: We found a good remedy.

A. Way to fix a problem
B. Place to eat in public
C. Way to prepare food
D. Rule about numbers

How efficient is this product?

Efficient means:

A. Effective
B. Affective
C. Distress
D. Stressful

She immediately began preparing for her presentation after the assignment was given.

Preparing means:

A. To put together
B. To make leave for another time
C. To procrastinate
D. None of the above

A consumer who eats both plants and animals is called a _____________________.

A. Carnivores
B. Omnivores
C. Decomposers
D. Herbivores

Living things that break down dead organisms and turn the remains into nutrients that are released into the soil are called __________________.

A. Producers
B. Decomposers
C. Herbivores
D. Omnivores

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