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The force of attraction between any 2 objects with mass; the strentgh of attractionis porportional to the distance between them.

A. Inertia
B. Gravitation
C. Fusion
D. Magnetic attraction

Credible (KRED uh bul)

A. Fraudulent
B. Reliable
C. Deceitful
D. Untrustworthy

The price paid for use of borrowed money

A. Productivity
B. Marginal
C. Interest

What does “gregarious” mean?

A. Someone people like
B. Fair
C. Social
D. Related to Greg

What does “caution” mean?

A. Safety
B. A time when fruits and vegetables are ripe
C. Center, basic part
D. A rip or tear


A. Upside-down
B. Downhill
C. False; illogical

Do these streets run parallel to each other?

Parallel means:

A. Up and down
B. In opposite directions
C. In the same direction
D. None of the above

A way the events of a story are conveyed to the reader

A. Point of view
B. Narrator
C. Plot
D. Theme

What does “dwelling” mean?

A. A cave
B. A thicket
C. A home
D. A corner

What does “delight” mean?

A. An arrival
B. Wonderful
C. Happiness
D. To create, make more of

Attitude is everything when looking for a job.

Attitude means:

A. How one perceives themselves
B. Self-confidence
C. Being in control of your feelings and emotions
D. None of the above

define hover…

A. To dodge something
B. Feeling down or sad
C. To be very confused
D. To float or hang suspended over

System characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods

A. Free enterprise
B. Communism
C. Market system

BUTLER: They have a butler.

A. Man servant
B. Machine for cutting up trees
C. private teacher
D. cool dark room under the house

Define illusion…

A. Tall building
B. Small house
C. False image
D. Life-like picture

Which choice lists two examples of living things that break down dead organisms?

A. Eagle and bird
B. Mice and cheese
C. Bacteria and fungi
D. Monkeys and apes

The model of the solar system that has Earth as the center is called a _________ model.

A. Gravitation
B. Geocentric
C. Heliocentric
D. Aquacentric

The definition of “the joint between the foot and leg” best fits this word?

A. Plate
B. Ankle
C. Adjacent
D. Blend

He was resisting arrest because he was under the influence.

Resisting means:

A. Oppose
B. To go along with
C. To agree
D. None of the above

Repudiate (ree PYOO dee ayt)

A. To recognize
B. To rebuff
C. To distinguish
D. To repeat

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