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ag/act means

A. Drive
B. Walk
C. Run
D. Jog

Many libraries are adjusting their operating hours.

Libraries mean:

A. A place where there are a collection of books
B. A place where there are a collection journal articles
C. A place where people can go to study
D. All the above

Define discern…

A. To understand completely
B. A strong concern
C. To see clearly
D. To hold against someone

A strong indication of attraction is when someone’s eyes dilate.

Indication means:

A. Warning
B. Symptom
C. Sign
D. All the above

DINOSAUR: The children were pretending to be dinosaurs.

A. Robbers who work at sea
B. Very small creatures with human form but with wings
C. large creatures with wings that breathe fire
D. Animals that lived a long time ago

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