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A. to say the opposite of something that someone else has said; to deny the truth

B. to speak or read something to a person who writes it down; to decree

C. an official order given by a person with power or by a government

D. a person’s life story written by that person

What is a type of rock that forms when particles from other rocks or the remains of plants and animals are pressed and cemented together.

A. metamorphic rock

B. sedimentary rock

C. igneous rock

D. index fossil


A. Universal
B. A group
C. Childlike
D. Impractical
E. Sluggish

Retiree (noun)

A. A person who is working
B. A person who is resting
C. A person who is retiring
D. A person who is sleeping


A. Skin expert
B. Beauty expert
C. Eye specialist
D. Secretary
E. Handwriting expert

I ______ to the cinema.

A. not usually go

B. don’t usually go

C. don’t go usually

D. do not go usually


A. Secretary
B. Expert on insects
C. Manipuates bones and nerves
D. Skin specialist
E. Stone cutter

Find the antonym of the underlined word-
Mr Davids is a nice man.
      A.     Miserable
      B.     Blithe
      C.     Gross
      D.     Sullen

SYNONYM: tending to

A. predispose

B. unbridled

C. admonish

Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors are not __________________

A. Incoungruous
B. Impervious
C. Infallible
D. Apt

Imply (verb)

A. To say no to something, usually politely
B. To show or suggest indirectly
C. To admire someone
D. Not to do something


A. Connection between the units of any organization
B. High rank
C. Super-patriot
D. Lower class
E. Middle class

Define anguish…

A. A type of sea turtle
B. Great pain
C. Happy and joyful
D. Trying to convince someone

You should not give your _________________ to any of the plans presented, they are all bad.

A. ascent

B. clemency

C. facile

D. temerity

2. She …………. dinner for us last weekend.

A. Cooked

B. Cooks

C. Cook

Marked by extreme care in treatment of details

A. Infringe

B. Meticulous

C. Transgression

D. Accompany

A person who copies manuscripts and documents.

A. Inscribe
B. Scribe
C. Transcribe

noun- a record of muscle activity completed by or within the heart; EKG or ECG

A. grammar

B. cardiogram

C. cryptogram

D. program

    The outbreak of COVID-19 in the United State is spreading rampantly.
A.     out of control
B.     out of resource
C.     under surveillance
D.     under observation period

Empathy (em puh THEE)

A. Incomprehension
B. Blankness
C. Sympathy
D. Musical

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